Gosick – Bow Before my Superior Intellect

Victorique will take it from here

So the gothic rolling loli claims. There aren’t many shows I was looking forward to this Winter. We’ve started with the really Rio terrible, moved to the bad Limited Stratos then, “getting there” state, Gosick is falling into the Ok, let’s see what it can offer pit. Go-Go-Gosick. Blame the anime title for lack of better jabs.

Gosick’s story takes place in this elite school that if we’ve learned anything from anime is that there’s a school for just about everything. Mahou Academy, Highschool of the Dead, Occult Academy.. Ashford cosplaying academy. You get the idea. A not-so-strong lead Kazuya meets doll looking moonlighting as detective Victorique, a first-rate sleuth when it comes to crimes in Gosick and at rolling around. Victorique hangs around the school and isn’t allowed to leave the premises for reason. Alos while she isn’t at it she’s lazying around and rolling around out of boredom. The rest is a mystery as the show doesn’t let up  much about the rest of the plot and stories taking right out a mystery novels occur instead.

Like this is one right here that Victorique armchairs with ease like she’s reading a children’s book. You know in my opinion more cases would be solved if the witnesses would be more cooperative. It’s always the not wanting to give proper statements, fabricating alibis, claiming events that never happened, falsifying evidence.. hiding servant’s dual identities. It just gets unnecessarily messy, people. No wonder fictional detectives resort to special authorities to get the job done. If it were me I’d do my best to give a most proper statement. Either that or followed by a “Guys I’ll take it from here.” but that’s just me.

I’ll say mystery scenes aside but all of it takes rest of the episode. Gosick proceeds as we’re reading right from a mystery book followed by an in-between dialogue between from the two protagonists while the police’s actual detective secretly out of Shiki has it too easy.  Gosick doesn’t have a strong punch but I’m not disappointed either. It is a bit in between to properly call it now. Those not interested in the genres might just ship now since it is clear the Gosick’s thematic is going to carry a similar pattern of back and forth Victorique reasoning it out and the rest playing the Watson, the rest can wait and see what happens. The way I see it Gosick is going to be sort of reading like a book where the story can get better as you keep reading.

Making the stories more interactive and adding more life into Victorique and Kazuki’s bland personalities so the show doesn’t become stagnant and repetitive where the character babbles on and on for no reason should be what they should be doing. Looking at Gosick I can see it doing better than Occult Academy already at not showing us flying panthers in the first place. That’s one point in Gosick’s favor and that’s one thing that I’d like it to keep.

Victorique shouldn’t let go of that life jacket. I just know these things.