The Logic in Rio Rainbow Gate

This was a new low even for Xebec

Rio is the casino’s main star.  Everyone knows and respects Rio. Both men and women admire Rio. If you were Rio everyone would want to take a photo of you with (or without) your permission. Rio is robust soul of the place. She’s the goddess of victory and gambling. Not sure about the latter but I was positive it was Kaguya was of the former. Feels good to be Rio.

No way.

Way, man. Rio shook your hand. Rio passed a little of her super luck and you’re sure to win for the first time after a 100 loses. It’s all part of the investment and something called Luck and perseverance. This is indeed a luck day and one lucky day to be at a casino with a wallet full of cash even more after Rio has greeted you. Same as I’m sure that when you add all the boob shots and pantsu shots you’ll get something equivalent of a full 2nd season for all Xebec shows.

But see here.

Something is wrong here.

For Pete’s Sake the customers aren’t winning. Why? Where is Rio? Why are the gamblers not winning all the time? Preposterous I say. Why is the slot machine being a cheapskate in the first place? Why does Rio not wear a bra according to the show? What’s happening here?

The casino is doing something wrong!

Look at the guy. He’s losing money and he’s happy. What’s wrong with you old man?

Let’s get something straight. Casinos do not want the gamblers to win all the time.  The number of wins ratio should be slim enough so the casino doesn’t any more money that they’re making. Rio is the opposite of what a casino wants. Let’s forget that illogical claim for a moment and let’s get back to correcting the mistake that the house isn’t winning in the first place.

Lack of Rio? Screw that. Let’s put Rio back on the casino and let Xebec do their thing.

There we go. Rio has entered the room. Even the gamblers feel it. Rio is like a rabbit foot, a bed four-leaf clovers, Rio is like having Akagi play for you while you sit back and wonder why your nose is so long. Bah, who cares about that. Rio is in the house.

Time to make bets.

Gamblers are winning. This can be only but right. Praise the goddess of victory for bringing only victory to everyone Where does Rio fit in this show? Why isn’t she getting fired? Let’s get a full shot of Rio, the soul of this show, while we’re at it.

Never mind. Let’s go with Xebec’s idea of who Rio is as it appears to be the answer to all questions as far as Rio Rainbow Gate. Teddy bears?  Retarded fanservice? Non-existent plot? Unmanly tears? Even Saki did better. This is too mediocre even for Xebec.


5 thoughts on “The Logic in Rio Rainbow Gate

  1. The question is why did you watched it?
    Did you tough it might have a plot or you just were bored?

    • A matter of routine with new shows. When watching Xebec shows I can hope for the new projects to do slightly better than the past ones. Rio Rainbow is one at the very bottom of the list and one that forgot to give me my change.

  2. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt -> Bad Ending number 279


    Rio Rainbow Gate

    Note: Howard, the owner, is Garterbelt.

  3. Although the show sucks, you’ll have to understand that the wins gained by the customers are easily recouped by the losses they make. True Rio makes them win, but gamblers tend to spend the same money in the casino again, thus not only returning some, if not most,of their winnings, but also, creating an atmosphere which encourages gambling. Such a loss leads to greater earnings.

    Or at least that’s what casino economics tell me.

  4. True that it seems to have no plot at first, but if you watch on (around episode 5 or so) the plot develops… we don’t get to know the whole thing until waaaay late in the series. It’s something about a half sister who wants revenge on Rio for something her mother did. But I agree, it isn’t exactly a good series :/
    Although pretty entertaining once people suddenly get superpowers

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