Blogging Umineko DAWN – 40 – Screw You Guys We’re Going Home [FINAL]

“I’m [-] I may be an uninvited guest, but please, welcome me.”

Except the actual going. Time to put the lid on Dawn. The When they Cry has a way of sending the characters I like into oblivion, this is no expectation. It sure isn’t.  Dammit, it sure isn’t. My dear detective I’ll miss you the most.  Dawn, Dawn so many things I rather not say about it, more things I should be saying after Requiem.  I waited for EP7 to be fully translated before finishing Dawn because there were too many loose ends. It’s just the way it works. Don’t ask. Just read on.  This is the End of Dawn.

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Red and Blue Truth

Beatrice rushes to stop the wedding. Ronove, Virgilia, and Gaap give Beatrice enough time for her to sneak in and get to Erika. Her plan to make Erika accept the challenge works. Beato brings Erika a new “puzzle” for her to solve and in an instant Erika changes back to the detective role she should’ve been since the EP started.

Erika makes what I’d call a really bad move that is to lift the red seal on one of the cousins  room. Meta Kanon switches places with Meta Battler and get him out of that closed room. Furfur and Zeppar get into it too and make it a duel Beatrice and Erika both got guns to end this once and  for all.

Beato claims that it was Kanon (corroborated in red later) who went to save Battler and that it wasn’t Erika who saved Battler at least purposely. On top of it the chain was reset and Battler was able to escape. It only makes sense that only  inside the room could’ve done it, right?

Erika goes 200% detective mode for one final time. By process of elimination she concludes that Kanon must be in the closet but Beatrice has made it so that she’ll keep moving him around the room therefore no matter what Erika says she’ll get the wrong answer. And so she does. Erika keeps eliminating possibilities until Kanon can only be at the closet she pierces the only place Kanon could be with the remaining stakes at the closet — where a coat can only be found with no body. Kanon isn’t there either.

# Kanon does not exist in the bedroom.
# Kanon does not exist in the guest room. ..Of course, this includes all parts of the closet, the bedroom, and the bathroom.

Erika loses. She is shot through the heart and falls to the ground. Dlanor rushes to her but without Bernkastel’s power there’s no way for Erika to make it. Despite that Erika wishes to go at it one last time and takes her role as the bad guy of the story but more importantly of the detective. Both Battler and Beatrice shoot at the same time. Erika’s final lines are her own introduction late at the game.

Hi, pleased to meet you! I am Furudo Erika, the detective!! I may be an uninvited guest, but please, welcome me!!
# I am the visitor, the 18th human on Rokkenjima!!
# [……Sorry, but…] Even if you do join us-
# There are 17 people.


Kanon, Shanon, George’s efforts to bore us to death are recogznied by GM Battler and Beatrice’s. The so missed siblings finally make a quick appearance as if everything is fine. now the Golden Land has been opened the epitpah completed and such. Everyone will be back. And that’s a wrap back Ange she’s done reading what we’ve been reading that is Dawn itself. Hachijo and Ange do their back and forth reader <–> Writer commentary.

Ange is satisfied even a bit for finding one of the answers she was looking forward. Before going she asks Hachijo is she is Featherine or Featherine is her. Getting deep here. Of course Hachijo brushes off that question of with “what might you be talking about?”

Meanwhile, ever loyal Amakuza’s been on the phone with his buddy the ever so loyal and lovable Okonogi. Everything implies that Okonogi knows well of the situation and they’re planning on executing the plan the “Ange must die”. Extremely douchy on their part to do that to Ange. Amakuza ends the call once Ange catches up to him and drive off to Rokkenjima. Ange isn’t telling him the end of Hachijo’s tale, as they drive off Hachijo’s resident disappear and their journey of this fragment ends.

See you again, have a nice day. Later Ange burgers.


An extremely bored Bernkastel who anticipated a good guys winning ending finds herself in the middle of no where fragment. Certaintly no miracle would be possible to make with such easiness unless it’s due to somebody’s design. This part is about cats. That’s all you need to know. Bernkastel and Hachijo team up and are ready to troll everyone on Rokkenjima once again in Requiem.

Let’s Reason this Out

Dawn has been one of the most conflicting Games I’ve ever played. It has deliberately clashed with everything I knew about Umineko and turned it in all around. There were far too many things I grew to dislike and few things I grew to like. How Magic is handled in this episode, the “not really a mystery” angle , *new* GM BATTLER, the cousins and servants blatantly shown as the culprits, Beatrice’s tale, Furudo Erika not being the detective, Erika leaving the game.. in other words Dawn.

Magic scenes – The reader part of me likes the fantasy parts because how over the top the events are and how those things can ONLY happen there. We see the other version of the characters while others “take form” in it. The magic scenes are nice. They’re cool. That’s the reader/fan part of me. The detective part of me looks for clues. “It” understands them, revise, it interpret them in a way that hints to the puzzle of the story. Magic scenes aren’t taken “as-is” they’re to be critically studied and get possible solution from them to know what they’re hinting at.

What’s the problem with it? Everything conflicts on EP6.

They should follow some structure to make sense. Not all of them follow them but there’s a structure should exist because it is aimed at the readers and so if it is to remain a solvable puzzle then it is supposedly to have structure.

Logically it is impossible for all murders to be carried out by magic. YES. We know magic CAN EXIST but it does NOT automatically imply that it should be responsible for the murders otherwise it would not make sense to have a game in the first place. All Umineko readers know this for a fact. The Witch side claims it’s done with Magic, the Human side is to prove it isn’t done with Magic so he can destroy the illusion of the Witch.

Cousins as Culprits
You know when something is so obvious you doubt it? It’s called reverse psychology. They tell you A so you doubt the answer can actually be A, that is it should be B or C. You don’t think it should be because it’s far too easy and thus clearly a trap. In the end if the answer turns out to be A then you lose. This similar effect was EP6. DAWN goes that extra mile to claim that:

“Servants + Cousins combination are the culprits”

Anyone can see this from the moment the EP begins. It throws it at one’s face over and over. This is the A we’re talking about. It’s so crystal clear that it’s doubtful it can be true. What should I bother to think when the game plainly tells you these are the culprits? EP6 creates claims that contradicts Van Dine rules (not mentioned at this point) but before that the generally known idea that “a servant being a culprit is far too obvious”. I, and many, would think that having the culprit to be a servant would be far too easy therefore the “true culprit” of the story must be someone else. Dawn doesn’t agree with this and contradicts it. The point that is drawn from this is that Shannon and Kanon are INVOLVED. So if they aren’t the culprits they must be accomplices or likely the factors that lead to some tragedy.

Next are the cousins. I’d say that both of them are terrible picks for the true culprit of the story, but that’s me. I always state my opinions. It’s impossible to think that it is utterly possible to deny any possibly in this game. The thing is that all in all, it’s “possible” regardless of evidence, regardless of common sense for anyone to be the culprit of the story if we ignore basic common sense.  The culprit could be Kumasawa, the culprit could be Nanjo. There’s nothing stopping them to be the culprit if the story were to ignore so many standards and just make anyone to be the culprit. They can always do that, it doesn’t mean they should.

And despite that EP6 claims that “Either servants or Cousins are the culprits” stand. Fans make up your mind about it.

Magic scenes. Everyone likes them. I look for clues. How relevant it was for the mystery can be better judged after having read EP7.

Beatrice’s tale
I know that many that enjoyed chick Beatrice’s story. I didn’t. I thought Dawn was too fancy with it. Battler defending Beatrice who killed her family (at this point still believed) created a feeling of awkwardness it was hard to shake off and more when at that point he doesn’t explain why. If I could understood Battler better at this point I probably could’ve enjoyed EP6 more. Anyhow, you don’t need me to explain it, Requiem explains it better what all of this was about.

Battler’s closed room was too easy the Logic Error that was created then later was “Fixed” by Beatrice was ridiculously hard to solve it when you take in consideration the red. When I played this part I reached the same conclusion Erika did, Beatrice’s red made it more obvious that it “could only” go that way, however it didn’t and Erika lost. You know I felt that compared to EP5 where the logic vs fantasy scene were superb at denying one another, Dawn was too fast paced with Erika trying to solve it in a few minutes.

The possible solution is one that goes against the red:

“Kanon does not exist in the guest room. ………Of course, this includes all parts of the closet, the bedroom, and the bathroom.”

The way that it should be possible is that Erika might not be Erika. Kanon might not be Kanon, but it shouldn’t be since it even goes against the red that claims that, “Therefore, the names Erika, Battler, and Kanon can only be used by those people.”

Lets’ make something clear. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE FOR A BODY TO LOGICALLY DISAPPEAR. There must be TRICK. There must be a moment in time when Kanon left the room after he rescued Battler or something is slipping through the red. The way how it could be possible is with relying on fantasy. Kanon isn’t a normal human.


Kanon isn’t a normal human, perhaps the only character that this may apply to. His body disappears once he dies therefore why his body is never found and why it cannot be confirmed by other parties. This is why he slips through rooms and appears in others. You see in this far-fetched way there isn’t a need for Shannon theory. It just involves Kanon being corpseless once he dies. This explains why he can count towards the number of people but don’t leave a body after he’s dead – so they must claim in red that “he is dead“.

The scene is explained by fantasy this way. Erika was right about Kanon hiding in the room and switching places. Kanon hid in the closet. Kanon is either dying or he kills himself with his own hands. Better yet, he denies his own existence. The idea is that Kanon sacrifices himself to save Battler and give that victory to Beatrice. The only thing the remains is the only thing he was wearing, a coat. Thus why –

“Kanon does not exist in the guest room. …..Of course, this includes all parts of the closet, the bedroom, and the bathroom.”

I solved it
– and didn’t violate the red.
But you know,

This is Illogical. It doesn’t make sense from the Logical point of view, but you know what? If there were magic elements in this story then it’s probably it has to be related to Kanon and Shannon. How’d he got out? You can explain that to me. Possibly perfect closed rooms weren’t perfect I’d say.

That bastard. We all know him from Higurashi. He can’t be up to any good. His conversation with Amakuza explains why Ange never comes back from Rokkenjima. I don’t think there’s much more to it other than Okonogi being once again up to no good. I’m not even doubting this.

Erika being the detective
It was too bad that Erika couldn’t be the detective through EP6 and even more than we will never get to see a cannon Umineko Game when Erika can be herself. Bernkastel made her lose the 5th Game and forced her to surrender the Detective authority in Dawn. In fact, Erika could never go 100% because Bernkastel was always getting in the way and making things more “interesting” for her. In the end Erika played the part she was given and accepted it – the “bad” guy. I could never hate Erika for real. She was the most useful character in Umineko after I was disappointed by all the cast after EP4. She made this game to “make sense” after so much fantasy and farfetched truths were shown.

Battler didn’t beat Erika. It was Beatrice who did AFTER Erika accepted her duel. Should Erika had not accepted she would’ve won but that win probably wouldn’t have mean anything to her. I say that Erika deep down knew she had to be defeated so she could accept the fragile”truth” of her existence she clung onto.

She fought, she reasoned out like no other. This added to the fact she was also a piece of somebody’s else game and was destined to die. She was told she was going to disappear anyway and probably at the end of the EP she realized she was already DEAD. After seeing her situation and understanding Erika I could never hate her because she was another victim in this game.

No one is left alive
As the final line states everyone is fated to die on that day. There’s no red that states they will always die and they will never reach October 6th alive or that the mansion/island will not blow up. For one we can’t know if they were all dead by October 6th (mind you the red) or they were killed by the bomb instead. Bernkastel mentions in (EP7 spoiler) that because all clues were destroyed nothing could be verified. That line of reasoning aside, the chances of the bomb not exploding and taking out everybody and the mass murders are extremely slim, however it ISN’T impossible for a *miracle*, the chance of a fragment,  existing where the bomb doesn’t go off and no murder takes place. THIS is the “good ending” Battler and Will want to look for.

So there are two tragedies:
1) The killings, which it should not happen after solving the epitaph. The killer must be stopped in case she/he kills again. Who and why this person does it must be understood.
2) The bomb, the erases all evidence and makes this a CAT BOX where Witches can exist.

This leads us to the answer of the big mystery.

Solution Arc

No Requiem posts (unknown at this point) until sometime next Year. I have something  more important I have to do. EP8 will be available on 12/31/00 in which the big mystery will be revealed. I must to solve Umineko by that time before the truth comes out despite the fact that there’s only been a few days since I finished EP7. This won’t be a proper game unless I show my hand before the truth is revealed.

* This Final Game will not be the same as the others, therefore I don’t expect anyone to understand or agree with everything that is said there.

You’re welcome to attend to the game and as an observer and judge for yourself. This is because the Final Truth can only be stated by the Creator of the Game himself that is R07 who has the last word on this once this tale ends.

I and the game have provided you with everything you need to know to solve this. This will be a final battle between the truth that I have reached vs. the truth you’ve reached vs. Ryukishi07’s game.

I sincerely bid you good luck.



14 thoughts on “Blogging Umineko DAWN – 40 – Screw You Guys We’re Going Home [FINAL]

    • Oh my…

      “Kanon, Shanon, George’s efforts to bore us to death are recogznied”

      This and…

      “…The so missed siblings”


      “It’s going to be me, you R07, and a bunch of trolling Witches. The cat box must be opened.”


      And I must stop.

      I just want to say that I loved every entry of Umineko here. Great help to my own theories.

      PD: Bad English of doom. Sory for that.

  1. I agree you have to understand Battler (or like his chracter) in order to enjoy this episode more. I do so I have more fun with this. Anyway…maybe at the end of the long list of what you intend to do, you could add a “top 10 favourite chracters” or something to finish up your blogging about this series. Good luck and I look forward to more of your attempts to dicipher Umineko

  2. Please hand down the story of her final moments.

    No one may disgrace her in her final moments.

    ;-; Erika

    • Anyway, I can understand it being a bit of a disappointment that the Episode focused on the siblings, but I think it was a needed evil as R07 attempts to steer readers into the right direction.

      Part of Episode 5 was focused on revealing a fair share of the mysteries behind the parents, and allowing the reader to understand them to a certain point as suspects. In this case, the cousins were killed off from the start so we the parents could be the main focus. Shannon and Kanon also played very little into the case.

      On the flip side, Part of Episode 6 is about allowing us to understand the cousins and Shannon/Kanon as suspects and their ability (or lack of ability) to perform the murders. Given the popularity of the cousins being murders, R07 may have felt it important to demonstrate how (un)likely it is for them to kill, and try to point his readers in the right direction.

      The mystery portion of Episode 06 is disappointing, as a result of the cousins being presented as killers. At the end, the viewer is left doubting if the cousins (except I can’t bring myself to completely discount Shannon) could kill anyone, as they failed to kill anyone in this Episode even when the pressure was on them to do so. I feel Episode 06 cements that neither Jessica nor George nor Kanon is the killer, and the disappointing quality of the mystery is part of that.

  3. Oh Ep. 6… it did such a good job at practically shoving down my throat the theory of Kanon = Shannon and vice versa. Lovely.

    Now i think we have a Hermaphrodite on our hands.

    • Of Dawn, Requiem or EP8?

      Dawn was mainly because it went much against the reasoning I did until that point. I thought EP5 had the right idea from a “logical side” to solve a puzzle but EP6 undid plenty of that by breaking the rules. Meanwhile EP7’s Bernkastel’s logical final solution was too closed to my own based on the 1st games to buy it, so I was never sure what to think of it. A sort of “I’m right” and “I’m also wrong” at the same time. Everything hinting to either a perfect or dramatic ending.

      I don’t know anything about EP8 (trying to say away from spoilers) but I can guess what the solution probably is based on all the evidence up to this point. I suppose that what was inside the cat box wasn’t as spectacular as we thought. I guess I’ll bump into some big spoilers occasionally while waiting 4-6 months for a translation.

      • I apologize, I assumed that you weren’t trying to stay away from spoilers. I’ll be very interested to see what you have to say then.

        The only thing I’ll say is the author himself said the mystery portion was over after Episode 07, and he sticks by that. I feel its good to know what when going into Episode 08.

        • Hmmm I guess I could spoil myself a little since as you mention the mystery is already over, but at the same time I think that by not being able to fully read the EP in length I won’t get what the author wanted us to understand in the first place and miss something by doing it.

          I’ll be looking forward to what type of final solution the author gives us and see what to think of it from there. And of course to his next big project after Umineko.

  4. I am assuming that Higurashi and Umineko and the future When They Cry are all connected in some giant storyline that will make complete sense once the whole When They Cry series is finished. Or Ryukishi07 is just having a good time writing these stories.

    • That’s how I see it too. The moment the “game board” and multiple “fragments” features were added to the story it made this story longer than one could think.

      I’m unsure how what will happen to the witches in Umineko. They can either be defeated, lose interest, or be trapped in a fragment. Based on their nature unless they go to sleep they’ll continue to run more games where more people will dragged into for more When they Cry. Ryukishi07 could easily make more of these games by creating new game boards and working on different parallel worlds by adding new characters and new witches. Only he knows what’s the real ending of the series and when he wants it to end. An actual cannon Higu/Umi crossover might not be impossible after all.

      • Well as Bernkastel said in EP8, “See you next time when something else crys.” (or something like that)

        It’s probably Ryukishi07’s hint there will be more When They Cry sound novels.

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