Mandatory GAINAX Ending / Stocking Theory

Oh Ganiax, you. Troll ending, ain’t that a bitch. Looks like this week there’s been trolling after trolling endings wherever I look. Deja vu effect is running rampant I tell you. This, I’m calling it Fake Stocking.

She isn’t a bitchy angel

She’s just a bitch now. Like Kirino would be minus the dere.

Cussing. Because cussing is kool

I expected as much from Panty and Stocking. It got us all thinking that, “oh wait, they could be acting more humane”. Shit’s getting real. Brief realizing that they don’t give a damn no matter what happens. Staying bitches to the end. Panty x Brief? Nah. Panty forgets all about Brief after she’s done. Expected as much. Too fitting.

You know what I got really sick of? Scanty and Kneesocks’ episodes. They sucked. Let me correct myself. They were cool at first then by the 1000th times nobody cared about their fail plans. The mayor was dead on when he said their plan was shit – in all senses.

The truth is that the main villains were weak. I only cared about P & S and that’s about it.

You know what I was expecting at this point? EVA 01

Stocking Theory

Pretty much.

But there won’t be any borrowing of Decalogue and Keikakudoori will make it super short.

Stocking disappearing THEN coming back.

Hypocritical double standard Stocking. –> See ep 9.

Bondage lover Stocking looks down on BDSM Calling it Bullshit.

More than usual trolling Stocking mode.

Next she was going to say she hated SWEETS.

This isn’t Stocking.

Guy had the right idea. Then again we all could see it coming a mile away.

For being disgusted with the first eps I grew accustomed to PSG The initial part was terrible then it got better then the nonsensical-Chuck-no-one-really-cares-about-segments took over the show. It was weak. Finally it getting back on track  and BAM actual plot is here —-> Gainax Ending.

Hated it? Nah. This was the most fitting ending for PSG. You know what I’ll be missing the most? Goooooon sound whenever something illogical and random happened, that is everything 3o seconds.

Well, show is over so there goes my #Gainax, #Stocking, #PGS tweets. Let’s not have a second 13 eps season. No more pointless experimental filler episodes, better yet make it a movie in case they’re even slightly serious.


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  1. They already confirmed two more episodes that will be on the blurays. We’ll at least have that even if we don’t get a full fledged second season.

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