OreImo > OreImo

What it comes down to. Two types of OreImo, the OreImo fans version and the other one is show as a stand alone. OreImo wasn’t a perfect show but undoubtedly entertaining getting the job done many times. In actuality I didn’t watch the show as much for Kirino but for the theme that the show was bringing and so the discussions that came with it.

  • The Fanboy in You (or them)

For whatever hobby we may be talking about. OreImo had its sight centered on Kirino’s fear to show her hobby because how she’d be perceived by society. One of the strongest point of the show intially starting with Kirino fanboying in an extreme matter about her secret hobbies escalating and escalating. They took it far more than once but the idea was there.

  • Incompressible Moments / Drama

Not hell lot surprising that Kyosuke has gone MM! already. Imouto Rage added to the incompressible tsundere rage and you’re in for a hell lot of pain. There’s a limit that should’ve been created between him and her. Kyosuke and Kirino brother and sister relationship is strained and unbalanced to the point of disbelief of how it could work in the first place with Kyousuke doing all the work and Kirino acting bratty all the way. While understandable in theory Kirino goes too far for her own good. Rather than make her likeable as a character in the story it worked against her. I didn’t find this part of the show that entertaining.

  • The Forgotten

I almost forgot about Kirino’s anime and/or other mini projects but that’s because the show jumped through so mini subplots. It had so many mini plots kinda like those in Panty and Stocking, only a bit more relevant that intertwined with the story creating this “Kirino is a genius” theme, she’s smart, pretty, sociable, and hardworking but has a huge obsession she cannot get rid of. She success at everything she does and things go her way, and when they don’t she has her brother to help her out of all situations. The mechanism could work to bring new themes to the series each time but at the same time it overly complicated matters as the story goes. Can she really do all that? Likely I’d say no but it was interesting how what they were trying to pull here. Judging by the  increasing levels in her accomplishment Kirino is to eventually win the Nobel Prize. We kid not here.

  • AIC Staying Classy

Remember it, fanservice is some serious business. They had at moments got people’s in a fix because it was damaging OreImo, but I’d say hardly because OreImo’s idea of  being a super “deep”  show wasn’t that right in the first place. OreImo had its share of fanservice moments aka Step 1 someone trips. Step 2 other person gets groped. Step 3 Funny camera angle. Step 4 Break a leg. Frankly, more than hurting the show it served as a reminder we were still watching an AIC show filled with some AICness, which as usual you can take it as a good or a bad thing. Its dramatic moments were cue for big brother to the rescue and bail out Kirino so we could continue with the main route of the story – Kyousuke helping out Kirino.

  • Tsun Tsun Kirino vs Dere Dere Kirino vs the World

Feel free to disagree with the thought but tsun tsun Kirino is the most obnoxious character of the season hence why the rest of the characters pitch in to rescue the show from the main character herself. True I didn’t like Kirino but it was due to the show not making me like any any better. Having said that everything about her isn’t dislikeable but her much  dominant negative attitude overshadows her good moments such as those of  Imouto Redemption where she shows gratitude for what Kyousuke has done for her. Kirino was a difficult character to handle I’d say that she did poorly as effort goes where she could’ve done more to better herself. Whether this Kirino is the real one and the rest is simply a confused stage she is isn’t known. The fact is that Kirino was a difficult character to like.

  • Whatever else that isn’t explained

There’s a plenty that was taken for granted in OreImo such as Kirino’s little to unsupervised parenting (not talking about her studies here) This is linked too the fact that the show centered around Kirino and her whims as well as her getting dealing with her “problem” in the big scheme of things and Kyousuke has to look out for her. The final twist of going to the US for X reasons for an anime subplot is to be expected in some shows and so OreImo went through that classic route of subplot for a dramatic finale attempt of Kyousuke has to stop Kirino. It worked. They should’ve handled it better nevertheless.

  • Kuroneko

The Kuroneko. I dare you to not like Kuroneko, I dare you. More like I dare you to not like her character compared to Kirino. Despite her abrasive attitude towards anime topics and hard to approach attitude Kuroneko couldn’t be disliked, more like that’s what made her stand out more. If Kirino has a burning passion then Kuroneko has the means to back up her claims and isn’t swayed so easily. Pompous and with signs of elitism, OreImo evoked to the fact there’s fans like this too, sometimes closer than you think. Kuroneko was great if not the start of the show. And for greater justice to sound out everyone’s thoughts this show should have been more Kuroneko centric. Kurono is without a doubt one of the reasons this show was interesting in the first place.

On another note, Kuroneko’s VA is sure to have gained followers after OreImo.

  • The Metaness Cannot be this Meta

So big a trend that it could overshadow Justin Beiber (not really) Anime Nano entries named “X cannot be this X” ends here if not in the next weeks after the alt ending is over. OreImo wasn’t as interesting as an anime stand alone, no sir it wasn’t. The fact that it didn’t have all that freshness and moments of originality in itself to be called a great anime. It was good because it got people talking about it and how they related and compared their views to it and to those of others. This was the experience of watching an entertaining show that regardless of quality with its ups and downs (to the end many) was perceived to be amusing to the viewer. The real reason why I liked it – it “entertained” nothing more nothing less. Fans. OreImo. Everyone take a bow.