Imouto Redemption

– and flowing. Even the man is shedding uncontrollable tears. A round of applause for Ultimate Survivor Kyousuke.

He’s been Kirino’s personal human punching bag for as long as OreImo’s been on. After everything he’s been through the guy need some type of  – double cough – Gratitude for his hard work where in the same situation most people would wish to be be an only child. For that Kyousuke’s tears were almost justified on this episode. So take a bow Kyousuke your totally-non-romantic brotherly love has inspired Kirino to offer some thanks in her own special way.

What was even more stranger was Kirino actually acting nice. OreImo brother and sister’s relationship has always been one sided with Kyosuke bailing Kirino out of embarrassing situations and because of it I’ve called Kirino obnoxious and other adjectives that represent her incompressible nature. Worth the wait for those who were dying to see it happen, it only took 11 eps for Kirino to act regular and nice for one episode.

For those who still can’t believe their eyes are skeptical and think Kirino’s redemption came out of nowhere then I propose the theory that Kyousuke had already passed away last ep, went to heaven, and had his wish granted you got the glasses and nekomimi as evidence. Next is the final episode then after that there’s OreImo’s alternative ending – one more incestuous than the other. Oh snap.


2 thoughts on “Imouto Redemption

  1. There is already enough affection points to unlock the dere for this tsundere incest route.

    Also, “alternate ending” = *trollface*

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