I’m Against Future Diary Getting a Full Series

[ This is a Futuristic Rant ]

Because I care. Goddamn ASREAD and their OAV. They did it again. I’d be pro if the OAV hasn’t been that bad. Anyone who hasn’t read FD yet, do yourself a favor and pick up the damn manga. This isn’t me telling you the usual “the manga is better” but saving you from a possibly disastrous adaptation by Asread with no merits to watching it.

Murata Tomosa? Who are you again and why does your voice make my ears BLEED?  

So here I was, I’ve been thinking what Asread would do about the popular manga Future Diary. I was 100% positive they must’ve had it under control, after all this is Asread. They surely have it covered. No doubt in my mind.  On that day in no way I thought it wasn’t going to be anything but all right. Let’s give it a chance I thought they could have something nice here for Future Diary.

– Then

My ears started to be violated for the remaining 5m. A mixture of sounds of broken glass,  screaming cats, and nails on chalkboard everything thrown into the voice of a human being by the name of Murata Tomosa. I purposely left out the part of the where a knife goes through my left and right ear for the description in case anyone is interested in knowing how I felt about it but the video above nails it very well.

Let’s go back in time a little and explain.

What the hell is this crap!?

Disastrous animation. Even for a LQ this was terrible. The OAV doesn’t give me hope of the adaptation being any good.  Yuno’s OAV voice is one of the worst possible picks ever made I’ve heard. There should be clots of blood on my ears judging by how terrible she did. Who the hell chooses hardly unknown VAs for famous manga, and for that matter for main characters? Asread does. Would it matter if they were any good? Nope, it wouldn’t. Only that it’s far from desirable when they indeed suck.

  • You seem to be a lot pissy about this stuff, Keikakudoori. I’m sure it’ll work out like ALL adaptations do.

I hope you’re being sarcastic. Ever watched anime with terrible VAs? Of course everyone has, only that usually the main characters that don’t suck as much. Supporting characters don’t matter as much unless they’re the real stars of the show. This is not the case (except for the 9th) Murata Tomosa is horrible as Yuno, only a drunken and extremely intoxicated studio would pick her for Yuno. Have these people ACTUALLY READ the manga? They couldn’t. Are these the same ones animating Kirino’s anime in OreImo? That’s the only excuse for so much incompetence.

  • This is absurd and overblown. Who is YUNO anyway? On that note, I haven’t even read the manga. I’m one of those “anime only” fans. See?

Then I pity you because you’ll be watching the Asread’s version only, which will suck immensely like a dark hole unless they manage to not screw up the anime. This isn’t me telling you the Manga > Anime argument. This is me telling you to not bother with a product that anyone can see it will be so pathetically inferior that no one should bother with it. Can Asread do that?

Btw, she’s only the greatest yandere on the history. Forget your wannabe and cookie cutter yanderes. You’ve seen nothing prior to this. So she really should be someone with a proper VA. Just thought you should know that since this is possibly getting a full anime.

  • But the VAs are hot I’ve checked. No problem here (clueless)

What do I care about how the VA looks like when I’m hearing their voices? The rest comes next when they actually do a good job. What am I even discussing this in the first place?

  • I don’t even like yandere. I’m more into tsundere.

Then I don’t see why you’re reading this manga or the entry, that is unless you’re interested.

  • Anyway, what about Yukiteru?

NO ONE CARES ABOUT YUKITERU.  That’s a fact you’ll accept once you start reading or watching it.

  • Isn’t he voiced by Togashi Misuzu by that I mean – not a guy?

Based on his history it makes sense if you ask me. Maybe the only thing that does here.

  • Are we through?

I think we are.

It’s goddamn ASREAD. Shuffle? Shuffle was all right except for Memories which sucked and was the biggest waste of time you’ll ever watch. Minami-ke? Everyone knows that the first Minami-ke season – not handled by Asread – was the best. Kiddy Grade? I’m not watching Kiddy Grade. Gai Rei Zero? Best show they ever did and probably ever will. Future Diary? GOD Deus Ex Machina NO.

This is a weak start for the upcoming anime version. The OAV leaves terribly A LOT to be desirable. Asread can’t even get the VAs right, and for that matter they failed to get the character who is the heart and soul of the story wrong. If they had the least respect for the title they should rethink what they have planned for the anime version otherwise don’t even bother. Game fucking Over.


3 thoughts on “I’m Against Future Diary Getting a Full Series

  1. Since ASSread ruined Minami-ke for me I have avoided anything that is labeled made by them (funny story that I didn’t knew GA-rei was made by them and I enjoyed it) and also Studio-#@!##$!-DEEN.

  2. I was thinking of watching these OAV’s, because I had wanted to read the manga for a longgg time now. Now, I think I’ll just read the manga and leave it like that. This post may have saved me from making a huge mistake. The D Gray Man show completely ruined the manga for me, I tried to read the manga, which I hear is wayyyyyyyy better than the anime (which was fucking horrible), but I can’t even get past the first chapter without getting annoyed.

  3. yeah this anime a total crap! Yukii is acting like bullshit! and there everyone ignores whats wrong.. i stopped watching on the 11th episode, creators should thanked me I considered watching it until 11th… hmmph creators get your butt working and make a better anime!!!!

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