Fire trucks. Note. I take it this is important.

Elsea. Elsea. What to do with her. I think she has Squid Girl’s naivety and her common sense. Simply add tentacles and make her sentences end in ~geso. It just makes sense they’re both from different worlds. Just like it’s logical to go for the bigger price rather than the second one. Just like I’m not taking this show seriously.

Library. I’ve been hanging out more there. Doing homework, reading books, finishing up my art projects before class and still get a A+, and also writing Just as Planned entries. Look for the guy in a deep thinking pose next time you’re there.

You know, I’ve never been into glasses girl. Actually I’ve never been into any glasses girl in any type of D. Is that weird? Not really because I hadn’t had the chance of meeting one that looked as good as the ones on TV or anime. Glasses are overrated until I see further proof. Wait, she doesn’t wear glasses.

– Then I knew

I’m just ready to accept Elsea’s obsession for fire trucks without any objections. Why? Because they’re important and my question on them was answered back on my Fall Season preview. I just wanted it see it firsthand.

She just loves them as I love any type of LL keikakudooring in and out of anime w/o pushing up shiny glasses. Hoping there’s a real back story to it or maybe it’ll end as she  just does. Come to think of it, Elsea wears a flashy pink scarf, wears a red uniform. The answer is warm colors. What color are fire trucks? Red.

Keima is the God of Conquering and knows more about the subject than any other. I never stopped to think why he does. A rare mistake of mine. I get the he’s 2D > 3D but is it mandatory to only care about eroges? That’s one trend I never understood.

Keima is like Kiriro that are only fixed on that subject. What about regular VNs? Seems like both shows don’t care about games where imoutos or bishoujos aren’t featured. Why only limit yourself to those games? It’s like only playing RPG games or be into Sports games. Really. Sports games.

Optimus Prime would be proud Elsea loves firetrucks. What he wouldn’t be proud of is of the new asinine Transformers Prime series or of the GI Joe renegades AKA A-Team rip off. It’s similar to Ohba and romance – just bad.

Earth shattering. I, for one, would like to see AIC and Manglobe switch shows for a week just to see how it would turn out. On second thought you can just switch Kirino for Elsea for one day. Everyone would be happy but Keima. On the other hand, he wouldn’t be such a pushover.

This should be what Moritaka should be doing with Miho in Bakuman.  When you’re that extreme at being old fashion. It’s not romantic, is stupid. The guy will get to 1st base by the time he’s 30. Chances are that his anime wouldn’t be picked up by any fan sub groups either.

Left side. Romantic scene. Right side. Anime censoring.

So here’s the debatable topic of how much personality library girls in anime have? At first glance I wouldn’t say much. At a second glance I’d say little. If you got them away from a book and to talk there’s a golden medal waiting for you somewhere. I’m not into the type really.

You know, sometimes I can’t tell when Keima is acting and not. The guy is good.

I do a lot of self thinking myself, but Library girl is just way too over the top. Do I say that or not? Maybe it’ll be better if I rephrase that. Feels like insecure blogging or my terrible proofreading. If the Death Note cast were only thinking to  themselves all of the time nothing would get done. Light would be scheming. L would be countering Kira. Kira would be countering L. It’ll go on and on. Then again DN was no action anime. That’s where Code Geass came in. Btw, whatever happened to that Sunrise?

So this is the last girl. I guess they’re done for this season.

Now give me a fire truck that turns into a mecha. Not much into the genre, but that way we could see some actual mecha anime.


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  1. I read the article and what do I get in the Google Ads? “Used fire trucks for sale”…. perfect, just perfect XD

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