Rhetoric Invasion: Never meant to, World Domination – Squid Girl & Yagami Light

Strange and connected for comparison. Disregarding the different goals of both shows here we make the point of connecting to polar opposite characters who by chance share a similar goal in some way just by no means neither of them share the same way to go about them. Squid Girl and Yagami Light.

  • Superpowers

Fact. They aren’t alike. Light is no Squid Girl but a normal human being powered by an impressive IQ putting him in the level of genius. With a bright future yet uneventful life, said powers would inevitable get him in trouble after him encountering anything that would shake the balance of everything he took for granted. A distinction here based on that, Squid Girl already, in fact,  posses supernatural powers.

Squid Girl is harmless. Everyone knows that but she’s only harmless in theory though. She already has lethal powers (in others’ hands at least) that give her a clear advantage over any regular human beings because Squid Girl can crush, trash, and defeat any opponents. with those diclonus tentacles of hers. To wit, Squid Girl already an upper hand as abilities are concerned. She won’t, however, make more use of them to directly hurt others (initially out of fear of Chizuru having her head).

  • Planning/Goal

Establishing a fact, Ika Musume is such a likeable character that no one could grow to hate her for real, compared to a not so much liked Yagami Light. At best Squid Girl’s naivety could bug you every now and then, but that’s about it. Ika is just naive. Her naivety is what drives her to make wrong judgments because she knows so little about how things work on the surface and reason why her plans won’t go as she want them to. Light knows everything for a fact and when he doesn’t he can figure it out.

  • Followers/Stalker

Squid Girl isn’t peerless either as she has followers, using the term loosely. See, out of all of them there’s also a certain character that takes a huge interest in the main character, in this case in the said “evil” guy of the story.

Like this gal. Always there. Sometimes a bit too much.

  • Antagonists

As far as possible antagonists there’s no comparison to DN’s antagonists in Ika Musume. Too easy. A not so antagonist cast here. Eiko’s little brother is Squid Girl’s payless employee, girl  with a squid obsession since the day she was created would follow SQ to the  ends of the earth, and the lifesaver doesn’t see SQ as a threat.  Girl on the middle is too afraid of Squid Girl to stand up to her. Light would turn them into followers in a few hours if not minutes. When chances of failure is that low is hard to dismiss Squid Girl’s  low percentage of won fights in the show.

  • Identities

Compared to Light’s need to keep his identity hidden to not be arrested and sent to jail until the end of time, Squid Girl’s identity and her goals are more known than the fact that lemon is sour. There’s never been a need for her hide it. Her plans immediate went into action only to be trashed in her first attempt. Seeing how different they are Light played his with more caution by creating an alias and misleading everyone who was onto him. Squid Girl is defeated each time while Light only encounters small obstacles according to him. He’s always three steps ahead assuming he hasn’t already done 3 full lapses. Squid Girl is like someone one a three-legged race.

  • and beyond

Squid Girl has her job cut out for her. No one cares about the (minimal) huge threat she poses except this Nagisa who isn’t buying Squid Girl’s clumsy act and sees through her plans of world domination, except Ika Musume’s unplanned agenda is far from being the real deal. With that level of enemies the surface would be overridden by sea creatures in no time. Only that there was never any real danger to her.

That’s the whole turning point after the first episode in which her attitude took a turn and Squid Girl went docile. It was never going to happen anyway. Light’s plan was like a sand castle that was going to be taken down sooner. Squid Girl’s intention to take over the world’s conviction was shaky from the start and later strengthen by the impossibility of it which the show makes fun of. But more than anything, deep down, Squid Girl doesn’t really want to win she just want to make everyone conscious of what humans are causing to her home. Why? Because it’s better off that way.


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