The Anime Fall 10 Cross-Examination

Not in low rate of success as the Infinite monkey theorem. Fall is a great season to be in. Wish I could say the same about all shows in it. Now the ratio of good vs bad is about half half. The Fall 10 is the season of most adaptations and of audience targeted shows. It does all right when looking at it from a more relaxed point of view. Long running shows fall to pieces while short shows still impress and take the lead.  I feel a strong sense of Déjà vu  all over. Probably just me. 

“From you know who made what just as keikaku anime”

Starting with the anime I was looking forward the most. Quick. Someone hand me a thesaurus for a word stronger than asininely cheesy. I happen to need it.

How would you feel if Berserk’s author one day would make shoujo? Or Aria’s creator would write a physiological manga? This is how off Bakuman feels to me. I feel bad for not liking Bakuman as much as I’d like. I’ve tried but Bakuman isn’t all there for me. When I find something I like it’s brushed off, ignored, and the show moves to something else less interesting. I’m just terribly underwhelmed by the terrible directing making the most crucial events appear so bland. Bakuman suffers from not having strong characters as of now and the main story revolving around said characters. Moritaka is as  interesting as inert turtle and Miho belongs in a convent. The drama is forced. Put bluntly together combined would give the world cavities. Not to mention how unrealistic it is. It’s badI’ve read some of Obata and Ohba’s other works and none of them deal with romance as in pure “romance” but it was always handled in a different smarter way.

Mystery themed shows are where this pair shine the most and is evident this isn’t their forte. My initial impression haven’t changed much. Bakuman has a long way to become a show I can really like. I’ve been discontinuous watching this show and having doubts to keep watching it even if it’s high treason on the genius behind Death Note. Bakuman. Please stick to the manga themed plot.

Rating: 90% chance of dropping of writing off Bakuman for good.  Too bad. Too bad. I thought you guys had something there for a moment.

“I can see the ending”

So do I. There’s been a strange mystifying aura around TWGK before it aired which  by this point doesn’t live up to. I don’t see it but I’m not all negative about TWGOK but, the thing is, Manglobe could try a lot harder than they are. The animation is inconsistent and they go happy-go-lucky with clear fillers scenes, on top of an ever screaming main character. Speaking of which, Keima. He’s like a total different story. Remember Satou’s friend from Welcome to NHK who was into galges? How passionate he was? That’s the type of vibe I get from Keima, only granted the fact that this show isn’t as good as NHK! is clear by now. What I drive at is that the greatest enjoyment out of TWGK is how it is filled with parody everywhere you look, even when they come in forms of terrible cliches. There’s a bit of amusement on him his interest (slowly) passing from 2-D to 3-D, how lulzy unlikely it’s that VN tactics would work IRL.

TWGOK will be having a second season. As this commenter mentions the show will start to make changes in the future. I’ll finish this season but I’d ask for the anime to show something more than their usual “girl of the week. Keima has to win her over“, otherwise it’ll be like replaying a so-so game for the 20th time. Fun times, huh?

Rating: I’m a sucker for LL-wannabes even when they come in comedic forms. Also, Psst it helps the case if you’ve ever gone through an actual VN game to get this show. Just saying.

A show that’s where it’s actually more interesting to read other people’s thoughts on it than the actual show. OreImo is so divided into others than wanted it to be a serious show and those expecting a heck lot from when we’re still talking (F)AIC here. (Fanservice) Anime International Company. I mean, really? To me OreImo is a well disguised comedy with otaku themes. Drama? Not so much as AIC handles drama as well as JC Staff does novels adaptations. Their forte lies on something else. The show keeps grabbing my attention even though I still find Kirino to be a spoiled, obnoxious teen as it could possibly get.  Speaking of being realistic, OreImo nailed it on the head on that. The moments when she’s likeable is when she’s being her *real* self and not that tsundere bitchy version that has been hanging around more than it should. Why can’t you act nice, Kirino?

Bottom line. Plenty to see here. Plenty to argue about. Bottom line, can OreImo make interesting conversations? Yes. Is it the best this Fall? Nope. Does it still entertain? You can count your anime stash on it.

Rating : Great despite its obvious pandering. I’m positive the community makes it more interesting than the creators thought it would. Congratulations? Yeah, I probably like it more than I’m letting on.

For popular demand Just as Planned has dubbed this as the 1,000 faces Maid show and Yet Shinbo keeps going, but I’ve already said my shared about this already. Let’s leave directors out of this show.

SoreMachi is the best. SoreMachi is smart and hilarious. Classic and grandiose only that it’s not. It’s so-so. Not too good but not too bad. I couldn’t call SoreMachi pure comedy material. Why so? I don’t think is meant to be that sort of funny funny show that you can’t help but laugh until your stomach hurts. No, SoreMachi is the type of show that isn’t thigh slapping material but a slice of life centered anime providing reactions to be puzzled about. There’s some strange amusement about Hotori’s dumb antics, her messy life, her lack of common sense, and the foil between her and the srss business math teacher. Even if a misguided objective I think that’s what they’re doing. Careful because it does it take long for this show to sink in.

Rating : Thought we already agreed this was a slice-of-life show.

HYPE HYPE HYPE. Ahem. Oh, there they go! Perfect 10 reviews already. So Kuragehime is handpicked to be one of the favorites of the season after only 2 eps, what?

Hate to break the magic but Jellyfish princess doesn’t do that much better than other shows to get that position. You see, I have a strong resistance towards too much targeted audience shows because it tries to sell me something that it thinks a) I like to see or that b) I’m supposed to relate to. Sometimes that’s the case, most of the time it isn’t. Sort of like OreImo but not as obvious or the actually engaging anime discussions between the characters. What we get is a group of fujoshi, love affairs, and drama to go with it.

Kuragehime tries so hard to be what one would expect of any shoujo anime that actually pushes me away. There still are the cliches, the shoujo, the nosebleeds, the unlikeness of x situations ever happening irl, the comedy gag reactions. The introverted sisterhood and their NEET ways, Tsukimi being the diamond in the rough, the bishounen trap with mother issues, the forced love triangles, the older bro-. The brother is actually cool. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty enjoyment to be had here but I’m not ready to throw entire bouquets of flowers at this Jelly. Also while a Noitama show being proclaimed to be the “best” of each season is as shocking as JC animating another romcom, the Kuragehime does have merits I acknowledge, though to me it is far from being all that.

Rating: Wait, was I supposed to give it an straight A+?

Panty and Stocking _ and Garterbelt but nobody cares about him.

Do I repudiate its crudeness? Praise it?  PSW has the same things to praise them for than to condemn them, because those are the reasons why to like it or hate it for. PSW rubs it in your face. It’s a like cynic blogger, sometimes it pisses you off but you still read them because it entertains you.

Gainax’s latest is snappy, crude, filled with toilet humor, and other things you didn’t sign up for. PSG is raw, extra rough and  makes sure to stay that way. It can be seen as Gainax’s creativity going to the wrong places like the drain because its crudeness pushes viewers away. Or It can be seen as random product of boredom, politic incorrectness, and making fun of a shallow today’s society all in the same package. What a crazy show.  What a crazy pair. Initially viewed as a powerpuff girls in acid and Gainax having a bad day, Panty and Stocking is one of the shows that stands out the most. Hate to so openly admit it but from hating with burning passion the first 1st ep I’ve gone to liking Gainax’s Panty and Stocking inane disputes and rambunctious action. Only don’t give it another season or a movie no matter how tempting it might sound. Oh, who are we kidding?

Rating: As predictable as Cowboy Bebop reruns on Cartoon Network. Hate it or love it. I just happen to have grown attach to it.

“Glittering and sparking all the way through

Hold the sparking. Hold that pose. Hold the flamboyance. I’m in pure disbelief that Star Driver hasn’t been compared to Sunrise’s SoraKake. Oh, wait, I’m one of the few that actually watched that show. There’s no excuse for Star Driver. It hides its poor writing under the guise of randomness. Original show? Hold that thought. Are we talking Sunrise original or Anime no Chikara original? Being an original show means that everything they envisioned with its project should be there, when in fact it isn’t.  The main character is unnerving, the villains are ridiculous, I’d forced to conclude that Star Driver is a ridiculous copy and paste project of 26 eps by the presented evidence because there’s a 50 meter gigantic  mecha sized hole in the story that doesn’t explain why of this and why of that, making me I go back to my super “secret unaired prelude OVA theory” to explain everything in Star Driver. It simply needs a better direction for Bones’ show to really take off.

Hell. I’m all for Kiraboshi and Star Driver being a KIRABOSHI silly centric show and the flamboyancy. I like the ridiculous poses and those silly masks as much as the next guy but as far as the show goes Star Driver has little to offer when you take away that fabulousness and Utena references that makes it stand out like chic person in Kuragehime.

Rating: Dropped. Call me when the real Bones is back.

Won’t you watch this show?

Who is actually shocked by it? Diomedea finally makes something watchable. I’ll stress the last part of that line. They deserve at least a pat on the shoulder. Squid Girl is one of the biggest surprises of the season because it turned out to be 10x better than it was anticipated it to be. Hardly anyone had faith in it. Hardly anyone cared. I was in that group. I thought I was going to drop it after the 1st ep but that never materialized. We can ‘t expect a hell lot from Ika Musume but a funny, simple and with an airhead squid girl as the lead trying to take over mankind.

This show is great despite any clear existent criticism. I can’t see why anyone would hate this show unless you’re anti-squid, any sort of cute material make your blood boil, or, I’ll put my money on it, most likely you’ve already watched the previous version of this show before, but let’s not go there. I’m pro-Ika Musume because it doesn’t try to be pathetically grandiose and fail at it like many others. Though not ambitious in any way to get the 1st show of the Season Award, Ika Musume is all right.

Rating: Let’s get this out of the way, I’ll say that as far it concerns me this is the best Diomedea has produced to this day. You’re all right, Squid Musume. You’re all right.

“subtitles needs not”

I’ll take their word for it. The dinosaur era has more tales we’ll ever know. That, a fact.  Life and death. War and peace. And a T-Rex teaching herbivores their place. Shortest than any show of the season, you are Umasou’s gone under the radar like the world’s best submarine. Bet you haven’t watched it yet.

Rating: Talk to the mean T-Rex about it.

The Fall 2010. All these thoughts I’ll let them marinate.


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  1. Would it count that Bakuman is only Obata and Ohda’s pilot project for a romance show without being one? It isn’t and it isn’t one so it kinda makes up for it.

  2. Ika Musume is still so damn underrated. The most enjoyable show of the Fall imo. Let’s not expect it to beat the big titles of the season such as P&SwG or Kuragehime by a long shot. SoreMachi? If they were to butt heads Squid Girl would probably still come victorious.

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