Blogging Umineko Chiru DAWN – 39 – Keikaku Logic Error Closed-room Hellhole

TL Note: Schneizel has just made an illegal move.

I can relate. Just saying. Take it from a fellow survivor, don’t watch E8. Impressions: Otherwise known as “chess/shogi madness” and “how many things I can take out of context.” and get away it. Battler, L2GameMaster properly. His GM abilities are asinine. See this is why you aren’t keikaku material, man. Dawn kept getting twisted and twisted until Battler messed up and paid for it. The game’s mystery has already taken odd turns thanks to the current GM. It used to “who dunnit” before Battler turned it into a loltrickyaguys and the cousins are cool now. Thankfully, there’s the mystery part and blue vs red showdown the overall Just as planned effect by the Human’s side to keep the story gripping. On other news, Lambda is impartial in her judgment I think we’ve seen enough proof of that. Oh, btw, there’s also something about Skanon, but you know.

Theories —> Page 2 , Tea Party —> Part 3

Is it possible to be cheering for Erika to expose Battler’s third-rateness? YES, WE CAN

A Small Contradiction___________________________Sun, Oct 5 1986 2:22AM

I see what you did there. Erika has the rest of the so-called survivors (anyone bought this?) are holed up into two rooms in the guesthouse by her request.  Meta Battler sees that Erika still has full control over the situation without the detective power because of her natural abilities. Let’s keep this in mind.

Cousins’ room: Krauss, Jessica, & Rudolf / Genji, Kanon, and Gohda
Next room over : Erika, Hideyoshi, & George / Shannon, Dr. Nanjo, and Kumasawa.

Erika gets to the main mansion by tricking Hideyoshi by telling him she’s going to the next room over to check something out since he still sees Erika as a detective he lets her. In the hallway of the guesthouse Meta-Erika have BATTLER acknowledge a couple of lines for her.[Request: ‘Hideyoshi, George, Shannon, Kumasawa, and Nanjo are in the next room over!’] Acknowledged. Erika has Battler acknowledge that everyone else exists in the cousins’ room. Battler not wanting Erika to use this to against him acknowledges that ” – everyone else is in the cousins’ room. Battler pussies out from Erika’s everyone but in the end caves. “Erika’s group are in the next room over!”, everyone is on the other room, minus Kinzo.” Really, Battler? Worst second move ever in Chiru. Erika is ecstatic and calls Dlanor to use the TAPES. She had both rooms completely sealed using 2 out 3 tapes she was given, so it’s proclaim that [By the seals on the doors and windows,] “the complete sealing of both the cousins’ room and the next room over has been GUARANTEED.”

A satisfied piece Erika checks everything is locked on the guesthouse and leaves as soon as possible. She finds the Witch’s letter on the doorway of the guesthouse and reads it what would be something along the lines of Beatrice the Witch. For obvious reasons Erika reasons that clearly this is a fake letter sent by Battler himself. Right that moment Meta Erika informs BATTLER of a something totally unimportant yet somewhat important, that she’s already sealed up his room a while ago but just forgot to mention it. You know, just in case Battler was up to something. *Giggle* inserted. Even Hideyoshi knows that Erika is going for a Logic Error.

Now cue for team Miko and Master Ange and Featherine are explaining what everyone should already know. There’s two kinds of magic: the no observers which doesn’t match any result which they define as a delusion. And there’s true magic, the type of magic that matches a result. There you have it how to know when it’s fake or not. On another note, I would’ve liked to see Ange play a more interactive role in DAWN’s story then again she’d probably go too imouto onii-chan over it. Ange, why you do this?

Battler is too prideful and stubborn that he doesn’t want to have weak strategy to be seen through.. but it has already been! He caves in and let plays into Erika’s hand while wishing for Beatrice to regain her memories she could help him out of this mess. Erika does her mandatory GOOD and is ready to enter the guest’s room and proved her theories right. Yep you’re basically screwed, Battler. It’s better when you’re on the losing side.

Very mature, Battler

Logic Error____________________________________Sun, Oct 5 1986 2:34AM

Erika enters the dark room where Battler’s body is supposedly at. Erika makes a proposal so that BATTLER is able to rewrite the tale as he goes, assuming he gives up on the idea that his body is here since it was him that put the letter. Erika proposes for Lambda to be the referee to oversee things since Battler’s pride keeps getting in the way because it may end up in questionable reds truths. Well, who better than Lambda for this job, huh? She got Higurashi, she has Umineko, she’s simply the paper that is a super. Who doesn’t like Lambda? She swears that “she’s impartial in her judgment” before proceeding. Lambda goes to Battler side and checks what he currently has. Awful moves and a complete waste she says that make it look like Battler is playing poker instead of chess by thinking of relying something such as luck. Bernkastel, who want to see Battler annihilated, stops Lambda from giving any further constructive advice since she’s only the referee. Lambda being a true bro leaves BATTLER with the advice of not making a stupid move.

Since the tale is going to be rewritten is some way Erika proposes that the game is put to a stop at this very moment, therefore no other actions should occur other than the ones that have already happened from the moment she left the guesthouse. *Note* This is actually very important. Erika turns on the lights and BATTLER uses his red  many times to fight back. How such moves in this section could easily backfired is incredible. Erika already got him all figured out like the multiplication table. Erika divides the room into the restroom, the bathroom, and something else she hasn’t checked yet. She keeps making arguments in an orderly fashion so she can corner him into the coffin she prepared for him that is the closet. Erika starts going against Knox to get a confirmation of she already knew, that  Knox’s 3rd. It is forbidden for hidden passages to exist. Also that, “no hidden places that are impossible for Erika-san to find exist inside the guest room.” All of this so she can get, “except for one location, there is no one to be seen in the BEDROOM.” by Dlanor. Seeing that only the bathroom is left where Battler could be, Erika enters it. She gets pranked by a nasty trap by BATTLER where she gets burned by hot water from the shower (even though I find this difficult to explain.) Eventually, she is able to deactivate the ill trick using nips found by the bathtub and gets away with a couple of burns. Erika leaves the bathroom and turns on the fan while waiting on the room. Erika figures that since the trap wasn’t there when she first checked Battler’s corpse it means it’s proof Battler was alive and responsible for it. Erika’s efforts don’t go to waste when she obtains the red “No one was seen in the BATHROOM”. Confirming that, “except for one location, Battler does not exist in any place inside the guest room.”

Erika did all of this to have Battler be in only but one place she hasn’t searched for yet which was the same Battler did for Kinzo’s study in EP5. Payback time. Erika uses blue to claim that except in the walk-in closet by the entrance therefore there’s no way Battler could be hiding in any place except that one. BATTLER counters with what he thought was a good move at the moment which turns out to be his last one. “Ushiromiya Battler does not exist within the guest room. ….There are no exceptions, including the closet.” The guy is basically strangling his own neck without realizing it. Damnit, Battler.

Tricky Erika finally announces, oh-oh by the way, she made yet another retroactive move. That this has occurred back in the very beginning right after she broke the seals and entered the room.  At that time, she immediately closed the door, reset the chain, and sealed this room.  Battler objects with Goha cut the chains (Gohda!) but Erika announces she fixed the chain with her last remaining tape WHICH BATTLER GAVE HER, thus Erika had repaired the chain lock. This is but the truth, Erika used that duct tape to join the two cut ends of the chain together, ‘sealing’ them. In other words, the chain was repaired by the duct tape, and this room once again became a closed room locked from the inside.

Battler struggles over and over because he did indeed slipped out and even Nanjo could suspect he did. However, since he doesn’t want to admit this and because he doesn’t want to keep rewriting the tale (is this where R07 got his Rewrite story?) he keeps going and uses another red “the lock caused by the chain is intact” but since Erika has the right to seal as many places as many times (x3) as she wants within this room this destroys Battler’s claim. They proclaim that,“-The chain lock has been repaired by the duct tape seal and has regained its original functionality. And, thanks to that, (Erika) locked the room upon entering it and made this guest room a closed room from the inside once more.” Battler’s stubbornness gets the better of him one last time and for good because his “Battler does not exist within the guest room” leaves him with no other choice. He Fell For It. Battler epicly screwed up and Erika files a motion for a logic error on BATTLER’s Game because he’s claiming that it was somebody else that came to his rescue. Battler’s games is so broken.

“Take a look at your TV”

Lambda, the yandere referee, inspects all the moves made with great meticulousness, she declares that everything is coherent and praises Battler because at least for this moment for surpassing Bernkastel and creating a miracle instead of waiting on one (was not part of the act) A defeated Erika is sobbing. Everyone on the Witch side rejoices.  Then Dlanor’s scary rape face appears. A potent Red Key is finally unleashed ready to cut down feeble claims. Dlanor destroys all claims that any of the so-called “dead” people could come to Battler’s rescue. “Ushiromiya Kyrie/Natsuhi/Eva/Rosa/Maria…cannot save Battler. Ending with Dlanor going <Die the death> Oh, how I missed you, EP5 moments. Erika and Dlanor make Battler’s attempts to be saved impossible by denying the possibility that any of the 5 people from the 1st twilight could save him by taking his place in that closed room. The reason for this is that Erika has abandoned the detective authority therefore she knows for a 100% fact none of them are alive and that’s the reason behind not being able to be use the detective authority.  How is this even possible? That is because, Erika claism that, “I re-killed all of them.” It’s declared that, [The manner in which they were each killed differed, ……but afterwards,] she completely severed the heads of all those she killed. To fuel Battler’s hatred and to top it off Erika confesses that, “All five people I killed…were very much alive until the moment I killed them” [……Everyone faithfully played dead as best they could until the moment just before I killed them, okay?]

Battler and chick Beatrice are stupefied and in rage. More like Battler because old Beatrice is used to killing his family and hiding the fact but, oh wait, she doesn’t remember that so evil Erika is evil. Erika goes for the final blow and  appears in front of the cousins rooms to inform Battler that “neither seal is broken on both the cousins rooms”, that rub it on his face that “.. unbroken seal proves that there are still none who have entered or exited”, not to mention that “it needs no second telling, but know that entry or exit without breaking the seal is impossible!! Battler is cornered and unable to come up with a solution for this error in his game. Battler is sent to the “closed room” he created to spend all the eternity there thinking how to get out of it. Erika and Bern trolled him one last time by telling him he can get out by cutting himself into pieces and they keeping him hand. In case, should Battler ever escape this room he must bypass this red:

“This room is a closed room created from the inside. The seals on the windows are intact, so there can be no escape from there. Of course, there is no way to escape by leaving through the bathroom. ……I’ll make it simple. There is no exit to escape from except for this door. However, the chain lock on this door is set. You can unset and reset it all you want, but you can only do so from the inside. Furthermore, you are free to go out through the door, but you cannot leave or escape while the chain lock is unset.”

Lambda, as a fellow survivor, says this is Bernkastel and Erika’s parting gift to him. His hatred towards them will keep him sane and not make him give up as there will be absolutely no one for him from that moment.  Battler is left all alone in that dark closed room. Having disappeared from the room, Beatrice begs Lambda to stay because the game will “resume” shortly Lambda knows for experience that it won’t. Even Lambda is screwed up by that hell she went through that she confuses reality with her hell. She gives yet another parting gift to Beatrice since she used to be her guardian. Lambda gives “certainty” to her, that as long as Beatrice doesn’t give up her dreams may come true. The game board is left alone while Lambda bidding Beatrice a “see you later” instead of a goodbye.

“You don’t know. Because you don’t have enough Love!”

The Demon Wedding Ceremony

Even Featherine gives better hints. Furfur and Zepar confirm that BATTLER has left the Lover duel game and as a result Beatrice is also dropping but of course, she is allowed to watch. Bad move, cousins. Both Meat and no-meta Anges are pissed at Featherine for not telling her the answer and pretending she does.  Sorry, but I’m calling BS on Aurora’s on this moment for telling that a closed room murder could be solved by these demon’s hint. Ok, I’m wrong according to R07.

Now that Erika has defeated BATTLER she rests on the courtroom victorious. A strangely alone Lambdadelta now chats with Erika who wants to know more about Lambda’s past life i.e hellhole. Erika learns from Lambda of Bernkastel’s “past games” and when she used to be a game piece prior to becoming a Witch. Berkastel becomes furious at anyone talking about her past. A slightly feeling superior Erika is seen after seeing that neither Lambda nor Bern have fully escaped from their hells. Erika doesn’t believe what she went through is less than the other witches, in fact this is because their hell were meant to be ‘escapable” unlike her, giving her strength to face the “truth”, thus where her Witch name comes from  the one and only – “Witch of Truth”

Instead of giving her a regular present (as if) Bernkastel offers Battler to Erika as a present to get full control of the Beatrice’s game board. For this, as explained by Lambda, it’s a symbolic and not so symbolic way for Erika to get power of Beatrice’s game board. Erika must marry Battler in a demons’ ceremony to get the territory lord’s ring. Erika accepts and Trollkastel is pleased to know she’ll be welcomed to Erika’s game board in a near future. The two demons don’t feel like giving chick Beatrice a real hint to how to save Battler. Heh, I’m not even that vague.

Furfur and Zeppar have decided on the best method for both lovers by turning in an old fashion duel. Both Kanon and Shannon will get one gun and one bullet, the duel is to resume until one of them perishes. Or one of them accepts who’s the trap. Whatever comes first.

lack of Bronove and his “yes your majesty” was apparent

Ronove, Virgilia who don’t know what to do (where were they all this time?) ask Gaap in hopes of helping Beatrice get Battler out of that closed room he trapped himself in. Gaap reasons that it’s not really a closed room. Someone must’ve slipped out of the guesthouse by the windows. How? Because Erika had only checked the seals from doors of these two rooms. Erika didn’t have the chance to check the seals of the windows. Dlanor and company who has already showed up and who has been playing along with Gaap’s game wants to return to her duties but are stopped b Gaap, finally answering with red to shut Gaap up. “IMPOSSIBLE. The seals on the windows were also INTACT. Of course, this is at the time of the logic ERROR.” To stop Beatrice’s people from using this as a possible argument, they claim in red that, “Know that it is forbidden for blue truth to be used if based on the argument that the window seals of the next room over were torn at the time of the logic error.” Gaap’s last blue is ignored by Dlanor “Know that there can be no obligation to provide an answer to this blue truth…!”. Cheeky Jungfrau. And as they claim, they wanted to use that against Beatrice in case she would show up.

Furfur and Zepar are already on the cathedral to tart the demon’s wedding an immobile Battler have his ring taken from the bride Erika. Battler is humiliated, Erika inserts a too small and spiky ring into Battler’s finger to seal the deal. Battler who has lost almost of his will is still enraged at the witches for disgracing Beatrice’s ring and game but he’s too weak to fight back. Battler loses himself as trying to get out of the closed room prison he created himself.

only if Kanon would’ve lower his hand he could’ve won

The Duel of the Lovers

Beato can’t undersatnd why the duel must happen. As explained by both the demons there wouldn’t be ANY love if they wouldn’t help both pairs of lovers. This is because the furniture aren’t people. So there aren’t two pairs because there aren’t “two people”. The reason for this is that furniture is subhuman therefore a furniture + one human can’t add up to two people. They don’t posses a “full soul” as the demon claim therefore where all this Dawn business come from.

Kanon and Shannon have a final chat and their duel. Kanon misjudges Shannon and misses. Shannon has taken a huge gamble by throwing herself on the ground to make Kanon miss his shot. Everything is not over as Kanon dashes towards her to overpower as a last resort.  In the struggle both of them have their guns mixed up and shoot at each other at point blank. Shannon kills Kanon and becomes the winner of the duel. Chick Beatrice starts to disappear too because of Shannon’s win which demands it. At this time at the guesthouse at the “next room over” Jessica is crying and everyone is baffled, not even Nanjo could do a thing. Kanon is on the ground and bleeds from the forehead then disappears in thin air like he was never there. Beatrice’s mind sees part of her past where Battler is seen talking to someone and describes exactly what Beatrice is like. Someone, the original Beatrice gave this piece the mission to be there for Battler until he came to fulfill his promise. That’s how the Golden Witch started.

Kanon’s “spirit” leaves the guesthouse, meets Beatrice on the outside. Kanon decides to help Beatrice to solve the riddle by giving her the encouragement she needed. By reminding her who The Golden Witch she used to be. Beatrice goes overdrive remembering all past murders and tricks of Beatroll and transforms into the Golden Witch Beatrice. After all she must be, *cackle* HER.

Thoughts: Too bad the final scene is reached so quick. It took half the game to reach the 1st twilight which in fact never happened until Erika stepped in. Battler was never dead so we can say that if it weren’t for Erika this wouldn’t be mystery at all. Clear violation of Van Dine’s rules, Battler! As usual I loved the Battler vs. Erika showdown even if chick Beatrice is incredibly dull in Chiru it didn’t overshadowed its greatness. Even Erika getting pranked by Battler was one of the surprises of the game.

As usual there’s been a lack of the Witch’s side characters in EP6 and it wasn’t until the wedding event that we got to see more of them. A pity. The final duel between Shanon vs Kanon was something I wanted to see for sure. What I wasn’t fond of is how Beatrice got her memories back. I think it wasn’t as incredible as it was supposed to be after so many events that happened. Kanon forgetting about his grudges and lending a hand to Beatrice was great but her transformation happened so fast that it felt off, it did however gave Kanon major points as a character which he lacked. Now it’s up to Beatrice and Erika to end this tale.

Last post, to make sense out of everything. That ought to be fun.

Next and Final: Red & Blue Truth, Tea Party, and ????


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    I’m still myself trying to understand what the whole purpose of Shannon and Kanon’s duel was. But it was definitely interesting how you pointed out that it was very different from all of the other magic battles so far.

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