Remembering Evangelion

I think I just missed the ~Fly away song

Sure they can advance. They’re just lazy. It might be just my memory being blurry as I don’t recall everything the NGEV I watched years ago but that’s actually a good thing because it made the new material 2.0 perfectly blend in with the old one.

Wait, did Asuka just Inazuma-kick an angel? I think she just did.

I like how flashy her entrance to the show is. Angel? What angel? Piece of cake that was. It was record time. Come to the rescue, beat the angel, and make fun of Shinji. This is by far as accurate as I remember it. Glad 2.0 does not disappoint.

Kaiji, the first Kaiji that I made the connection with  any sort of gambling but not with manly tears and long noses. It’s just difficult to hate the guy despite of knowing what he is doing. I recall Kaiji the same way. Ponytail, not a full beard, a guy who gave advice, and was after Misato’s pants while being your regular James Bond. One of the few grown ups in NGEV I didn’t hate his guts. I also thought of Ritsuko as an OK character, that is before those little dirty laundry were revealed, and she went totally crazy. Funny though, young yandere character hot as hell. Older yangere not so much.

Oh, yeah, I may need to take this back.

Why don’t they lock their doors?

Thank you, Asuka. I’ve been dying for this to be addressed since fanservice has gone overboard. I thought it was the anime industry’s conspiracy to, way to go, make a hole in the strict Japanese norms and serve as fanservice fodder, but Misato’s argument is sound to. She not being drunk may also help her point.

Alert. Shirtless bishounen sitting on an EVA’s palm not wearing any type of helmet on the moon.

To add to the craziness, Genjou and Fuyutsuki are on space. I didn’t think I’d live to see the day. Wait, if earth is only one planet and God wants to destroy it then does it mean it will also end the whole universe or only the earth? So many questions the show doesn’t answer, like how do they get so many resources and is Pen-pen really not one of the Angels?

The trippy Angels, I remember them all right.  I used to remember them as at the ultimate beings looking so ridiculous yet terrifying at the same time. I used to think GAINAX were either too deep or on something back then. I think they were deep in EVA. I think they’re on something on Panty & Stocking, then again I could be wrong.

I remember this perfectly. Being a regular citizen in EVA would helicopter fan blow. Your businesses get destroyed each time, your friends are taken away and you live in fear 24/7. Don’t get it wrong. Being an EVA pilot would also blow. You get treated like crap, get a weak allowance if any, and hardly any recognition for saving the earth. This would easily be featured in Dirty jobs show. Position. Saving the earth otherwise the mankind is doomed. Hey, somebody has to do it.

Smiling Rei. Something you don’t see often.

Screw it. I’ve been frantically looking for ways to not call Rei moe in 2.0 but it’s getting difficult. Let’s call it something else for the sake of it. Cute? Trigger of protectiveness ? Kurude appeal? Was Rei always like this? I remember Rei being a downer and strangely appealing for one reason or other back then when I first watched it. Don’t know. Don’t ask. I was just not be too familiar with the terminology back then as I am now. Is this going to be the new Rei for the Remaking of Evangelion? I don’t object to it I’ll say that much.

Nice to meet you. I sure do not remember you but that’s fine. Hope we get along.

Just for the scene of not turning into a boob grab then apologize procedure while the main heroine goes “oops, it’s really my fault but I’ll still freaking hit you because I’m crazy like that”. GAINAX gets a round of applause from me for not doing that. Come on this isn’t OreImo and they sure aren’t related.

Who would not remember this one?

Genjou and the Seele’s secret meetings and their secret agendas. This is how I pictured  Kadokawa’s counsel and how they thought of how many times E08 had to repeat itself each week. Change that swimsuit color, change the director, get it on the DVDs. $Profit.

Rei fighting back. Not really, but it was a start.

I don’t know if Asuka and Rei’s relationship were the base for Panty and Stocking but it would sure be one hell of a twist. All I know is that more than once when I was watching the movie my unconsciousness was telling that ~Fly away song was going to play at any second. What a biitchi.

So Asuka = Toji.

Guy is still with all his limbs attached to his body and his sister is doing ok. Just for that he should be grateful to GAINAX for not making him go through the same ordeal again. This is not dish you don’t want to taste again. Trust me on this one.

Ideally the dummy mode should be used instead of underage kids to handle these beasts but you know in the anime universe you get a few of them and make them pilot these world ending machines whenever they get the chance.

Serious Gendou with white glasses. Classic scene.

Dad is dissapoint. Almost as he was at Kyousuke for playing imouto eroges at Kirino’s room and worse yet he finding out about it. There’s no great bond between Shinji and Genjou other than you pilot this machine which is actually your mom but I’m sure as hell not telling you that. Also, there’s the I’m big and scary and I was never there. Shinji possibly still listens to motivational cassettes when he sleeps and is pushed around by all creatures on the planet. And when he momentarily grows a pair he’s knocked out cold. Worse yet, he never manages to keep that promise he met to Misato.


New chick who wears a pink suit. Now, we’re only missing yellow and green to make a sentai earth defender group of NGEV. She and Rei fought well, she with her a berserk mode aka The Beast and Rei going kamikaze yet again. Her introduction to the show makes me wonder how the TV series would’ve turned out with her in it. Screw it, let’s remake a 26 episodes series and make an ending that everyone can agree on. Not controversial. Not mind screwing, only that it doesn’t work that way.


*Drums for GAINAX Ending*

A bit too literal Fly me to the moon. Kaworu coming down to earth and stopping his Shinji’s ascension for the 2.2 1:52 movie. The movie was great. By all means watch Evangelion: 2.0. It was somewhat as I recall it with some additions. You’re bound to something new and in the next one an eye-patched Asuka. It’s a win-win situation.


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