Things To Live With and Without Fall Edition

Hey, look. It’s a list. Almost revolutionary but not really.

There’s many things that can irk you or not. There’s things you can live with or rather not to if possible. Because of their variety and importance which ranges from small to bigger ones. What to love and what not o be crazy about. The Fall 10 is the target this time. For example…

I can live with..

Arakawa having a second season

I’m not going all giggly about a second season. I finished S1 a couple of days ago. Liked  it just not as floored as others are. But I’ve come to accept that there are simply shows that get 2nd seasons after they finished airing even if right away. At least Arakawa is one of the better ones I’ve seen lately that fit the category. Just don’t get too used to the idea. There are many shows that would love to have the same privilege but still don’t. I have to give it to SHAFT though, at least they give 2nd seasons to their shows and don’t make the fans wait years for them.

I could live without…

OreImo’s failcest

Get it? The anime references are engaging because they’re easy too easy to relate. Ore no imouto looks like a solid show but let’s face it so far the most interesting thing of the show is the whole social stigma and people being retardly judgmental. I’m liking the show but have zero interest in its WINcest route which sadly I heard it is actually where the show will go. Sad. Thanks spoiler people (no, actually thanks) This show had potential. It may still had some if look at it from this way, if the anime version takes a totally different route something new may happen. Let’s not go down the same path of laziness AIC and change it to something else. But what are the odds of that? What are the odds of AIC not fully adapting something, huh?

Keima seeing the Ending

It’s called parody for a reason.

Is this show getting better or getting worse?  I don’t know about that but the world god only knows is growing on me. It just is.

Keima is reintegrating himself to the RL he flees from to not lose his life because of the pact he made. Initially I had some doubts but I’m getting what they meant by “Keima makes the show”. It’s just interesting to see the guy who’s spent so much time playing date sims go for the real deal even if temporary. A second season has already been decided so this might be a keeper.

I could live without…

Bakuman’s horrible OP


Horrendous. J.C. Staff could’ve done a better job but they failed me. I swear this isn’t top of the line or even half way. It’s just a terribly cheesy piece you could lose a few teeth over. I had lots of expectations for Bakuman (and I still do) but the show is still so-so. Really. Right now my opinion is that the show isn’t spectacular per se. Well, I can see that they’re trying to get me interested in a manga over a hundred chapters out and I’m probably only watching the first chapters which are usually boring as usual so that’s part of the problem.

Do yourself a favor J.C. Staff and make a better OP because it has to go. Preferably one that doesn’t attract to0 many rodents.

I could live without…

The usual Shinbou hating each season

Shaft has to be the studio with the most hated anime director of the past years. I should totally write a full entry on “Things all fans should know about anime and the industry” and Shinbou would be one of the categories.

Most of the complains for Yet the town keeps going could easily apply to either non-Shinbou and Shinbou-like shows. I lost count how many times I’ve heard the same argument. The eye raping, the coloring, the acid trips. They work for a reason and they do sometimes bother me as much as they do to you. It’s time we criticize how genuinely bad a show is because it simply lacks  substance rather than looking for other excuses. Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru is far from perfect. Take away the artistic effects, the better animation, and add the not really funny raccoon-like creature spotting gibberish every 10m for no reason.. AND you still have a show more interesting than Psychic Detective Yakumo. Give. It. A. Rest. People.

On a possibly related note, here’s 20$ the next Shaft shows is directed by the man himself.

I could live with…

Ika Musume’s ~De Geso

And whatever sounds the characters in the show make.

Ika Musume is a good show. Screw it, Ika Musume is a great show. They have something going here I hope they don’t screw it up. Diomedea, I’m looking at you right in the eyes. This could  might as well be the chance to make yourself more famous and actually be known for a show that isn’t banned in possibly some countries. Shinryaku! Ika Musume just works. Geso or not, Hisako Kanemoto (stop changing names already) needs more future roles in the industry badly. So much wasted talent if she doesn’t.

I could live without…

Future Diary not getting an OVA

Or an anime. I read this one getting was being postponed till December and there’s a chance it won’t air, even then, which will probably result in it appearing in the next season charts and so and so forth. Supposedly, it’ll be getting an anime soon after they see how the OVA is received. I’m still conflicted I love the manga but I’d hate it to see it be butchered by Asread‘s crappy job when it should be animated by Madhouse.

Also a bunch of unfamiliar fans will come and rant and critize about how illogical some events are not to mention the possibly terrible animation, oh yeah and I can’t stand yandere and the main character sucks. All lies. Except the last part. Come on, the anime won’t match up to the manga no matter how much it tries because there’ll always be content lacking when handled by an average Studio. I can’t see the anime making it any justice to it at all.

I could live with…

Bones getting it together

And for another lackluster BONES’ show.

It is supposed to have a plot but really doesn’t. Star Driver I reckon had an unreleased prelude OVA where everything you need to know is explained. There’s no other way around it. None. That’s the best explanation I can come up with to justify all the randomness and loose patches and patches information they give us. We aren’t mind readers and not everyone has read the original material.. wait, it is supposedly to be an original material so we really don’t know.

This is a sign of a half-baked job to not attempt to fill in missing information we viewers need. It’s a mecha show for fabulousness’ sake. There’s no big mystery to protect in a straight forward action shows. Star Driver use some of that fabulouness to start making sense.

OVA3 being delayed

Volume 3: November 3rd -> January 7th 2011 Volume 4: December 22nd -> March 2nd 2011Volume 5: March 2nd -> May 11th 2011. Speaking of ovas and movies.

Great 1st ep the 2nd ep was the weakest link so far. Little of Roberta, some of Fabiola,  no accident, and plenty of talking. They could’ve made a new season and break the 5 OVAs into a 12eps show for the sake of consistence but that’s just me.

Oh yeah, Rock should really buy himself a notebook to write down things there.

and what I could live with…

This animation

Panty who? Let’s not kid ourselves if there’s someone who needs her own spin-off is Stocking. Clearly, the show’s random and crude humor would be lost by animating it normally as your usual anime but I can only wish of how it turn out. I could totally live with it.

Something’s gotta give


6 thoughts on “Things To Live With and Without Fall Edition

  1. Yeah. Shinbou finally picks another decent show for his style, and people hate it just because. I hate Shinbou for stylistically over-indulging to the point where he over-shadows the source material. This happens for almost all of his shows, but slow and detectivey ones like Soredemo and Natsu no Arashi feel like they’re improved by his stylistic interference. That, and it’s actually quite well-animated, and not a bad show so far (especially compared to the rest of the pedestrian stuff airing this seaosn). I guess some people are instantly turned off by Chiaki’s voice for some reason, though.

    • As far as it concerns me I’ll continue watching SoreMachi to see how normally Shaft anime can be like not how they look like. Anime should be about the show itself not excessively director-centered in this Shinbou-centric which happens too often with Shaft shows.

  2. I don’t know if I could wait for Roberta’s next ova. Is it a long wait or what?

  3. Exactly, Panty who??
    Every time the Fly Away song kicks in, I’m sitting there waiting for the transformation scene to kick in, only to be let down everytime… damn Gainax.

    • Here I thought this was going to be the first and only exception where those +15 secs of magical transformation matter. I guess it was only one time deal Gainax gave the viewers for the 1st episode after all.

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