In reality, not that into OVAS and Movies

I get to watch and read a bit of everything. I don’t usually shy away from new shows but isn’t always the case with  those two mentioned. I don’t show as much excitement when it comes to movies as I do with others. Partially due enormous hype and the whole attention movies get and also partially due to not always catching my eye due not usually being my first choice. What I have isn’t new or anything restricted to only myself as it is likely more common among fans. I refer to reluctance of picking up, to shying away from movies and OVAS.

Unlike regular anime we watch, those short episodes, those 30-minutes shows everyone is so accustomed to. Thirty minutes I say, albeit in reality less than that actual amount, is like the standard of what an episode of a comedy on TV or your favorite anime show currently airing. Twenty something minutes of sheer entertainment or lack therefore where it feels like an eternity when it isn’t striking one’s fancy. Twenty something minutes to behold the creative mind and cool animation effects that brings about each high quality show. A story told in many parts with a continuation each following week in an orderly fashion. Problem? This is mainly regular anime. Movies and OVAS aren’t quite like that. They have another system.

OVAS can be special eps or also believed to be another way to get a show to have different releases dates each time, at least it can look like that to some. I like them but OVAs are a hassle when on seriously wait for them, I say. OVAS are like regular anime shows currently airing but with a schedule harder to follow. Aside from that they can also be special eps of A series because it deserved one or of B series because is by now a common practice to give them one. Those are appreciated. I pick those up as I go. I like those OVAS. What I don’t feel so thrilled about are those OVAS  whose release dates are so indecently far apart than by the time they’re released one may be growing a beard and maybe a second one if not a third one. That’s clearly exaggeration, but when a new episode takes almost a whole year the waiting can become a long one and the chances of being dropped higher that one rather picks something else instead.

Why am I not that into OVAs and movies as the others, huh? This is not a whole matter of  the quality of  the material which could’ve been poorly done or (likely to the case) masterfully executed but more of my initial disposition towards them and more importantly of the eagerness of getting around actually watching them. The heart of this entry is that like many even though I still watch them, I don’t feel that inclined to watch movies and OVAs compared to regular anime. I like OVAs shows but they’re like a shot in the dark to guess when the next episode will be. In most cases they are not that different than regular anime shows but with quirky scheduling and likely higher production values to make up for the wait. Currently ongoing OVAs aren’t usually my first pick unless I’m  well familiarized with the material to corroborate its value. I’d rather shoot for a series which its scheduling is already known. In this case these long OVAS are left for later upon completion.

Following OVAS there’s movies, the other one I’d hesitant to pick up. If there’s a discrepancy between me and OVAS because of their quirky scheduling then there’s one for movies. Not that they don’t work, in fact they do extremely well but I’m not usually the first to go look for them as they’re released. It sure took me long enough to pick up Summer Wars and The Girl who lept through time after they were out despite the high ratings. It’s not a matter of quality but of preference.

Movies, either purchased or those on one’s hard drive just waiting to be played one of these days on a rainy day, to me aren’t still my forte. That is not to say the number of anime movies I’ve watched can be counted with one (or two) hand. Still, movies aren’t more appealing than a regular show with similar strength to me when I’m looking for something to watch. I’ve liked the movies I’ve watched. No doubt it. I don’t think I’m questioning that I did. I’d question my reluctance on picking movies over regular shows. I enjoy movies but I don’t think I could’ve waited on Kara no Kyokai movies when they initially aired. Would such feat been possible years earlier? Much doubt it. Knowing myself I’d probably put it on hold despite the ratings until it was done airing. The reason I finished it and could fully enjoyed it was because it had already finished.

Generally speaking, a two-hour something movie sounds like a gamble to get my attention and retain it to the very end. I’d more roundabout about it but that’s a direct way to get it out of the way. A movie is a telling of story made to fit an approximately of 1:30-2:00 hours in which a relatively large numbers of events, drama, comedy, breaks-up, reconciliation, rivalry which are brought forth and likely to be fixed by the end of the movie. A great movie experience can be fascinating and is I believe its main appeal to manage to present us with a full story in that limited amount of time and still be successful.

To not sound like I’m holding it against both of them, I like movies but my interests don’t rest as much with them as they do with regular anime. The quality is besides the point here. There’s a lack of more powerful  motivation in watching movies as with anime. I guess they’re just long and one of the main reasons credited to not always having an initiative to sit through a whole movie whose final result can only be only judged by the finale rather than in the process  of the first eps of “first impressions” as in regular shows. Thoughts lingering about what else one could be watching instead, thinking that one could easily watched roughly 4-5 eps of any shows on one’s plan-to-watch-list rather than a single movie or finish up that show put on hold months ago usually come to mind.

Where would of all of this come from but from whenever I come across movies and ovas, whenever I notice that I haven’t gotten around watching many of them. In which when shying away one remembers still not picking up Grave of the Butterflies, not paying attention to Gundam Unicorn, or the alternative TTGG movies. Still wondering when the higher quality of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya will be released, wondering when Roberta’s Blood trail will be subbed and when the next Denpateki na Kanojo and Hellsing Ultimate episode will be  due. And even then despite not having paid attention to them for a long time, yes, one is reminded that one isn’t lagging behind those  after all.


8 thoughts on “In reality, not that into OVAS and Movies

  1. I’ve been seeing mixed reports on Denpateki as to if there even will be a 3rd ova.

  2. I like OVAs because of their shortness, but sometimes the quality, story-wise, isn’t that good, especially when they are “specials”. Conversely, I’m not really a fan of anime movies. It sounds weird because I like short anime series. But as you said, movies really aren’t that short. A 2-hour movie is equivalent to 6 episodes, which is about half the length of most series I watch. It’s a hearty investment to spend that much time on ONE movie. I also have a distaste for movies by the fact that some are just “one and done”. At least in TV series you get to know the characters better, and sometimes there are even multiple seasons. ^_^

    • Movies are usually one time deal (unless otherwise) and as soon as they’re done that’s about it. The great experience makes up for it but I prefer regular series in which the pace is more to my liking.

  3. I hadn’t realized it but, I’ve been this way too. I’ve shunned a lot of movies and OAV’s unless I *really* wanted to see them because I already possessed an interest in the characters (hard to say the plot because most of the time it’ll be some kind of variation, side story, etc.)… there’s even a movie of a notable franchise I will not name that apparently takes a “no one will ever remember any of this” spin at the end. What a way to make it all feel worthwhile! I haven’t actually seen this movie yet, and that detail makes me kind of not want to, in a way.

    Still a fan of OAV’s in general but, not knowing what you’re going to get can be difficult in certain cases.

    • being already highly interest in some characters I think closes the deal when deciding what to watch. I could see me picking up a movie where I know the characters well and is just a matter of the plot being genuinely interesting. As for ongoing OVAs/movies I’d often put them on hold until the 1st eps would air instead of picking them up on the spot. The suspense and wait for the batch to be release aren’t what I’d consider a plus.

  4. I find that OVAs can be perfectly acceptable to watch, they’re like long episodes. Hellsing Ultimate OVAs and Kara no Kyoukai OVAs are just example of epic shows that you cannot possibly miss.

    OVAs can be of better quality than anything else too. If you’re into Gundam, watch Mobile Gundam Unicorn, at least that’s how I believe it was called. Pay attention to the level of detail in it, during the mecha fights. It’s one of the most detailed animated battle scenes of all time.

    • Hellsing is awesome. The only reason I could put them in hold is because I’ve read the manga. I believe the next one should come out this year. But yeah, OVAs quality, the long ones not the special eps, are exceptionally higher than regular anime, I assume there’s one of the reason why they take their time.

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