First Impressions: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

Welcome to Hotori’s 1000 faces show

“Yet Shinbou Keeps Going.” The crowded Shinbou hate bus is relentless as always. Me? I’d watch this show for the main character. There I said it.

Waited a long time to see this subbed. GG came to the rescue for a show that is one of the last new shows to be subbed. Mildly entertaining show. Well, I was going to be damned it wasn’t as good as I expected. Well, I’m damned. It was underwhelming but not terrible. What I enjoyed about Yet the Town Keeps going were simple things. Small chunks and moments not the general picture. So many things that could’ve been done better for a show I had greater hopes for. I could conclude my thoughts on how I like the main character above everything.

I can see where all SHAFT budget is going even if I’m not asked. SoreMachi went ahead and say it, there aren’t many artistic effects so here’s some Van Gogh instead. Funny how not the highest ranked SHAFT shows are the ones where Shinbou isn’t doing  his usual thing. I think I got the message. Yet the town Keeps Going would’ve had a more positive audience if we went that way. Hate on the show because it was lacking, not because it wasn’t as Shinbouish as expected.

After all this SHAFT/Shibou talk everyone does whenever a new SHAFT show is featured each season, I feel half grateful that my eyes aren’t being violated with his shinbouish effects every 30 secs because of it. You now know (if there wasn’t another example already) of what happens when all the pretty wrapping is removed, all that one or two color effects, fancy lettering, and all that artistic yet possibly unnecessary effects used to prove a point. Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru still getting the end of the stick while SHAFT’s  hit show Arakawa 2 has total attention.

Personally, I like Omigawa Chiaki’s voice this time around even though her appeal is as broccoli and spinach is to kids. She has this funny, cute, weird nasal voice. All too fitting for the main character. Not so much for others.

Tomokazu Sugita might be playing the sensei but he’s still wrong. I thought Hotori’s anticts were cute enough. Ok, just her. I think that’s about it for the show. Give it another try if you’re considering dropping it.


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