Blogging Umineko Chiru DAWN – 38 – The Yandere Express

I’ll never look at tape the same ever again. I, Keikakudoori, have spoken.

You called? You’re right, Furfur. You’re right, Zeppar ☆ Everything is due to LOVE~ Didn’t have to wait this long to know that it was gonna happen, I knew Ryukishi07 couldn’t help himself. I just knew it and here it is. Possibility one of the more amusing twists in DAWN, that and still being an Erika centered game. What’d I do otherwise? Meanwhile, I have to appreciate the return of Bernkastel’s 1001 faces and those chopsticks. Yes. Chopsticks I say

Yandere Jessica GET

Romantic Regrets_______________________________Sun, Oct 5 1986 12:07AM

Not as great as Shion. Jessica has spun the roulette of DESIRE to know who gets it next. Jess bumps into Kyrie on her way back to get her room to pick up a book (of all things.) While taking about Love affairs Kyrie lets out her creepy story of not initially winning Rudolf’s heart over Asumu a story in which Rudolf have his own harem and did illegal activities that it’d make one think he’s on the mafia. Kyrie tells Jessica she lost to Asumu and her moeblobing ways because she tricked good old poor Rudolf. When the story is over Kyrie reveals more of her disturbing nature and her plans to murder Asumu which luckily for Kyrie Asumu died of a disease (was it that way really?)

Jessica takes the message to heart and seconds later tries to kill Kyrie with a blow to the head to pass her trial but fails when Kyrie sensed the raging power of love mixed with despair. Jessica then goes mecha/RPG boss on her aunt and hunts her down across the  corridor of the mansion. Cousins going on murder sprees? O-ok! This is getting weird. What reasoning led Kyrie to know of Jessica’s plans? Jessica isn’t the intellectual type I’d say.

Unfortunately for Kyrie not even with Leviathan’s help they’re able to stop Jessica whose power is unstoppable because of the Trap A and Trap B demons. Kyrie hides in one of the “locked” rooms in the mansion (Krauss’ study) to escape her now crazed niece. Feeling safe now by hiding in a “closed room” of her own, Kyrie makes use of her envy power level to counter Jessica’s attacks and thus preventing her to enter the room. Meta Jessica raises her power to a point where she is able to kill Kyrie without entering the room. This is depicted as Jessica understanding magic and constructing a closed room. Jessica burns Kyrie to a crisp without touching her and then have Rovone to clean it as always.  We miss you Ronove. Come back! Same as George did, also Jessica is triumphant on her trial. I don’t even.. Wait, how come Jessica has a whole segment to herself?

clues: “18 years again”, “nightmare emphasis”, “how did Kyrie get a key”, “how a closed room is constructed”, “phone call”, “Asumu”.

Rosa gets killed once again /reagquit

The Fate of Those Who Do Not Fight _______________Sun, Oct 5 1986 12:12AM

I won’t judge you bro they say. After Jessica wins and comes back she’s simply bawling justifying her means to Kanon. It’s now the furniture’s turn to go and Kanon goes first. Rosa is the only one staying on the parlor after the family conference takes a break (you mean to snoop around). She accidentally have Kanon hear her  story on the multiple reasons why she must pay off that massive debt for ‘that’ man. It’s also explains why Rosa can’t help but resents Maria in some way. It all ends with Rosa being sick of living because there’s no hope for her and Kanon granting her wish to end her hell. Rosa is then put to lie on the family couch peacefully covered by a blanket. That is all for Rosa for DAWN. By now  even Gohda has more screentime. EP7 anyone? Who am I kidding.

Maria just saw what Kanon did to her mom and massively attacks Kanon because of it. Despite Maria’s superior power as a Witch apprentice Kanon has slightly the upper hand because Maria can’t control her own powers. Sakutaro makes his appearance on the game board to defend MARIA and by using his Diplomatic immunity he renders Kanon’s powers useless. Shannon appears to give Kanon back-up for the bad luck he had (that’s cheating!) and help him finish his trial. Shannon exploits the hole on the diplomatic immunity rules to only work “when attacking” and crushes both MARIA and Sakutaro with her defensive shield. The irony of it. Killing MILFs, kids, and stuff animals. These guys have no respect whatsoever.

It still bugs me how Maria couldn’t  break through Shannon’s shield no matter how much she tried. Heh, Love Trial powers are overpowered.

It’s now Chick B’s turn. Moetrice stops being indecisive and is going back to her murdering antics, all thanks to her elder self who advises her to also enter the Love Trial. Chick Beatrice attacks Natsuhi in her own room while she was remembering things of the past. Most ironic of everything is that this Beatrice now knows what happens in the past tales and regardless is trying to murder Natsuhi. Kinda failing the logic here from all sides but that’s how crazy this Trial is. Natsuhi seizes her chances when she notices her anti evil spirits mirror works on Beatrice, warding the witch off and not getting herself killed in the process.

LUCI-NEE comes in to help and gives Beatrice enough time to get back to keep strangling Natsuhi the orphan killer. Don’t blame her. Blame Kinzo, man! Natsuhi is about to get the door to open so magic can lose its power but BATTLER, the game master, appears and gives now HIS backup to Chick Beatrice to finish his evil aunt off. Natsuhi is killed. Nooooo. Both Beatrice and BATTLER are fine now that they’ve acknowledged each other’s faults etc. They go to where F & Z are and Battler joins the Trial to make everything more hectic.

Gotta love how George and Jessica aren’t in the least questioning why BATTLER is also there. Oh, why hello what a coincidence. You know, if BATTLER wouldn’t have shown his hand later and the answer to his riddle would never been given then I’d probably be making a greater deal of these scenes.

clues: “Natsuhi’s mirror”, “Rosa’s motive”, “100 million”, “magic losing its power”

when hell freezes over Rudolf will get to tell Battler the truth

About the Crime Scene ___________________________ Sun, Oct 5 1986 1:11AM

or probably by EP8. The 1st twilight has already happened. The cousins warn Erika that something weird has happened on the mansion. Naturally, Erika dashes to the main mansion where the survivors are freaking out. Quickly, they head towards all the closed rooms and had Gohda cut the chain so they can enter them. In all of them they find the bodies which are, oh surprise, the same as the ones in the magic scenes. Even Amakusa saw it coming. Wait, he actually did.

The last body they find is game board Battler’s who is in some guest room nobody uses anymore. Chick Beatrice is growing a backbone and wants to sell Erika the story that  all crime were done with magic, of course, Erika already knows for a fact that if it was really that way this wouldn’t be a game. BATTLER agrees to that reasoning. Meanwhile, human Erika having her detective authority taken away has to go around the mansion and collect  clues like any regular person. Dlanor explains to Erika the situation that no matter how well she searches she can’t use it as truth which was the case in EP5 because it is till 99 and not a 100% Regardless Erika inspects the bodies as much as she can. Nanjo sure has been useless lately.

Bern and Lambda already know the answer to the Battler’s weaksauce mystery. Bern is in the right that closed room are basically either illusions of a closed room or of a crime. Finishing it all with an extra cheeky, *I’m like a super detective* statement and with Lambda fanboying over Bern’s crazy faces being her forbidden honey.  Ha. Where does Ryukishi gets his stuff? Gotta love it like morning coffee or a cup of delicious tea.

Meta Erika goes old school with the “I ask, you say it in red” dance prior to Chiru.  Battler acknowledges a bunch of lines which are basically that it wasn’t suicide, it couldn’t have been committed from the outside, and no one entered the room before Krauss’ group. BATTLER hesitates when the term “culprit” is used changing it to Krauss or any other who entered the room with him aren’t involved in murder. In other words, it must be homicide. Erika wants to fight with blue now. Someone is feeling impatient.

MEANWHILE (if you aren’t getting headaches yet) piece Erika with the others are back to the guesthouse. Rudolf and the forgotten male cast of Seacats are grieving for their partners and aren’t getting it together. Erika makes Krauss the useless go upstairs with the servants to calm everyone down. But that’s just an excuse. Once he’s gone Erika massively controls the flow of the conversation even without her detective authority and forms a perfect reasoning that it is possible for the servants to the culprits for a bunch of many reasons. Everyone buys it but that’s because she’s a great seller. All is part of Erika’s plan as she herself knows the servants couldn’t possible be the culprits because of the red.

I just have to mention how ridiculously perfect the siblings’ acting skills is. I thought they were the ‘grown-ups’ here but apparently they hate Erika that much.

clues: “closed room solutions”, “How Kinzo is not mentioned”, “fake deaths”, “culprit terminology”, “how someone could’ve gone back to the mansion”, “servants as culprits”

“I, Furudo Erika.. have tape!”

Detective Proclamation

I can’t help but quote Erika on these scenes like Beatrice reminding BATTLER of his dark past of small bombs believing. BATTLER still has some hope that Chick Beatrice will turn into the outrageous and rambunctious Witch she used to be. Erika who just came back from the fight with BATTLER returns to her master. Bernkastel is not amused of how little progress she’s made and verbally abuses Erika till BATTLER who had been overhearing everything appears. BATTLER has already noticed Erika (and Dlanor) aren’t fighting 100% as they did back in END and realizes Bernkastel is forcing her not to use the detective authority to get rid of the “shameful” loss in EP5. Don’t blame Erika. You know it’s actually your fault Bernkastel for going for the KINZO LIVES plan. I mean, really?

Lambda tells BATTLER to let her handle Bernkastel who’s extra pissed at having her fun ruined. Who would think that Lambda could be that nice? Right. Eventually, BATTLER forgiving as he is gives Erika enough tape for 3 rooms  seeing she can’t use the detective authority because of Bernkastel. This wasn’t BATTLER’s huge mistake, the real mistake was letting Erika’s group use the tape  retroactively making BATTLER to rewrite the tale. Bad move was bad. It’s like asking me reblog Umineko after taking out Beatrice as a character in the story. It just doesn’t work. After being thanked and all and after leaving the room the act stops, Erika is seen rejoicing at the fact of tricking BATTLER to commit the biggest mistake he could when she has already figured out his weak closed rooms a long time ago. All of this followed by massive cackling and giggling by the witches. The most disturbing part of everything is that Bernkastel wasn’t acting at all.

BATTLER goes back to the Love Trial. Furfur and Zeppar have just decided that the next part will be part of the 2nd twilight, the two who are close which is basically what the whole ep revolves around. To make things fair the demons balance everyone’s powers out including BATTLER for the next duel. George, Jessica, Beatrice and all their partners struggle to decide how this is going to work out. Time to go.

clues: “tear the two who are closed”, “Lambdadelta as a character”, “Bernkastel’s boredom”

Let’s Reason this Out!

Kyrie and the locked room – Jessica’s wtfpwn powers overshadowed this scene but I was just taken when Leviathan transformed into a key so Kyrie could enter. To me this might as well had been Kyrie getting her hands on a master-key which I suspect one of the Ushiromiya do at some point. I mean it is Krauss’s study of all things, which I’m sure that’s where he was captured in EP5. Krauss and Kyrie.. since EP4 I’ve always seen this connection between them as two characters who would get  along well. Working together?

Kyrie creating a closed room – the “using only a finger” to not let Jessica enter was outrageous considering it can’t possibly work, but when I combined it with the “making a phone call” it made sense. It probably meant that her finger (aka something keeping the door closed) in addition to the fact that probably Kyrie had to leave the door unattended to go grab the phone which was probably on a desk further away. That’s where how the supposed killer entered the room.

Murderous Kyrie – Almost too obvious that it’d make you doubt. As far as I’m concerned I don’t think Kyrie was lying at all. It’s possible that she was “exaggerating” to make a point so Jessica didn’t make the same mistake but I’m sure that Kyrie *was* in fact going to kill Battler’s mom. I’m positive that as she claims she wouldn’t hesitate to get rid of anyone if it was required. I don’t think she’s bluffing.

Asumu, huh? – What a ****, right? I might be skeptic as always. I don’t buy that Asumu was such a conniving and *evil* person as Kyrie portrays her. Looking at it from a different point of view anyone who would be against someone in similar situations could be considered a rival and in war same as in love, well everything goes. We don’t know a thing about Asumu and everything is hearsay. Personally, I don’t believe Battler’s mom to be that sort of person even though I don’t know much about her. Anyhow, they chose Rudolf so there must be something loose in their head. One day we’ll know who this person is – which I’m sure Beatrice knows her identity QUITE well.

Rudolf Days – he used to go for the harem ending. The guy who we hardly know much about either. He might be likeable but he’s still a bastard for many reasons which are overshadowed by his act of coolness.  Ange acknowledges it herself in DAWN. As for my investigation. I’ve never seen him as a *good* person. I see him as someone who is willing to bet on winning and wishing to get away with many things. Regrettably, I can’t quite see him as the true culprit I see him as the character in a mystery that keeps lying over and lying until he’s forced to tell the truth he’s been hiding. In this part of the story it sheds greater light on how reckless and selfish he was back then and he probably still is. Out of all males grownups Hideyoshi is the one that so far has the less dirty laundry if you ask me. Still Rudolf is the most “normal” of all Ushiromiya, isn’t that awful?

On the 1st Twlight – IT WAS DUE TO LOVE! Wow, this was amusing but it ticked off my detective side because it was all a trick. BATTLER never had anyone killed at that point and his closed room were a joke. What does it make the magic scenes? Worthle.. Not really but I’d say that it plays too much on how different Magic scenes are from reality to the point of one has to ask of relevant they were in the first place. I can give a logical explanation of it but it  still doesn’t justify how the final outcome and the scenes were. This is one of the parts I wasn’t very thrilled about in DAWN. It just looks nice.

Where’s Kinzo at?I put great emphasis on this on EP5 and since EP6 doesn’t feature him this where’s Kinzo at is a crucial topic. Moichispa had a most interesting take on this. You can read her theory @ Kuro no Lilliana where she speculates where Kinzo could possibly be on Rokkenjima.

Why Ange couldn’t use magic to command the stakes – She explained it herself. It was the very theory I think everyone came up with. Ange couldn’t use it because it wasn’t in her at that moment. If she was decided to through with it and there wasn’t people around she could’ve used *magic* to do it. It’s a bit ironic how magic sounds so frail when it has that many restrictions. It’s basically the same as not using magic at all, which takes us back to the both magic and human realm have equivalents.

The Jessica, George, Kanon, Shannon as culprit – If you’ve been reading these entries you might already know how my reasoning works. I’ve never said that I personally believe they are the true culprits. In fact I don’t believe George or Jessica COULD EVEN BE culprits for ANY episode. Come on, no matter how strong DAWN makes them out to be. They aren’t Higurashi crazed killers. They can’t do it and more importantly it wouldn’t look right for the story. Shanon and Kanon? I’d conflicted about that one. I’m not going to come out and say but I’d think it’s obvious who is the most suspicious here.

Ok, I’ll say it. Shannon is the most suspicious servant since the mystery started. What does it stop me from pinning her as the true mastermind? Many reasons like she isn’t that smart but more importantly is something I already suspected without knowing this. It’s too third-rate for the culprit to be a servant. If Ryukishi can get away with making either of them to be killers than it could only be made for a single EP take your pick. Do you really find satisfying? I don’t much. This is why DAWN is so DAWN.

Bernkastel and Lambdadelta trolling – More than their usual. DAWN was pushing it a lot. This was one of the many times it did. There might be hole here but it’s been abused too much. Basically they were lying without any need (because it was only the two of them there). I didn’t fall for it though since the moment Battler stated his *mission* wasn’t to carry out murders but to prove it was done with magic. That on top of Battler couldn’t go throught it made it more than obvious. Come on, no one  was *really* murdered at that point. Why? Because this was even before BATTLER rewrote the tale therefore the story was still according to how he made it without any changes. Battler didn’t have anyone really killed in that moment thus this makes the Witches’ claim false. Nice try, Witches.

Fake Deaths – Erika states how chemicals could make a person be able appear dead for a few hours which makes it impossible for someone to know whether they’re dead or alive unless that person is the detective. This is what we’ve been saying long before, that is extremely likely that someone faked his/her death in past games,  therefore, as far everyone knew they were really *dead*. Do I buy someone used it in other games? Yes. I do. My guess? The third game. Fourth game.

And that’s about it for Blogging DAWN 38. Questions? Let’s finish this Blogging Dawn with additional Umineko theory entries.

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