First Impressions: The World God Only Knows _ 2-D Complex

BAM. Would you look at the psp go?

Applying video games rules to real life, huh? Generally, it can be disappointing. Yeah, like the moment one comes to the realization that is not to possible to triple jump and is not easy to wall-run either. Sad panda face.

The Fall 10 must be the target audience season for some. Time to feel overly self-conscious because Japan is watching you. Hair tied up while running? Don’t know about the rest, but I  feel somewhat strongly about this one. This show included? Yes/No? Decisions. Decisions. Right. Care to hand me that walkthrough? Gamefaqs wasn’t there when it was needed.

The main character picks up girls so he doesn’t get beheaded because of some crazy pact with demons.  That’s story. If you hate it then there’s nothing that can be done about it. If you’re still watching it then you can continue. What can they do to the show? Well, there’s more plenty of material for them to use. They practically have it all around them. Yes, The World God Only Knows had its moments. It laid out the characters, concept, and plot. The main character’s 2-D complex and showing us how he can act cool yet suck. Totally inspiring. Everything is in his head and reality sucks like a reminiscence of Chaos;Head minus the hikikomori or  extra crappy animation. In case it wasn’t obvious this is an odd show about dating sim vs reality.

worst male school uniforms ever (or your pick)

The comedy wasn’t hot. It was enough to get a few point across. I see that they’re mainly going to be putting great emphasis on it so I’d expect the show to work on it (I’ve given up on the shiny and plastic like character designs already). Do I still watch it? The answer isn’t ‘no’.

There’s been an awfully hype about The World God Only Knows and it was only obvious I’d check it out. I was dead serious about picking it up this Fall and here I am. Did it fall too short? Wouldn’t know as I haven’t touched the original material but knowing only a bit about it, it turned to be very different than I imagined. Right now, compared TWGK and My Sister can’t be this cute with character with similar obsessions but completely different premises, TWGK has some advantage. Currently, I’m following both to see how they turn out and letting the three eps test decide. There must be other reasons why this manga is so popular.

I’m willing to find out.

[Save?] Yes


2 thoughts on “First Impressions: The World God Only Knows _ 2-D Complex

  1. This is coming from someone that has read the original source material.

    TWGOK’s story is much deeper than it sounds. I might not convince you fully of this, but the original manga has already taken big steps in terms of characterization and the character development areas. It’s not just your typical harem-comedy story.

    I haven’t watched the anime yet, but I’ll definitely recommend the original manga. It’s definitely worth a look.

    Also, sometimes, there’s stuff that doesn’t get preserved when a manga gets turned into an anime.

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