First Impressions: Squid Girl – Project: World Domination

Much positive reception here. So that’s what those tentacle monsters look like. Intriguing. This is what it’d be if Little Mermaid and SpongeBob had some balls, but they’re pushovers. Hey, shouldn’t have his show aired on the summer instead?

Interesting show -geso. A lot more fun than I was expecting. Not a yawnfest, without a doubt better than I was expecting.  Squid Girl is a show about a lone squid Girl coming to the surface to conquer the human race and pay them back for polluting the ocean and giving sea species additional heads and fins. A noble goal if there was one, however, Squid Girl has no chance of ever succeeding. Meanie surface creatures aren’t backing down.

For a rather generic turn of events in which the main character is one way or another is forced to stay at the place and the show takes it from there, this was great. In this case the same dance is repeated when squid Girl is quickly slaved by earthlings and forced to serve the worst crowds out there – surf dudes and people working on their tan. Plain inhuman.

After what a comedic version of how Elfen Lied Diclonus fight would be like, the first ep of this Aquatic show ends with  the genki plus terribly naive Squid Girl threatened to be part in the creation of the restaurant new secret formula  which is.. you better not know. I give up, I’ll never get understand exotic food. Oh, What I do get – is this show.

Squid Girl was the fun type that gets you to finish an episode with little effort. Fun to watch and easy to process. You’ll also get to hear from Juri Aikawa again as Ika Musume this time for those who were asking. In Squid Girl there’s the classic array of supporting characters and comedic antics you’d find in the genre. Unlike with Bakuman case, which I’m sure it’ll eventually pull through, I’m not feeling overly critical about Ika Musume. Squid girl seems like an amusing and lighthearted show. I can see it next to STAR Driver on my watch list. While it isn’t screaming solid top material it is reasonably worth giving it a few tries. World domination plans, say? I’m usually down with it.

Watching ~geso.


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