First Impressions: STAR Driver – Pulling a Sunrise

Better believe the guy means it.

Give  me an F. Give me an A. Give me a B. Give me a U. You know the rest, what does it all spell? Fabulous ~ Star Driver has it. Do you have it in you? Honestly, I’m still waiting on YGO Abridged’s Maximillion Pegasus to say, “This show is simply fabulous.”

BONES has been acting weird lately as far as it concerns me, on top of that shows have been getting crazier this season. Gainax’s changing themes, Madhouse animating American cartoons, no idea what’s next.  Star Driver was something I’d pleasantly expect of the minds of Sunrise who I’ve been expecting me so surprise me for the past year or so, alas no luck at all. Star Driver was so shiny and marvelous put in fewer words. So marvelous to look away that I kept watching.

So many things happening on this show that reach disbelief and absurdity that I’d have to watch the second ep to know what’s really up.  Bishounen land, bunny ears maid, masked villains and dancing. Dancing. Hell, they didn’t explain what was even going on, something about the main character drifting off to the  academy,  evil cult of masked guys must be stopped, then fabulousness continually ensues till the show is over. No idea of the rest because the show didn’t bother, it escapes me but for now that’s fine, Star Driver and Bones simply already have good shot this season.  This is clear.

Dazzling and sparking all the way Star Driver is making its way to the top this season and it’ll surely give plenty to talk about in the Fall. It’s just going to be craaazy fun. Stay tuned.

Will watch. I already have my mask on and all. Not watching this show would be unfabulous. We can’t have that.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions: STAR Driver – Pulling a Sunrise

  1. JC Staff are animating shojo
    A-1 are adapting a BL game
    There’s a show with a little sister who the brother doesn’t want to bone.

    The world as we know is no more!

    Xebec made a crappy LN adaptation. Some things never change~

    • Regardless of the state of our current industry, this is the strongest season so far this year. Be grateful. xD

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