First Impressions: This show can’t be this cute

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So either she is or she isn’t. Try to be objective, Mr. Main character. Aroduc already used my title so I can’t now. Let’s improvise instead. Select the one that doesn’t belong in the list of cuteness: puppies, dolphins, bishoujos, cynical kuudere, your sister. *Errr* Time’s up.

Social stigmas portrayed in comedies.. interested, I’m getting a little Welcome to NHK! vibe from this show, though it can’t possibly be THAT good. I’m going to place yet another bet (not a gambler I swear!) that this show is hitting hardcore eroge fans back in the rising sun land quite hard. Also, I think AIC has more work than any other studio, come to think of it. They’ve usually handling more 2 or more show each season.

This show was exactly that it told us –  tsun tsun imouto and her obsession of galge games,  mysteriously sister related stuff. I’d rather not know the deep reasons behind it.

I’m envisioning where this show is going and I can see plenty of rehashs of the imouto forcing her brother to go along with her fetishes and bail her out so she isn’t stoned by society once her secret is out, which will probably happen at some point and in the end the finale will be something along the lines of be yourself and everyone should mind their business, mark my words.
My sister can’t be this cute can be interesting given the chance. They should pick up the pace and show us what else it offers. I’m becoming more interested and sitting back to see how AIC handles this one.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions: This show can’t be this cute

  1. I feel real bad for the broth because at the beginning the sister has this vibe that makes everyone think that she is a total BITCH. I mean she is your classic example of the Bitch chick that you might meet at school…… the girl that thinks she’s all that but is a conplete bitch and you just want to hate her.…there was a hint in the first episode to why she is so obsessed with the “little sister” eroge games. I don’t know if this is really where the plot might go or not… but in my point of view the whole underlying reason is that fact that he hasn’t been their as a brother for her so she turned to the little sister eroge as a so called”compensation” for this……..if this is truly the real reason behind her obsession then we can expect unseat towards the end of the series. I’m really sorry if I sound like a nerd and I can asure you I’m not the last kid that called me a nerd I kicked his fucking ass and I got 3 dats if in school suspension for it. Anyway, back to the topic, overall I’m really looking forward to this anime. I’m also pretty curious on which way AIC will take the story…. Well all we can di know is just sit back and watch the fireworks.

    • I wouldn’t discard it as a possibility. That’s likely to be the case, then the bro would be partly at fault. How did he not know his sis was a model for example?

      Possibility the show will focus on the comedy part then shift to the drama by the end of the series as you mention. No idea how much they’ll be pushing the eroge obsessed theme but if they can make it work then they should. Looking forward for more, and of course the seinen part always gives hope for the show.

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