First Impressions: Panty & Stocking : Oh, GAINAX, You

Fly away now. Fly away~ Should’ve used that animation all the way. Here’s $50 that no one was reading the subs around this point.  Takers?

Oh, Gainax, you. Panty and Stocking reminds me of the reason I switched to anime in the first place – Oh, Gainax, you, remember my Fall preview? Well, this is all turning prophetic of Oh, GAINAX, you. I saw it coming long before – Panty and Stocking.

Power Puff girls on crack was a understatement when the story is about Pantsu and Stocking are a group of renegade angles coming to earth to get laid and devour all chocolate on the planet. One step at the time, doesn’t matter the order. Oh, Gainax, you, big nympho and Gothic girl fight the forces of evil represented by foul spirits that could make shounen shows slightly more interesting, all in order to get their Heaven batches. What to say about it? Oh, Gainax, you.

Oh Gainax, you. Panty and Stocking is the show that may make your stomach hurt out of being put off or laughter. It’d be what is considered a show that throws it in your face like a baseball  pitching machine. Oh, Gainax, you, the animation hurts my anime eyes like a citric fruit being squeezed right in front of them. Oh, Gainax, you, not top hilarious material more like is so shocking you should totally like it because of it, because it’s intended that way.

Oh Gainax, you. Panty and Stocking will provide that we just watched and probably more where that come from. More GAINAX, more straight innuendo references like Seitokai Yakuindomo are to continue in the hands of Panty and Stocking. In this case by a far more competent studio. Religion, race, sex. Ooh, controversial. Did I mention Gainax was behind it?

Oh, GAINAX, you, for a last time. I’m not a total Gainax fan that’s why there are so many oh, Gainax, you here, I just happened to enjoy several of their shows. Honest and truthful. Not going on a limp and be with the frame of mind that It’s Gainax therefore it must be GOOD, I swear.  Have to give them to Gainax though, for not claiming their super passion for their shows is the secret to their total success. That’s always a given. As far as it concerns me I want to see further proof of it and not simply momentary hype of sorts that goes around. Oh, Gainax, you.

Now, to get those catchy songs out of my head. ~Fly away~

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  1. …I really wasn’t reading the subtitles. Well, I was, until Stocking started hair-flipping and Panty started, uh, feeling around.

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