First Impressions: Bakuman – Getting Real

Glad to see you didn’t check the secret compartment

Geez, Obata ought to change the drawing style a bit.

Let’s cut to the chase I’m not amused by Bakuman. It was a low production, with boring characters and an average execution. What kept me watching and the main reason to watch it was that the creators of Death Note were involved. I expected a lot more than I thought I was going to get. There probably lies the problem.

To get it out of the way I’m not particularly J.C. Staff’s main target audience. I’ve  only liked a small group (those I rated quite high) and couldn’t stomach the others because the dentist’s bill was skyrocketing. Bakuman was like the latter type of J.C. Staff shows. The main character was so plainly boring and his constant fangasm about his crush is, I predict, bound to get old quick, and don’t get me started about the terrible OP theme (I mean the real one). Bakuman felt shallow despite how burning with passion effect it tried to have. I didn’t feel any chemistry. More like “hey, it’s shounen! and also romance!” screaming its lungs out and that’s about it.

I’m more interested in the manga part. The romcom itself isn’t appealing and less the massive teenage crushes. I think it’s fairly difficult to get a right balance in these shows to not turn into a comedic sappy melodrama. In this case, I’m not seeing Bakuman being that different. I can see it trying. On a final note,  I can see Bakuman referencing Jump’s titles like is going out of style from now on.

What to do? I’ll be sticking to it waiting on better developments. For what I’ve seen I’m not thrilled about Bakuman. If J.C. Staff shows are your thing then most likely Bakuman will be better appreciated. For now this isn’t my cup of tea.

4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Bakuman – Getting Real

  1. The series gets much, much better, and nothing like how you’re trying to pidgeon hole it. The romance takes a backseat to creating manga, and when they do bring it out, it’s well done. The series becomes more slice-of-life, with elements of battle manga.

  2. it’s kinda sad how the main character looks just like Light, all he needs is an annoying stalker and a dirty hermit friend/rival and we have death note

    • The role of main character is more Mashiro than Takagi. In reality, Takagi doesn’t look all that much like Light in the manga.

      • I would have to sadly agree with the other comment – he looks like light, at least a hell of alot like him.

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