First Impressions: MM! – Hurts more than it hurts you

Dear, Internet. I’d like you not to die right before the new season starts. Signed. Keikakudoori. Go hotspots.

Thank you, you big jerk. You just ruined Hidamari Sketch for me =( The main character name is Sado and he is a maso. I think the conflict is clear here (and do I not see the conflict at his home?)

Be ready for another XEBEC show that are separated between those that goes right in the gutter of dropped anime and let’s see what else it offers shows. We have a batch of busty girls and non-intelligent life forms yet again, which these shows spawn, characters in a just not regular high school where teachers and students are practically in the same league and common sense is hardly existent. This is XEBEX and Kanokon’s people next project. You’ve been warned and you can expect that much.

MM! was terrible for most part. Let’s not go forget that. Still, MM got around making a very small better impression on the bright side given the premise. Megatsundere senpai was actually helpful despite her violent nature. God knows what other “cases” this friendly group will be handling. On the grater negative side, as expected of fanserve-ish XEBEC shows they can get as good as they can possibly can, so don’t expect much. There’s a few ways they can get around making the show work watchable, will they be able to is the question. Difficult to see. Few to process. Lot to see. And lots, lots of pain. My impressions haven’t changed much since the Fall season preview. Doubt I’d follow it. XEBEC has a unique way of running out of material very quick. Let’s it end it with some words of wisdom.

Remember folks the first step is to admit you have a problem – so said the imaginary friend named Basko.