The Anime Summer Season in Retrospect

How was the Summer? It isn’t hot anymore and there’s a cool breeze out there. After 3 months and something more the Summer ends. A varied season with crazy matrix effects, Taiga ver. 2.0, doom devices, aliens, and take your pick shows, they all end along with others from the Spring. To recall, hell was raised when HOTD Madhouse Saeko was dodging bullets and panthers were flying courtesy of A-1. Hell was raised when Mitsudomoe and Seitokai were crude and cruder, one more than the other. Lastly hell was raised when people not dying when they’re killed. One of these shows could easily make you want to punch them in the genitals at times, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves we’ll get back to that. I assure you.

Time to put a lid on the Summer 10.

And no, when we’re out there in the city to beat up zombies we definitely make sure we take supplies instead of running off. Note to self. Sleep with one eye opened when next to Rei also it’s not exactly a great idea to join a student council.

Occult Academy

At this point, I’ve run out of critique for this show. It started off great than it was like falling from a skyscraper, or more like a 13 story building, put simply.

The Zettai Ryouiki show and Flying panthers.

I think that out of all shows (excluded HOTD) OC did have a decent shot at being one of the best of the season. I kept with it. I watched it the same if not the following day after it aired. I had to have my OC Maya fix of the week. What happened to it? Romance, magic and spoon bending ending, FLYING panthers? wha-?

I think by now I realize what’s the problem with these shows. It is character growth vs. plot. They aren’t getting it right. To accomplish one they majorly forget the other one, it’s like a overworking yourself just to get sick after a few days. That said, Occult Academy did decently for most part. I’m not going to bash it to the ground as the worst show of the season and have no intention of doing so. It did, however, lacked where it shouldn’t, and A-1 went for the route of “OK! Show is almost over let’s throw something in there and let’s call it a day. Our dinner is getting cold.” I wished it wouldn’t have lost the original appeal and gotten sidetracked with stories hardly adding to the main plot. That also said, that must’ve been some delicious curry.

By far the most difficult score to give. As much as it gave it also took away from itself.

Score : 7.1 Wish-washy directing, +attempt at creativeness, bland characters, plot, +Maya, attempt at creativeness again, great animation. They’ve got SPOONS in case you’re wondering and are likely not afraid to use them to save your world either.


“Mitsudomoe has been the underdog of the season. Face it. Chances are that you didn’t watch it and instead picked up Amagami SS or extra bland Campanella.”

Mitsudome gets as much hating as Ookami-san’s narrator and as relatively lack of interest as Eddie Murphy movies. But I’d like to differ, not with EM movies but with the Marui sisters show, Mistudomoe goes where not many go. It was rougher than usual. Its humor can be rough to the point of retardness at times. Who’s kidding who? It’s based on idiocy. Yet I found myself chucking at how simple misunderstandings can lead to more misunderstanding. Yet, I’m not giving it the thumbs down. Yet, I didn’t once cross my mind dropping the show like with so many shows this season. I guess I just like misunderstandings and things I don’t see every day. I’m not fond of the mundane as one can guess.

But you see here’s the thing. Comedy shows are like your favorite ice-cream (ice cream metaphors strikes once again!) No matter how much you love them, sure, you can eat it more than once a week but eat it everyday? Same rules apply here. Second season can epicly fail just as easy. For heaven’s sake, put those Rangers back in the box.

Score: 7.3 Material got old, lack of new characters, Gachi Rangers outlived their usefulness, managed to be funny, tried to be different. Before I forget, Bridge, I need a new season of Minami-ke.

Seitokai Yakuin domo

“Everyone be organized and make a line to punch Seitokai in the genitals. A most vivid image of how most fans feel about Seitokai 2.”

Back to the punching cliffhanger. Get a load of this Yakuindomo.

Nothing like spending the last ep sitting comfortably on the student council room and doing flashbacks of what the best of Seitokai was. Oh, no, it wasn’t reduced to a single minute segment in case you’re curious. As boring as that may have sounded I enjoyed the last ep more than usual, somehow, it worked better than usual.

Seitokai Y. was what I’d call a manga that wasn’t meant to be animated. One where you can just flip to the next page when you don’t find something not necessary hilarious. The jokes weren’t hot and they all relied on the shock factor as Yellow journalism. I don’t actually believe the creators thought it could be highly successful, really. The characters were all one-dimensional and never attempted to go beyond leading to more predictability of the show as if Tsuda and the others were handed and manuscript on how to act for the entire show. I can’t comment much on GoHands’s work was but if there was a material in the manga that somehow could’ve given Yakuindomo a better impression I’d vote for them to desperately use it. The show wasn’t exactly vibrating with emotion. On a side note, there were mostly other things vibrating on the show. On a more unrelated note, I wish this pic could be replaced with HOTD, but that’s just me. Plot? What plot?

I’ll stop here and make you picture in one corner Seitokai no Ichizon and in the other Seitokai Yakuindomo for a brutal gloves off hell-in-the-cell match. Who wins it?

Score : 6.9 Rowdy jokes, more recycled material than paper printing, often failed to be as funny as it should, decent animation, somewhat amusing, needed more Hata, awkward appeal to awkwardness. Keep the 2nd season in your pants GoHands.

Highschool of the dead

“I believe we have a 90-10 ratio of anime fans watching HOTD. By democratic majority we have a winner. Mr. President fire the Double D’s missiles.”

Better known as Oppai of the Dead, HOTD was not surprisingly the most amusing show of the season. Believe it. I say, believe. If I were to give awards to shows the Summer season I’d give HOTD an award for most welcome blatant fanservice for the year. I don’t remember enjoying fanservice this much since, well, I simply do not remember applauding shows of the likes of this for some time. It had action and kept things always rolling and most importantly it had MADHOUSE doing its job like they should. I’m clapping now as I type.

Everyone that was looking for a super complex plot in this show needed to go pick up something else that didn’t scream this is a fanservice show but with  relatively substance. Such move was a smart as having acupuncture by someone with arthritis.  As clear as guessing Ryuuji was going to pick Taiga, like Kira wasn’t going to win in the end, like Shinbo is going to direct the next big SHAFT show. Anyone could’ve seen it coming. HOTD simply tried to be what it was. And it did simply majestically. Manga readers will always know BEST. As for us High of the Dead did not disappoint. See you next year. You know you want to, anime industry. Spin that magic wand and make it happen.

Score: 8.4 Somewhat predictable, forced drama, story didn’t progress much, A-tier fanservice, great action, allthebasesarebelongtoSaeko. Questions?

And there is the “whatever happened to them?” section we visit.  Notice how there are shows I either don’t talk about or only make references to? These are shows that I dropped or simply didn’t finish which consequently have already finished and also others that will still air once the Fall season starts. Say hello to –

Whatever happened to..

Shiki (hiatus)Am I still watching this? This question has more suspense than the actual show does. On the bright side, I’m getting off your face Shiki fans. This will probably most likely-totally-definitely-I should-hope-so be the last time I talk about Shiki. Note. References not apply.

Amagami SS (ongoing) Dismayed at the tremendous popularity of the show. The sex-hair wasn’t that hot. Whatever that was supposed to be mean anyway.

Ookami-san (finished) A long long time ago I dropped poor Ookami-san. Almost made it to half of the show when the show lost me completely by getting off track. I think they did have something going on there on the very first eps, Ryuoshi acting manly and whatnot, just to screw it up with bland stories and what was to come. I demand evil Wolf-san to make an appearance.

Sekirei Pure Engagement (finished) One day, I’ll watch the second season.

Asobi ni Iku Yo! (finished) Caught only the 1st ep. I might’ve not missed much after all based on the reception.

Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu (finished) Frankly, no idea what became of it.

Shukufuku no Campanella (finished)Oh, you.

Goodbye Summer ~

And so the Summer Ends this week. Not being really here for the first half the season I got the impression the season was longer than usual this time. I followed fewer shows this season again. Occult Academy managed to stood out at times while High school of the Dead massively conquered everything as predicted. Best shows of the season? Easily one of the best questions to ask yourself. Now time for the Fall season to start.


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  1. Occult academy was a good series but there was a few episodes that simply didn’t matter too much if it didn’t exist (some of the middle ones)

    I do not mind if Mitsudomoe was a bit simple but as long I laugh so much like with this I’m satisfied with a comedy anime.

    Shiki? mm I don’t even remember how many weeks of hiatus we have passed. I do not know if I will follow it next season really. There are some things that seems more interesting that the point where Shiki is now

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