The Success of Highschool of the Dead

So it ends most entertaining show of the Summer 10. It may deny it itself but it still ended with a powerful Bang. Never mind the other shows that are still on. Highschool of the Dead reached its end with a 12 eps full of zombie and amusing antics of survivors from a local School with bats and guns on hand. Here, I am more than pleased with it.

Remember that type of show that everyone watches and is recommended to you followed by some tips on how to enjoy it more. Do this. Don’t do that. Highschool of the Dead was like an arrow on the hands of a good archer having an even better day. Low changes of missing and with a higher rate of hitting the mark right on the middle black dot. We knew  he might miss the center  but he was still going to be close. Pretty close. Pretty damn close. 


There was a good variety of characters. Takashi the FAR from perfect guy, Kouta the gun otaku, Rei the typical insecure character who can still take care of herself, Saya the pink twintail genius, Shizuka the F Cup nurse then driver. And then there was Saeko the (extra) sexy katana handler who I’d describe as well-written persuasive essay for the eyes. She outshone Rei who I thought was the main heroine and her involvement in the show certainly made the show more enjoyable and popular. Who couldn’t have liked her? combined with thoughts like “what’s Sakeo going to do next week?” became fairly common.

Initially I had much doubts about characters such as Saya and found her annoying  (gasp!) but as the show continued I found her to be one of the likeable characters in the story next to Saeko. Rei’s character, on the other hand, didn’t progress as much as I would’ve wanted her to but there wasn’t any real horrible characters in the show whose roles wasn’t meant to. Simply, they were all necessary.

They all had their purpose in the story and formed a strong team which became clear after a couple of episodes. Neither Komuro nor Saeko nor Saya could have survived alone. They all needed each other. They were like that single arrow that can be break easily but isn’t as simple when a dozen of them are combined. I felt like part of the team at times. If they were going for that effect they accomplished it.

The Fun Fun Bus had to reach its end.

Pulling out all stops there was Shidou-sensei leading the scum of the society. HOTD showed a large amount of characters that played only by their own rules and didn’t care for others. They did whatever they had to keep living but also they took advantage of this situation to go rampant (emphasis). They were hated. They sucked.  SUCKED. We hated them. But we didn’t forget they existed. Shidou, the guy that was groping Rei back at the gas station, the so-called peaceful people among how many others we didn’t see, they were all deranged in one way or another. They existed for us to see that people like them still survived and were out there. We hated them but we knew their point in the series.

And then there was the zombies. I wasn’t that amused by the zombies. Honest (and I mean honest) Yeah, they bite you and you’re dead. Scary stuff that everyone knows like our ABCs. They were additionally slower both mentally and physically than usual. Sometimes they were always there others they just came out of nowhere with no explanation like there was some secret character blowing a super special zombie whistle to call them out. Go. Humans. Attack! Uh, Go again! The zombies themselves are an used element that doesn’t give much surprise so I was eager to see how HOTD was going to handle them.  Not exactly impressive and they could only win in numbers after all. We knew them well but that was about it. I’ve thought what’s more to them than that? and I thought that probably these zombies need a power-up to make things more exciting. Maybe the manga eventually provide additional twists to the disease.

There were a relatively large number of characters than the ones mentioned but most of them stayed only one episode. And then there were characters such as the female sniper who were forgotten after being introduced. Probably they could’ve handled and explained things a bit better for the sake of consistency but I’m not to object at this point. Here it would apply the rule of if it worked out without it then it’s probably fine.

The last mini arc at Saya’s mansion was memorable because despite the lack of  necessary zombie action we’re reminded that there still exists a bit of peace in some parts of the world. Saya’s parents for example made a bigger impression on us even though they only made their appearance near the end of the show.  Jouji Nakata’s Souichiro and Yukiro killing zombies as saying farewell to us made an even greater impact on the last episodes. Hopefully not for the last time and we’ll see them again. Truthfully, out of all non main characters I wanted them to live the most. Who really wouldn’t them?

Enjoying HOTD was as a easy as the multiplication table of 1 almost like a reflex when you see how the mechanics of it work so well for what it was shooting for. Highschool of the Dead knew better than most how to get it right and didn’t lack where it should and when it did it try to make up for it in the following ep. Even the idiocy of some scenes turned into amusing device for discussion. Possibly this was a fairly enjoyable show for those blogging it because of the simple craziness of it.

From a recycled line the zombies HOTD brought things that we were used to and shower us with more HOTD goodness. I can’t say best of the best but I can’t give Highschool of the Dead less credit than it deserves. It worked as planned, as expected from we all guessed in the Summer season previews. It was going to be success we knew it, with Madhouse on charge it turned out to be the most enjoyable show of the Summer a few months back when it started. HOTD rocked.

Highschool of the Dead ends and I’m most saddened to let it go. Almost as sadden to let Saeko and her yangireness go. Its shoot them up will sure be missed on Monday mornings when you can’t wait for it to finish downloading and see what happens this week. Where will these group take us next.

Season two, we’re waiting for you.