So what does it tell us?

Sure is a crime. Evidently, we’re gonna to need JK’s dowsing rods to find where the show begins and ends. Did I call it right or not on the  ramen curry girl being evil? No way to get past by Just as planned intuition. It’s all human psychology. Also OA gave it away way too much. Remember good old Ookami Kakushi? Well, that but with a few actually likable character like Maya for example. Actually mostly Maya.

Something tells me that I’ve done something wrong in my previous life to get these set ups. Also that I was most likely part of a redemption enforcement agency. I take it  I wore a  most fancy long coat.

So get me this straight. Bunmei didn’t find it one bit strange to be frenching with the curry girl with a bunch cult people looking at him. Also this show is just going magical? The crime scene. Oh joy. Unreliable POV. Let’s analyze the crime scene as a way of analyzing the show.

Maya’s body was found at the academy and nothing was out of the ordinary in the room. What does this tell us? No struggle. Maya was murdered in the premises. She wasn’t sitting down but up. What does this mean? She was having a conversation or she was going from one place to another. No blood on her white dress found was. What does this tell us? She was killed with a single blow. Also Maya loves that dress to death. Maya’s overly natural pose her body is in after she was killed that looks like she is lying on her back. What does this tell us? She could have only been killed with a shot to the head. Weapon? A regular gun. What does this tells us? It wasn’t personal but a mission. How close? A meter or two for the person not to miss. What does this tell us? Maya could have only been shot by someone in front of her. What does this tell us? She was having a conversation and most likely knew the person. Maya  wasn’t sitting up but standing up. What does this tell us? She didn’t feel comfortable with this person she was talking to or was feeling confrontational and was ready to leave. What does this tell us? The other person didn’t get along that well with Maya. What does this tell us? She was after Maya all along.  But Maya’s double was made with magic after all so all of this is rather pointless.

What does all of this really tell us?

Occult Academy is secretly a work of AIC and Chiaki Kon.


2 thoughts on “So what does it tell us?

  1. I got that the murder was fake because of the shoes. At previous scenes it is more than the shoes had a meaning. Bunmei getting their shoes, the marks on his back or Maya image without it. The corpse had shoes so it was simply a fake. I didn’t tried to realise it more but you argumentation is quite good. Also what would be of that show without Maya for 2 full episodes.

    Suddenly this episode because some short of Eichi/softhentai magical girl anime or something. The change is so suddenly that makes me dizzy. Maybe the words of Mikaze were a excuse hiddden message for the director saying “We wanted to do a 26 episode anime but they gave us money for a 13 one sorry”.

    • Nothing like inserting an outrageous plot twist before a show is about to end. Well, on the other hand, that curry Mikaze makes must be a hell of one.

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