Anime Digest 10th Week

JK just noticed the season is almost over

Image a very dark room or for 5-10 secs the screen is pitch black in a horror movie or like awful troll videos in youtube where suddenly a grotesque face appears in front of you follow by a scream making you jump a few feet back. Now replace that image with JK’s face in HD taking the whole screen. Point here? The Summer is almost over and as I was writing this entry today I had a fortune cookie. The message was “infinite patience produces immediate results” I knew then, there lies the problem and also that these cookies aren’t so bad. Some show of the Summer are on the verge of ending and is going to be long shot for them to end properly. HOTD excluded I emphasize.

Seitokai Yakuindomo 10/12

Seitokai doesn’t afraid of anything. Cusses, likes to refer to human anatomy as it pleases, and overloads me with information I didn’t ask. This summer was more like a battle whether I’d finish pervy Seitokai ver. 2.0 or not.  If this was in fact a match then I think I lost it to the show because I kept watching it and well, I’ll be damned. Despite the critique, despite the ranting not really I’m just about to finish this show making it the second School Council show I end up watching. It’s your win Yakuindmo. Clap. Clap. Hey, at least Yakuindono isn’t shooting for an actual totally out of place romantic ending, right? That should count for something.

Well, you already know what this show is about, and do you now. Similar jokes followed by a similar approach followed by puns in Japanese I wouldn’t get otherwise if it weren’t for the TLs followed by the misunderstandings they cause. What’s that Seitokai? I didn’t you  hear. Pardon me, come again. I get the feeling that If I were part of the student council my words just now would’ve been twisted like playdough. Frankly, I don’t think I could get a sentence across. Oh, get off, will ya?

SHIKI 10/22

Tohru-chan~ Talk about cliffhangers in the show. This expression summarizes it well.  Our main douchy lead has gone from jerk to a getting tricked in the silliest of silliest way. I don’t recognize you anymore Natsumo. Remember when you were cool and didn’t talk to the village kids. Remember when you used to make fun of Masao for his purely annoying voice that could make a man’s ears bleed. Remember when you used to not care. Remember when you used to  ignore Megu.. I guess you still do that.

So Shiki is solid and has good pace. Me humbly thinks that there’s a parallel universe where everyone else that loves Shiki are and there’s another I’m in where I get the crappy Shiki version and not the awesome one I hear about.  Alas, here I am. I stopped watching Shiki back in ep 8, the other day after positive comments about SHIKI I went back to it. New surprises, new developments. Natsumo’s group of protectors of the village have united for the common good of saving this forgotten village and tell vampires to back the hell off.  Meanwhile, the blue haired dude has a cool bike and likes to plant his knee on doctors while he makes poses.

Actually, I’m the responsible for Shiki taking 3 weeks off I gueassed the whole staff after I sat up with the guys in charge and told them, guys this just isn’t working out. I say plot you say start too slow. I said horror you bring out wussy vampires. I say cool animation you do this. I said music, well you got Buck-tick so we cool there. So I had to give them a time-out.

That said, Shiki DID relatively get better from that point but can it last? I take it after ep 10 the “real story” will begin with you-know-who probably switching sides or something drastic happening in this show, like learning how these crazy haircut actually work, Tatsumi getting  more tight clothes and  a new shiny bike.  Well, Shiki see you (maybe) back in a few weeks. There might be a reason why you always get the TL;DR part.

Mitsudomoe 10/13

For a show that follows a similar approach of “no, they didn’t!” and “these triplets are a wacky bunch” Mitsudomoe’s antics have been one of the most enjoyable of the season I dare say. They’ve tried a couple of new things in Mitsudomoe such as the last segment where they don’t talk at all and “X character’s corner”. Still it’s not like it can’t get repetitive after a few episodes yet I’m not inclined to give it the thumbs down. Things just simply happen in this show and they usually end up being funny. I don’t know what else to tell you if you didn’t like it. For the record, I do believe there’s a good reason why this show is getting a 2nd season next year.

For the record part 2, I’m most pleased to know the identity of the author. I’m vastly positive that it proved a lot of people wrong. Take that.

P.S : Lay off the Gachi rangers.

Tamayura OVA 1

Let it be known that for a 720p it left plenty to be desired.  I know it’s a pre-released but optimistically once it airs it should look better than that. Make a note, Hal Film Maker. So..

Let’s photo. The show with the girl who is into taking photos and the girl who can’t speak Japanese and makes chirping sounds. With promises of something similar I was lured by the promises of Aria’s director being involved on Tamayura and therefore expected something along those lines.  What I got wasn’t spectacular but I don’t see much about point being difficult on a relaxing show which is supposed what you should be doing anyway. Photography isn’t my thing but it sounds like an interesting hobby. For those who relate more to the show here is something for them next season. I think they could’ve improved the characters designs though. Just saying.

Occult Academy 10/13

They did it again. They had to do it again. Forget what says on the description page about the staff, I have a theory that Anime no Chikara shows secretly don’t have a director in actuality. I don’t see it any other way. It’ll certainly explain a lot things these past months. It simply slapped me in the face how their calculations can be that far off. The show is there. The plot is there. The intent is there. The Objective is there. But the directing  of them blows like a turbofan. Sure the show is still enjoyable but it could’ve been handled a lot professionally.

They’ve spent few too many eps going after the likes of big foot, loch ness monster, and fighting off Chupacabra kings who escaped from some Hollywood movie (I wouldn’t be surprised if Godzilla would be next in the list) Occult Academy acts under the assumption it is a 22 eps series instead of a 13 one which is a really really bad move because a 12-13 show is *must* (I stress) make the best of those eps to make a series stand out by putting everything they got on those few eps. No messing around. “Recaps” are forbidden. With only those 3 eps left I sure want to see what sort of conclusion Occult Academy will be getting because I can’t think of a proper one. Who knows maybe the moe curry girl would go just as planned in the end or prove to be Nostradamus key. Who really knows? At any rate, JK, you’ll be remembered for making faces that make children cry. They should really make masks of you for Halloween, JK.

Tatami Galaxy Special 1

Ozu likes. Ozu gets. After it ended I lost hope I’d get to see any more Tatami ever again but someone answered my call for more intellectually entertaining anime. Yeah, Tatami to the Galaxy’s 1st special was out and for the 6:46 minutes it aired I once again experienced the craziness of it.

Albeit the special made as much sense as reading a textbook in a foreign language but it was enjoyable. Once I reminded myself that Tatami Galaxy was about – these strange stories where the main character is sent to this parallel worlds and where things don’t go according to plan. Bizarre as ever and fitting for the show, especially the ending part.

You know, the funniest thing is that this special by far bested all most of the low quality specials I’ve seen to date. It also answered my question at some point I asked myself whether Madhouse made specials or just wasn’t into it. Keep them coming whenever they’re out. Bless you, J-pwg fansub group.

Highschool of the DEAD – 10/12

Oh snap. I though he was pro but Takashi can’t shoot for nothing even after equipping +Rei pillow for extra accuracy, or so he claimed.

Kouta and Saya bringing the doorama to the show. Kouta had all that repression bottled up from the moment he got the extremely late memo that Takashi was the main lead and therefore got dips on all main chicks including his meganekko Saya and the random loli who both are pinky haired, do I see a pattern here?  and even ownership of Zeke. The one thing they could’ve made to made this scene more hilarious was going to be Kouta accidentally tripping like in those comedy shows when he was running away.  First thoughts that came to mind were, why you dissing Saeko’s katana amazingness, man? Second was, where the hell is this coming from? And third was, is Saeko and Saya going to get into a catfight some point in this ep? (Rei in towel possibly included) all in matter of 2 seconds.

Screw it. We might get those in the bloopers section and everything they could’ve made to make this show more successful (that possible?) was included. I’d call it Milking the DEAD like that awesome OVA they’ll be making soon. I think that HOTSD could be turned into any shows and still remain to be enjoyable. Forget about crappy reality shows on TV with actors people no one cares about, bring in HOTD and its comedy and doorama. “Kouta, man. I hear Takashi’s been talking smack behind your back’, “the winner of this competition gets to enter Shidou’s sensei fun fun Bus”, and “All right, guys. I think we all voted that Zeke’s gotta  go home this week.” Have cameras all over the place, don’t miss a thing, and have them have quarrels just cause. You, cameraman, do not lose sight of Saeko for a second. And you other cameraman get Rei.  The rest of you – improvise. That show is sure be a hit once again. It simply can’t go wrong.

See? I think Japan always knows how to do their thing when they want to. Go Japan. Go anime. All matrix effects included.


5 thoughts on “Anime Digest 10th Week

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  2. Shiki promised to be a interesting series but it ended being just something watch-able with unexpected things. it does not even seems to have a climax, and even more now after this last episode. Who knows maybe after having your own orange tree to drink cheap orange juice bottle it is not tastier as it used to be.

    Mitsudomoe, I just started to watch this series a few days ago and It make me laugh a lot. Yeah the argument is totaly stupid but it is a comedy, it does matter while you’re happy watching it.

    I just remembered that Occult Academy has just 12 episodes. It does not seem at all. the series started to be really boring a few episodes ago and it seems to have lost it reason to be. I’m with the cute girl as the key. Knox 1 proves it and she looked like evil for a moment in the last episode.

  3. I’m liking Yakuidomo no matter how repetitious it gets. As for Shiki it is the show that gets around where it should be.. eventually. Meanwhile, more dead villagers will be rising in those three weeks hiatus.

  4. Considering the pacing of Shiki’s adaptation, I think they’ll really need to sit down and discuss what they are going to show. With episode 10 done, they are around the end of chapter 11 (manga-wise). So far, there are 33 chapters and the story is still ongoing, so I don’t know if they are planning an anime-only ending. If I recall correctly, the following chapters can be summarized to make the intervals between Ozaki and Natsuno’s stories shorter, especially because of the cliffhanger.

    And I do hope that they catch up “quickly” with the parts that haven’t been scanlated yet. It’s all coming down to a bizarre race of who catches up with the japanese manga first: the scanlators or the anime.

    As for HSOTD, I’ve been putting it on hold for a while due to lots of homework. I’m pretty much around episode 6, I think. I need to catch up, though it’ll probably take a while…

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