Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Premature Impressions

I believe it’s called blogging and the method is Trial and Error

For a pre-release. INB4 “I like the art style“. Is this what they call Feudal Harem? Anyone will tell you what was stood out most was the animation and indeed they’re most definitely in the right. The 8B pencil (actually more like charcoal) thick lines resembling comics and Katanagata-ish and Ookami-ish game oil painting art designs too was all over the place. Actually there was something more all over the place simply dripping and splattering you can’t help but notice, like broken pipe or a leaking faucet  in the middle of the night. It’s really time to call a plumber.

The actual kick here is that Samurai Girls, a story in the early 21st century in an alternate reality where the Tokugawa Shogunate has remained in power, treads the same path what otherwise would’ve been different. The random girl falling from the sky kissing the main character without any questioning, the clumsy servant, the dutiful meido who is hardly if ever rewarded, main guy walking in on girls  while changing. Fanservice cliques you name them because they’re here for you want them or not. 

Secret move additionally creates Gigantic Black Dots around the target

On a very separate note, the evolution of censoring is like the T-virus. It keeps mutating to keep strong. From the blatant black lines, to it’s so shiny I can’t tell, to in your face, to the fog of death, to finally Bloody Black DOTS now from now on be known as BBD. More than anything those ink marks constantly splattering are bothersome. Still, it’s reasonable to have a bit of censoring every now and then for some cases otherwise it’d border h-material but really even saying that, it won’t get any more distracting no matter how it’s worded or explained. Some of these are so random that it’s like you’re in the middle of an eye surgery and the doctor just went to take his break. Fear the power of Ink!

Samurai girls is the same thing in a different setting where basically history rewrites itself. Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls calls itself “gorgeous and DAZZLING” and “pretty and well-proportioned samurai girls take many poses and bloom like crazy.” If that wasn’t a direct approach I don’t know what it is, maybe something like Bouncy Samurai Girls or the like. Very true to itself as you can see.

Fun for those looking exactly what Samurai Girls is offering. Not in the bit for those  totally against it. As for me, I’m half interested for the VA’s involved such as Aoi Yuuki, Ami Koshimizu, and Saori Gotou and see where this show goes next month for the first eps before the usual procedure happens. On the other hand, you can always watch it for the pretty art which is the general idea and just about is the major quality of the show when it airs next month.

Some last  closing thoughts again, I kept grinning at the fact that no matter who actually is in power – some things never change. It’s like we get a similar result, like a custom dice. Or more like this stuff really sells.

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  1. Yeah this anime is great. It has action and its funny and what else do we need but hot girls. Also when I saw the first episode and saw the ink attacks against the planes it reminded me of Okami the ps2 game

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