Hot and Spicy Top 5 Openings of the Summer 2010

Well, it’s the Summer after all. Making great Openings isn’t easy. I consider the process of putting everything  together and making it represent exactly what the show is about without losing the viewer’s attention in addition to selecting great music no easy task to accomplish at all.

Here it’s the best OPs of the season. Surprisingly the order of the shows I like don’t show much here. Unsurprisingly, it still shows my personal preference. For the first two we have shows I aren’t currently watching and for the final three we have shows I happen to follow. This is the Summer 10 and its best how it is musically and visually competent at the same time.

#5 Sengoku Basara 2

“SWORD SUMMIT” by T.M.Revolution

Don’t look at me. I didn’t ask them to but they had to put the guns on once again. Sengoku Basara (2) is a show I’m not that that familiar with. Initially put the show on hold then put on a longer hold status after gossips about how the 1st season ended was terrible  and such and such reached my ears. Not exactly the news I’d like to hear from a show. In case you haven’t noticed I still haven’t gotten to finishing up yet. No exact date yet.

The OP is similar to the 1st OP and has a similar rhythm to it. It works for many reasons. For one it goes perfectly with the show and because of it I can definitely see what I can expect of the show. Red and blue guys battling for greater justice and you know what else. The OP is so catchy and fast-paced that without being a fan I could see myself giving it a try. That’s a positive factor on these types of Openings, the desire to make you watch the show regardless of your preference. Sengoku Basara easily accomplishes this

# 4 Kuroshitsuji

“SHIVER” by GazettE

Sebastian makes good tea and is suave 24/7.

Damn it guys and your fan-made vids. You’re making it hard to find clean textless OPs in youtube.  This was a ferocious competition among all the other shows I was watching. I had to give it this position to a show I wasn’t watching yet the OP was enough to make me vote it. The result : Kur0shitsuji.

Thanks to this entry I learned to spell it correctly. Actually, no, I’ll probably get it wrong next time. Why is this anime title never fully translated I may wonder. Also I bet no one saw coming Kuroshitisu – see I already messed up – ever being mentioned in JAP. What I know about the show are but the barest facts about this show (no that wasn’t a BL joke) so the OP itself was enough to base my whole decision on it. Plus and some minuses by personal preference though, errr – hint to not really my type of show by the looks of it.

I’m not, say, fond of the shoujo genre so this is my less biased pick.  Wait, this isn’t shoujo at all, right? It says “shounen” in the description.  Did I learn something today.. Shounen sure has come a long way. I remember it about being gotta power, unpronounceable techniques when you attack, and a toy gold mine for the creators. Kuro-something.. Black Buttler.. does it sound that bad in plain English? Kuroshitsuji’s music and some  OP scenes had me sold. In simple words, it was fabulously done.  It was not unfabulous but rather fabulously fabulous done to be dead stop on. Great OP. Also who exactly doesn’t like tea? The nerve.

#3: Occult Academy

no OP (way to fail me Youtube)

On the other hand, Danbooru is plain obsessed with Maya and ecchi fanart. Never mind, that’s not news.

No OP available? Well, play an ep on your laptop. I’ve said multiple times that Anime no Chikara sure knows how to make its Openings theme stand out. Well you may say that that’s the only thing about its shows. No matter how debatable the quality of their final products turn out, their anime OPs are great.

To backtrack we had Sora no Woto OP bordering pretentious levels and being a rehash of  Elfen Lied masterpiece Op some would say, I’d say that’s the case. Powerful and well done? Yes. It sure got positive and negative attention all around.  Of course, Occult Academy isn’t like SnW OP but gives us all these cryptic messages and symbolism included in it. Maya runs. Bunmei runs. Actually everyone is running or falling or looking at the camera.  Also the bizzare drawings and occult symbols. Everything is worth being dissected in greater length. Impressive.

It’s a great OP. I’d hire them to make anime Openings if I ever make an innovative anime yet still  not being it, it in case they have a change of heart and decide to only handle only music and visuals. Despite how Occult Academy will eventually turn out (5 eps left!) I think the OP will stay on my mind for a while. If anything I can say I was satisfied with parts of it. Mostly JK and Maya but oh, well. Awesome Opening theme.

#2: High school of the DEAD

“Highschool of the Dead” by Kishida Kyōdan & The Akeboshi Rockets.

One of the most interesting (and convincing) ways to willingly stupify us. I said willingly. Actually, it’s mostly Saeko.

Pic pretty much sums up the show. It’s pretty and it’s pretty much what the show is.  I said pretty, right? I dare you to prove me wrong while additional “embellishment” isn’t allowed. I  seriously like this OP. I really do! Though I plain don’t dig the fact that there are songs with the same as the anime. That’s kinda lazy, isn’t it? Image Toradora song being named Toradora. Image Full metal Panic! song being called Full metal Panic! or Evangelion  song being simply called Evangelion or being called Just as Planned and having a blog. Totally uncreative if you ask me, huh? Come up with some clever names industry people!

The bad? It makes me think of the atrocious Death Note 2nd Op “What’s up people?” and I subconsciously have the urge of breaking a pencil in two, which isn’t good at all because I happen to like them because of my artistic side unlike color pencils. Such musick worked Ok for Akagi but Death Note? Really. That’s like mixing salt with your coffee. Human sucker. Human fucker? Well excuse me for still being human! Also you guys shouldn’t really burp while you sing you know? That’s a bit classless. Second also it makes harder for everyone to understand you. *gibberish goes here*

Why do I even like this OP? That’s easy. I like HOTD OP because it is simply what the show is about. It’s all fanservice-ish (very) and doesn’t try to hide it, eh probably doesn’t afraid either. I guess but I might be guessing wrong but really. It’s like they’re saying to hell with everyone else. Here is your fanservice with some  catchy j-pop to go with it so you can giggle while you watch and watch while you giggle. Your call. Now, if they would’ve tried to make a super serious OP for HOTD then it’d had a less than positive impression on me. Clearly, the show isn’t about that. It shouldn’t be about drama, well it partially is but no one really cares about that. Also, I pray that Soulja boy stays clear of anime for a long while. Agree? Yes/No. Light and L seem to agree. Why shouldn’t you? Both are geniuses and they’re both agreeing. +Music +Visuals.


“Kuchizuke” by Buck-Tick

Because some people don’t die when they’re killed. At least here.

Persistent bunch. Luckily this isn’t about emo vampires. If it was then SHKI would get a terrible score in addition to the one that it’ll be getting eventually if it doesn’t step up its game. Oh yeah, the OP and why it owns.

YES. SHIKI is number one. Eh, nobody was involved in my decision and I wasn’t even biased. I’m not that easily influenced by external forces when making final decisions. Also I happen to dislike SHIKI greatly, same as I aren’t into grapefruits but its own fault I may add. They’re sour and tasteless fruit, similar to SHIKI. Hey, I gave it a chance but SHIKI isn’t trying enough. It’s a mystery in itself of why so (like why do I refer to it all in capital letters) or  we don’t know if the source isn’t that well written or it’s once again the fault of a lousy adaption that has destroyed so many titles before. I may never know. Actually most of us won’t ever know. Now, that’s the real tragedy here. Back to the OP issue to finish up.

I already ranted about SHIKI and why it failed me so terribly. However!  That shouldn’t stop it from being on this list. Hell, they’re even first on my TOP OPs for the Summer 2010. Why? Simple. Because it deserves it. Here is a perfect example of how to make a great opening theme. It has everything. symbolism, fast-pace images, great music by BUCK-TICK. There’s annoying characters turning into skeletons and the main characters heads epicly rotating. A perfect combination of everything to make you like the show. The skull at the end and the red sounds falling like rain. Rather well made! Now if SHIKI would’ve been half as good (still chance though) as the OP I’d be sold by now and in total love. And I’m not cheap but difficult. Kudos to you on that department, SHIKI. I think that you won something here.

Thoughts: My TOP three represent my main picks. I actually had trouble making the cut and had to resort to looking for two more to make a full list even if I wasn’t familiar with them. In the end I made a less biased decision for them and simply picked them because they just “beat” the rest of the shows.

The last three were by far shows that I was extremely more familiar with such HOTD and OA. HOTD worked its catchy and shameless and hard to forget “in your face fanservice” magic. On the other hand, Occult Academy  was more clever about it and surprised me with its smart representation of the occult world followed by enjoyable music. SHIKI earned all its merits I may say. The fact that I’m not *thriiilled* about the show but I’m still able to greatly approve of the music and acknowledge the OP’s greatness makes it its righteous winner of this competition without a doubt.

That’s it. Some interesting choices here. The Summer season was pushing OP quality a bit there but I satisfied with some of them like the ones here. Looking back on it I’ll remember this Summer OPs as clever and shameless. Or is that cleverly shameless?


4 thoughts on “Hot and Spicy Top 5 Openings of the Summer 2010

  1. It’s probably the matter of taste but Kuchizuke does not appeal to me that much. I love the skeletons and the symbolism nevertheless. So I guess I’ll have to go with HOTD OP; honest, colorful and fun :)

    • HOTD does have a pretty great OP. I think that the producers put exactly what was about and what the fans wanted for the show.

  2. I actually prefer the first Sengoku Basara OP, the samurai dancing was hilarious. Still, the song is quite catchy and nice. Now, if only I knew who the new dudes are… >_>
    On Kuroshitsuji’ OP, it almost made me want to watch the second series (despite having dropped the first season after the 6th episode) because it’s GazettE. The hilarious mispronouncing of that Alois kid’s name was another reason. But the fact that it seemed like I had to watch the first season made me go “Screw you” :/
    I had to look for youtube for Occult Academy’s OP, I only found one mirrored OP, but I really liked it. It’s quite colorful and somewhat surreal. I might not understand a lot of the things in that OP, but it has beautiful visuals
    On HOTD’s OP, it’s quite cool. I really love the first 25 seconds and then the whole fighting sequence. I’m neutral to the fanservice, but the OP does it’s job correctly. It really shows you what to expect.
    Shiki’s OP is really well done, it really reeks of that whole dying symbolism and they got quite creative with the OP. The timing of the OP song and the rain dropping on a skull at the end is PERFECT. Now, if only they had added Natsuno and the shovel, I’d have been even happier. On another topic, the plot is finally starting. And I think we’ll FINALLY see that might shovel action I’ve waited for a while

    I havent’ watched a lot of OPs this season, actually. Only of the things I’m currently watching. Still, shame it isn’t here and it’s not part of a season anyway, but I also love Fairy Tail’s third OP. It’s one of my favorite songs this year.

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