The Summer 2010 Evaluation Party

“Do you copy?” Yes, I copy. Summer not that great? You guys and your euphemism. There are some good and bad shows this Summer season. As usual it’s time to make a clear distinction among them.

High School of the DEAD

That’s a look that says “don’t tempt me”. Or just “please do!” I should’ve used a Saeko pic but whatever. I don’t watch it for the fanservice anyway.. Honest!

Zombie no ecchi. If I wouldn’t tell you and you wouldn’t already knew about it you probably wouldn’t ever suspect that this is a show about zombies and “tragedy”  when the world ended simply based on the pics. HOTD (they had the courtesy of abbreviating it for us) is an entertaining show with lots of T&A, actually more T’s than A’s but that’s not really important here. That’s fine. I doubt anyone is here to look for the greatness of how anime is evolving into something deeper each passing season so no reason to get all worked up about HOTD.

I think HOTD is a great show. Ok, it’s an awesome show. Fine, it’s a masterpiece. Nah, it’s great but I wouldn’t bet all my money on it. One thing I know though, there’s no doubt in my mind I am going to finish this show and I much doubt I’ll come to regret it.

On an unrelated news, good to see that HOTD is still playing by the rules.


I remember when there were good shows about isolated villages and murders. I think that was back on 2006.

Rant. Skip this part if you like Shiki. Just what exactly is Shiki supposed to be?  I’ll tell you what is. A combination of many things I dislike in my shows. Six damn episodes and I feel like I’ve watched absolutely nothing. There’s a few things you should know about me and mystery/horror shows. I simply despise third-rate mysteries, uncreative works, and dull stories in them. More importantly when the so called “mystery” is something anyone can figure out and the show is just wasting time on pointless things. Start moving, Shiki.

Shiki is slow, uncreative, and dull. I’ve stuck to it because I thought something good was going to happen but nothing. Shiki is a mess. Don’t blame the vampires which it’s already a terrible premise for an anime mystery, actually it’s so bad that villagers probably killed themselves to NOT be in the show. Please don’t go giving Shiki a high score. You know well it doesn’t deserve it and you’re only messing up the anime ratings.

I’m just here to tell you that even though Shiki fans would still disagree with this statement and think I’m just being mean here. I take my interest in mystery very seriously and Shiki doesn’t deliver in the least. I think that my +50 pages of mystery analysis scattered throughout Just as Planned are more then enough back me up. Sorry, Shiki is plain bad for what I’ve witnessed. By far Shiki is the only show in my dare not disappoint that has really DARED disappointed this much. Shiki a total mess of a show. I’m about to drop this show this week if nothing good comes up. If this was a party I wouldn’t invite Shiki.

Moving on.

Black Lagoon Roberta’s Blood Trail

Just where exactly did the rest of this show go?

It’s been forever.

Seitokai Yakuindomo

You can practically tell how that inflatable dolphin feels totally violated.

There’s absolutely nothing controversial about this show. Nothing. You just happen to have a very naughty mind, reader. Yep, I’m sure these are all misinterpretations here.  Shame on you. SHAME.

Yakuindomo.. Yakuindomo where to begin? It’s not that usual I encounter so many colorful jokes in a single episode or with a show that so passionately centers around it. Seitokai 2 is the show that you only need to watch 1-2 eps and you have basically the hang of it. If you have never watched this show then just watch the 1st then watch whatever ep you like you’ll know exactly what’s up. Nothing really changes. Not forward or backwards. It stays there. That’s the problem because it is basically a rehash of itself. Tsuda is a typical student, Suzu is a loli, Aria is a perv, Shino is a huuuuuge perv. Did I mention the word perv yet?

On its defense of Seitokai Yakuindomo (I’m defending it now?) some of the jokes do have a punch when they’re well timed. It has its moments, maybe enough to just keep you going. to watch the next episode. The problem is how many times they believe this can work and actually go through with it. Ultimately, its audience will either stick to it or forget about it.

Cat Shit One

Bunnies fighting evil camels. Zoo-goers and also you National Geographic watchers, you could have never seen it coming.

Cat Shit One was – the CAT. I certainly expected CS1 to be controversial when in fact it isn’t in the bit except we could debate how rabbits can be manly and still be so fluffy. I’m not going to shower CS1 with praise but I’m not going to go against it either. I think the show was ok. I’m not sure how a series for this would work out though.

I’d like to see what else they have to offer.


Times must be hard because Minami Chiaki can’t dye her hair.

First time watchers, skip the OP if you can. Also let the name of the show scare you away and have a moephobia attack. I think I already said that. Mitsudomoe came as nice surprise after not originally being included on my plans for this season. I already mentioned that I liked Mitsudomoe before I’m just here to emphasize THAT. Mistudomoe IS brilliant. Not decent because that’d be the opposite of what the show is.

What exactly do I like about it? If Seitokai Yakuindomo is about pervertedness than Mitsudomoe is about hilarity based on outrageousness. From getting buttheaded to being stripped naked, just about every possible craziness happens in this show. It’s clear the misunderstandings work wonders for the show and they know how to use them. All the stupidity and large (very) denseness of the characters contrast with the others creating these opposite forces of well, more comical stupidity for this dull season.

I can’t possibly drop this show. And last but not least.

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin

Sometimes I feel like Maya should be quoted and caught in camera

just because her facial expressions are too amusing. Semi-occult Academy for me. Sometimes when I watch this show I feel like I accidentally tuned in a Sci-fi movie when I watch these paranormal monsters in OA appear. The major difference is that I don’t change the channel in the next minute. OA is a decent show, but I think I got it completely wrong in my Summer preview, well technically there was so little info I couldn’t possibly know. OA is about finding the key to stop the end of the world and not remotely related to any type of mysteries whatsoever, unless we refer to the mystery of why Maya likes that white one-piece dress so much. Also what’s so great about Bunmei and how AnC knows how to make great OPs?

The story interests me and the characters to some extent, though it weren’t for Maya and Koyasu’s JK things might be a bit different. On the negative side, as usual we can see the inconsistency and lack of direction that Anime no Chikara has in its titles. I think that they have these “great” ideas about their shows but never seem to pace themselves properly. It’s like they know their final result but struggle in the “getting there” part. As you can see getting a stronger lead has helped Occult Academy a LOT. This show promises to keep amusing. I enjoy it so I’ll most likely finish it.

The final result is entirely a different story.

There you have it, not the greatest season but with a few picks. Just about three major shows for me and the rest are fillings. Granted I’m not handling as many shows as I did in the past seasons. I barely managed to keep with the Summer season as I mentioned so I’ll high five myself for my dedication through this past two months.

Actually, good shows have been radically decreasing at a dismaying rate. I should be glad because I can’t handle that many shows anymore but also dissatisfied because I have less shows to watch each season. What to do? Nothing but being picky about it and enjoying what’s on.

7 thoughts on “The Summer 2010 Evaluation Party

  1. Agree with you on Shiki, although maybe not so passionately. But yeah, it moved waaay too slowly for something that was never really a mystery. In it’s defence, it is trying to be more of a horror show than a mystery show, but still too slowly for me to care

  2. I have to say that I still like Shiki. Even if I feel that the protagonist are way too stupid, It is so easy to see. It fails as a proper mystery really but It is a bit interesting but the little girl character is curious. Better think it like some type of matsuribayashi-hen it will be more interesting this way

    Occult academy is wort case this time. It is like all interesting things ended in episode 6. Episode 7 seems suddenly way too repetitive and you end feeling like dropping it.

    But there is still a long way before the start of autumn season so I don’t want to loose the 2 show I’m watching.

  3. Hey but Yakuindomo is funny. Then again I am a perv. And I like Shichijou Aria. Wait wha-

    HsotD is just tits, nothing else. Really. Saeko is still one of the hottest girls this season though.

    Also Cat Shit One best anime of 2010. Even if only one episode.

  4. I’ve seen way too much zombie crap to care about HOTD, but at least it knows this. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen far too much crappy fanservice, so there’s nothing there for me. Shiki is just damn boring so far. Thankfully not in that pointless-feeling “Ookami Kakushi” way, but boring nonetheless. I somehow feel no palpable tension or mystery, despite it being obvious that there should be plenty. So the two shows I was looking forward to the most are duds to me.

    But that’s fine, because Occult is damn funny. It has a little bit of everything, and unlike most such anime it does this RIGHT. Most of the time the comedy is pure manzai like Yakuindomo (which gets boring), or balls-to-the-wall crassness like Mitsudomoe (which is just plain annoying). Occult does both in tiny doses, and has the decency to use other types of humor as well. I never feel bored. Even the parody and homage are good, if you’re paying attention. And the fact that there is an actual plot that seems semi-serious is just icing on the cake.

    But I expected Occult to be decent, just not nearly as funny or tongue-in-cheek. I was honestly surprised, though, with Legendary Heroes. It’s the only other series that’s worth a damn to me this season. It’s not brilliant, but it’s got this strange “two shows mashed together” vibe, where each half is actually pretty good (even if it’s a “lite” version of classic shows before it). I can’t remember another Xebec show that I actually enjoyed.

  5. I hate you, you meanie D:
    Nah, not really.

    I understand your point, and I respect it. I don’t think I’ve ever referred to it as a mystery anime, which would be wrong. If I did, I’m truly sorry.

    Anyway, in a way, I think that Shiki is actually trying to deconstruct the whole premise (their success is obviously questionable, of course) of a horror story and how people react to the sudden outbreak of a supernatural disaster of the vampiric kind. Everyone is really retarded, but that’s because they are in: 1) a really small, traditional town in the middle of nowhere and 2), because I think they actually represent the extremes of “rational” thought.

    Toshio is pretty much the most blatant example. He seems retarded, seeing it took him 6 episodes to figure out that an epidemic was not the answer. To the viewer, it is frustrating and annoying. But to him, it was only the natural course because he is a doctor. Him being a doctor represents the scientific thought of things. Toshio can’t see vampires, and, unless he sees one, he’ll doubt their existence and will think of possible answers that he normally deals with. He won’t consider vampires as a probable cause, because for him “it’s ridiculous”. Think of some scientists that go on about vampires and witches and all that not existing because of the lack of evidence. Some even apply it to an existence of a god. For them, their scientific background and rules are everything. Therefore, they will play and follow a thought process inside that set of rules. In a way, that’s what annoys some people, as Toshio is too thick-headed to think of an answer that it’s not “epidemic” or something related to the huge list of anaemias.

    When his scientific knowledge has failed him, he has run out of “logical” options for him until Natsuno implies the work of something supernatural. And I’m really looking forward to Toshio’s later use of the Scientific Method to discover the weaknesses of vampires

    On the other side, the villagers are common people. They don’t know about science, medicine and “complicated” stuff, but they don’t believe in supernatural things either. Again, because the problem isn’t seen, they don’t really give it too much thought. For them, a term like “it’s an epidemic” seems obviously more “plausible” than “vampires are doing this”. And because they are so thick-headed, they end up irritating people with more flexible thoughts.

    Combining these two elements, the show is obviously frustrating if one wants people to “get on with the vampires” already. And it hurts a lot the potential of the mystery you could get. But in a way, I think that’s an interesting look on how WE would react to this sort of stuff. I really don’t think everyone would immediately go and say that something that looks like a pandemic are in fact vampires. Of course, knowing this doesn’t make it immediately better or bearable for some. And the pacing the anime adapatation is taking isn’t really helping either. This week things should pick up a “bit”. Bit meaning “I really don’t know how much they will try to cover or if they” drag on some parts”. Still, even if you end up hating Shiki, I hope your other shows don’t dissapoint you any more. :3

    On other topic, I’ll try to catch up with your other posts. I saw your blog of DAWN, but I sadly had to put it on hold because of my dreaful Pharmacology test. >_>

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