Working!! the show with great SUPPORTING characters

in contrast with crappy main ones. See what I did there? Working!! was fine. Personally, I liked Working!! It was one of the shows in the Spring season I picked up weekly. Very simple and using a safe formula. Its main attraction were the quirky, weird, what have you, characters of the show that did and behaved in ways I hope people who work for the public don’t (unless I’m one of them) Working!! was amusing but I soon found that there were only things I liked about the show than the show “altogether”.

This is not a new issue I encounter.  This is far from being new for me. Working!! didn’t lack what I was looking in this comedy/slice of life show that I usually receive well. Working!! to me was like those shows  out there that end up being fine even though you can say to a point you disliked 30% of what you watched.

I think Working!! accomplished its goal weekly without much trouble with its crazy antics taking place in a family restaurant and gave me that idea that “fun things can happen even in the working place”. Everything was fine. Working!! followed this method in anime that consists of introducing characters every 3-4 episodes to keep the pace going strong so you don’t question why the show isn’t moving forward. I wasn’t really uncomfortable with the idea that the show basically had no direction and things just happen for the next remaining 11 episodes. If you can make me ignore that then you’re probably ok.

“Probably” the show could’ve gone on ignored a couple of characters and focus on others “main” characters and work on their stories deeper. Yamada (Yamada desu) and her antics were interesting with her big dreams of creating her own family and utopian dreams. There was Satou’s Todoroki never ending love torture and there was Souma’s mafia-like approach to life, to name a few.  That’s fine if that were the case, instead the story centered around Takanashi and Inami relationship and helping her get over her man hating problem, which just baffled me.

At first I thought Inami was just another character in Working!! and that this was another of the mini stories happening in the show everyone probably will forget in the next episode. Then it hit me, no, not Inami. Hopefully not Inami. It hit me like a wall of tricks that this was the main premise of Working!! halfway through the show. Probably this was the strangest decision the author made, to center the story around Tanakashi the Mini-con lover and Inami the pro boxer and, why not? Make it happen, when in my mind there were other interesting characters always hanging around.  I might have not minded much if it wouldn’t have taken the Last episode of the show and make it its big finale. That’s just asking too much of the fans.

What we have here is another case of multiple “main” characters at once and only a few actually get a story thus those very few being the actual main characters of the show. I can’t say we lucked out with the final picks when the actual main characters made me reconsider what score I should give this show. Frankly, the show should’ve centered around a different premise than Inami is a man-hater and needs help or at least solved it earlier for the sake of the show.

Working!! will most likely come back in a near future, hopefully soon and hopefully more importantly it won’t be about this tired and tedious pairing, though that must be asking much. Working!!, you have plenty of other interesting characters in your hands. Why not use them more and do a little overtime?


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  1. I like this anime. It is light and entertaining. But actually I want more Popura time screen. Inami time screen is just too much. Have you ever read 4koma version? It makes me surprised that the artwork wasn’t really match my taste.

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