Occult Academy Characterization

a quick rundown of Anime no Chikara Semi-occult Academy. All right I’ll give something to Anime no Chikara. They are making more interesting characters. Also they sure know how to make Opening themes.

This show sure have some strange character animation style that I can’t quite put my finger on it why it looks odd. Perhaps, it’s those huge bags around the eyes a great majority of the characters have on that makes them look like they haven’t slept in days or had too much coffee. Sure, I feel the story hasn’t moved a bit since the 2nd episode and  that they’re too busy killing freaks of nature and hunting big foot relatives but unlike the other mess for a show where people simply die, Occult Academy still hasn’t left the ¨dare not disappoint¨ section of my Summer picks. You guys must be doing something right.


Sorry, not your best shot, Maya. Let’s assume this is a school photo day and call it quits. Well, you were not looking at the camera and didn’t feel like taking one when you weren´t looking.

Daughter of the deceased (not diseased) principal of Occult Academy. She abhors everything remotely related to the occult and most likely doesn’t like Shiki either or its character designs. Maya is like a grown up version of Chiri from Sayonara Setsubou sensei minus the creepy murder nature. Maya has a knack for making facial distortions whenever is encountered by trouble or by naked people falling from the sky. Sometimes they happen at the same time resulting in what could be seen above. Maya is earnest in finding Nostradamus key doing her own research but then later loses all interest in it. How fickle. She´s also the reason why I mainly watch this show.

Maya dislikes the occult, likes white one-piece dresses, and makes dry previews interesting. She also enjoys making poses but the lack of leg crossing despite the initial impression could be considered a form of false advertisement. Maya is a moody creature who enjoys throwing whatever is around her to detestable folks, most of them who answer by the name of ex spoon-benders boy Number 6. See “Bunmei”.

Maya´s friends

Sorry other Maya’s friend I don’t remember your name, but that’s because you haven’t gotten an episode for YOURSELF yet. Hopefully you won’t because this anime should start remotely start hinting to what possibly Nostradamus key could be and start getting a bit more serious. I hope that A-1 pictures isn’t remotely planning on making an episode about the main characters chasing after a CAT otherwise they’ll be looking at a slightly plus or minus 7.0 average rating.

On the other hand, I know the glasses girl name because she clearly has greater importance to the story than the normal tomboyish girl because she’s weirder than other weirdos in a weird academy. And that makes her stand out. Did I mention she’s weird? Kouze loves the occult and other things she doesn’t comprehend. So much that she volunteers to have a near death experience and in the process got her body hacked by god knows what.


I think they’d be cooler if they were sitting around a circular table in a dark room like SEELE or have somebody making dramatic deep in thought poses when explaining the situation of why the world is being destroyed because we are sinners and we aren’t liked anymore. This Nostradamus fan club that evolved into a saving the world, I suppose after all other fanclubs including the global warning one and the other questionable prophesies club remained fell. They go by something like we’ll all be overtaken by ALIENS on 1999 and the world will be destroyed a few years later.

Part of me doesn’t buy the earth will be overtaken by aliens in a near future even if I was to be shown proof (what kind of proof would that be exactly?) Even if we were to have an alien invasion it’d probably be by 2050, +2099 or something like that. Hopefully, even much much later. This assuming the North Pole hasn’t melted yet and super powers haven’t blown each other up. Alien invasion still sounds ridiculous if you ask me. That’s like from a movie I wouldn’t watch from start to finish. If there really isn’t helping it then when the aliens would come I’d welcome them with a “Hey, green out of space most likely-not-coming-in-peace aliens. World invasion.. Isn’t it a little bit too chicle?” Half of me know we’re too screwed to care anyway and half of me would expect them turn out and fly off in galactic shame. According to me I’d probably be the first victim or the very last in this War of Worlds Live action. Odds wouldn’t be on my favor and they’d be far worse than playing Russian roulette with Akagi. Btw, I don’t believe aliens are actually green. Also, btw, I never say this last part and you won’t remember any of it after I press this button.

In any case, Organization from the future.. Get a more reliable time agent. I think Mikuru could give Bunmei a fair fight in helplessness.


As usual Koyasu is THE MAN and sometimes he is the NUN. Though I always refer to them as Sister because it has a cool sound to it. JK same as the other dude he is too cool to have a full name. This is understandable because this is Koyasu we’re talking about and he has all the right to steal the attention from the main characters because he’s simply that awesome.

He has this Goth look going on or maybe not. Maybe the color of his skin is really that pale and he enjoys putting on make-up or this is how Neuro really looks like after “Itadaki masu’ing” so many mysteries like he is in a all-you-can-eat. JK uses two dowsing rods to sense bad energies and to know where the important scenes are when he isn’t invited and how to get in them. It is not clear who is paying his fees or who told him to stay indefinitely in the first place at Occult Academy. Judging by the accuracy of the two portable TV antennas he carries around he seems to be the real deal.

Too ironic. Either he’s too happy or the total opposite. Smile is the repairman of Occult Academy, a distant lost brother of Graham Specter from Baccano! with  the same affinity of carrying a huge wrench around to fix things around and beat up people. Sometimes his priorities collide. Smile dresses as a car mechanic but we haven’t seen him near a vehicle since the show started. Instead he serves as Occult Academy grunt and all the risky stuff is left to him and JK because Number 6 is simply quick on his feet when it comes to running away and too chicken to handle it himself.

It’s implied that working for the Occult Academy must be a real hassle because neither BK nor Smile dares to use their real names. I wouldn’t either.


Anyone doesn’t believe that she’s actually one of the bad guys? It’s too hard to believe it, then again I’m not much of a believer anyway. When Dango sensei isn’t working for the baddies of the story (whatever exactly they do) she is hitting on Bunmei. It escapes me what other reasons she is interested in him other than being the only one to compliment her hairdo. It isn’t like they’re already living in an apocalyptic world or an epidemic just broke out and the numbers of males have been cut down in 90%. That scenario could only explain why in HOTD Komuro is having such success with all girls lately. Even the school nurse. Don´t tell me the sniper is next!

She is more of a tragic heroine and despairs when her love isn’t corresponded properly.  Dango sensei makes heart-shaped bentos that end up being torn apart. Loses to bouncy (plus cutesy) looking curry shop girl who is still paying an expensive car loan she probably got from a suspicious car dealer. Buy first then ask questions later. That´s how they got you.

Dango-sensei is easy to please and she’d probably fall for pick up lines like “hey, you have nice eyes”, “Don’t I know you from before?”, and “do you have the time?” Dango sensei is really a bad guy, girl I mean, that doesn’t look like one. Again, I suppose “evil organizations” are low on staff. I believe it´s only possible for her to be more straightforward in her feeelings if she were to resort to making pervy Seitokai Yakuindomo jokes.

Wait, that photo Bunmei took only represented the future in the long run, right?

Ramen Girl

Mikaze. Actually she serves curry but I rather call her ramen girl for some reason. If any anime has taught me anything (of the many questionable things) is that women in Japan can’t drive properly. Be that teachers or common people. Many men can’t either but that’d considered hot-blooded or plain mainly. Well, tell that excuse to the police.

Mikaze is nice and all. Actually that’s about it. She isn’t much related to the mystery and it isn’t like the curry she serves is the Nostradamus key either. Still, I don’t quite buy the goody Kobato act, or because it’s because of the terrible lack of real baddies in Occult Academy that makes me question things. To be more direct, this is because it’s Bunmei we’re talking about and my claim that it isn’t common knowledge humanity is on the verge of becoming an apocalyptic world isn’t in order yet.

My personal theory is that Mikaze is an agent sent by another organization to stall Number 6 indefinitely or more precisely until it’s the year 1999 and the world falls apart. Actually, that’s a similar to the one theory I secretly have about the SOS maid part timer Mikuru. That’d be a great twist like Nagato is actually a big talker and Koizumi actually has the hots for Haruhi. That’s two actually and not a single hopefully. I hope. Way more exciting than random occult obsessed girl being possessed.

Now, isn’t it time Bunmei takes a photo of (with) her?

Number 6

Pretty pimp, dude. Hey, everyone likes to exaggerate every now and then! But I believe this was some serious clear case of unreliable POVing when you appear x1000 times cooler than you are in the flashbacks. If they call Ryoushi from Ookami-san a bum then I don’t know what Bunmei is supposed to be. What exactly is below a bum? A former will dance for money guy, Number 6 surprises his customers with his ESP abilities bending spoon with his finger mind on the streets. That was the story of his life as an untalented entertainer until one day a mysterious organization recruited him to take care of a little something called “saving the earth” mission because Kim Possible was busy with so much drama.  Is this organization short of people. Also I can´t believe I just made a Disney reference. Might as well start writing our wills.

It’s no exaggeration that this saving the earth organization is not very reliable because they aren’t exactly picky and they pick up whoever they find on the streets like this is some bad casting for dubbed anime. Frankly, I’d (and the humanity as well) be appalled to learn that the future of Earth depends on this guy.  The folks who sent him Number 6, if his name wasn’t ominous enough, didn’t believe in the third is the charm and went for the if you don’t get it by the fifth one then you gotta get it right for the sixth one instead.

When he isn’t naked or teaching, Bunmei spends a great deal of his time evading the advances of dango-sensei and flirting with the gal from the ramen shop who is the other person in the world to have called him Fumiaki instead of his nickname when he was on TV years ago. See driving and big boobs above. No, not High School of the Dead.


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  1. So you see Occult academy because of Maya, me too. I still wonder why they have done spinoff specials on the DVD if a lot of people would probably watch the series because of her .

    I also think that Ramen girl must have something hidden, It is no normal that she escaped for the moths place so easily. She might be what do you thing or be Dango sensei related or even be the Nostradamus key herself .

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