Power to the Internet when in deficiency of it

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In the virtual world of today that chances are innumerable for anything to happen and also of nearly anything happening, be that a good or a bad thing – hopefully, a good one. Summer Wars plays on this crazy cyber but realistically dominated world where our transactions are controlled by a totally secured almost unhackable (by that I mean hackable) system that manages everything better known as OZ. Like most technology gizmos it is aimed to make our ‘lives easier’ and make us become more connected. Pleasant and convenient. It certainly sounds perfect in theory.

It feels like one of those draft papers about technology in the middle of the semester or others I didn´t manage to hand it in because I was running late and ended up turning it into something else. In Summer Wars we are presented to this world where pretty much everyone is ‘with the times’ and when something in the web goes wrong they should all worry. That’s different from the concept I know by personal experience as I’ve seen more old people act confused whenever they’re handed something technologically advance as an iPod like they’ve just been given a time bomb and had no idea how to defuse it.

Sometimes by personal choice or by simple lack of enthusiasm, those who have not gotten on the boat of the constant changing world know not of the joys of being ‘connected’. It’s not always a pleasant ride and is much crowded like trains in the mornings. And sometimes not everyone is nice enough to give you their seat, but you get used to it with time.

Not being technologically affected is kinda of a choice, which unless your lifestyle or job requires you be there in the regular basis then it’s not possible. It brings right to memory that busy professor who had more than three blackberries phones at the same time and others just ‘cause. It feels good. It feels right. To be closer to what is considered the usual and whatever new fad this time brings us. It is a routine you get used to it like having your warm coffee or tea in the mornings before heading out. When out of it, even if temporarily, the world is out balance or like there’s some missing data, as though unexpectedly turning that .rar file into a corrupt file and that 40-day trial period is already over.

Depending on your demographic location you’ll get this or that and maybe you’ll get THAT but not THIS. Sometimes you get the end of the stick like places with ridiculous laws to ‘protect’ (call it that) their people and mad restrictions that I wouldn’t dream having. I can’t say that I have pleasure of my access to the Internet world to be ever restricted or of being heavily monitor (while being aware of it) but I’d take a pass at it any day.

Certainly being Internet deprived feels weird as a result Internet cafes sound like a logical option even if far from the best. You have to walk up, drive up, to them even i fyou´re not feeling well and you can’t actually really relax in any of them. Like that time, I stepped into one of them where the security software was so tight as if they were guarding a precious diamond on that place to be able to do anything. That was exactly where I spent the most pointless thirty minutes in my Internet life since memory serves me due to an impossible security software that would crash the browser each time with a message indicating the page I just flipping browsed was not in compliance, though they were rather harmless. Frankly, prior to that day, I never knew WordPress posed such a serious threat. Perhaps, I underestimated myself..

I see that this wacky development in Summer Wars is not a total impossible thing to occur at some point, giving me something else to think about. A totally illogical yet realistic enough to just happen, which probably would be no big deal if it could be fix with a simple “no dessert for you” for the bratty perpetrators, call it a day, and off we go back to our ever busy everyday lives. It’s not really that easy in Summer Wars, as things get complicated when this virtual being with as much hatin’ as the Hate Machine gets out of control. And as we know, we can’t exactly simply stop it, per se.

Love Machine, created by those whose real identities are not known like a bunch of anons are, was like a million angry IE users up to no good, acting out like with no fear of being scolded for something they did bad whatsoever. Mind you, all at the same time. Not controlled by anyone, Love Machine was created after a certain design, which with a heart on its forehead (the irony of it all) followed to the best of its abilities. It was much like as an average bratty kid evolving and becoming powerful from every possible corner in the Interwebs agreeing with him. It gets out of hand and spreads around as fast as bad news ending up (like many things) threatening to destroy the World. I’d like to say to the actual perpetrators and not only the black sheep uncle of Koi-Koi Natsuki who threaten to  (unsurprisently) end the world by human hands, before any natural disaster even could.

“Nice going, guys”

Many things have changed for everyone over the years wondering if many things will be l0st for good. As for me, my laptop has replaced the TV a long time ago and I am guilty of checking the Internet with my iPod! in the regular basic on the college grounds whenever there’s a signal available. Once in the corridors or the library I look around and notice I’m not the only one who’s had the same idea.

Not always but technology is your friend, a great amount of time it is. Technology is requested and much-needed, changing the way we do things and more importantly, I think, the way we don’t. Things will keep evolving  and by the time we’re older the new generations will treat the technology we considered to be the latest at some point as primitive as trying to start a fire using two branches looking quite foolish.

It feels as though Ghost in the Shell is a bit closer and a bit more tangible. That that line from ‘we are all connected’ from Series Experimental Lain is more credible than we’d image and possible becoming more realistic in the next decades. Summer Wars was a great movie showing sides of our society and what it might eventually become of it. Its final showdown in Summer Wars made the biggest impression on me with a classic ‘all of us work together for what’s ours, push and PUSH.

Definitely, it was a classic, “YES, WE CAN” moment from the heart demonstrating that together we can accomplish whatever we wish. Simply bringing excitement to the world or, in this case, something as crucial as saving our own planet with whatever means necessary, even from the comfy seats behind our monitors giving our support to others joining the battle or maybe just simply joining in the fun.

Isn’t that really the whole point?


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  1. Recently, I was reading an article that was talking about how technology is single-handedly responsible for a lot of addictions that arise, and the internet has been one of the biggest sources of addiction out there. So as we progress into the future, it’s going to be even more important for us to figure out how to regulate ourselves to prevent the negatives of technology from overwhelming the positives.

    As for the movie, the world’s interconnectiveness made for a wonderful, rousing finish, and hopefully, we can see those barriers fall as the gap in the digital divide closes.

  2. Hi, Can I ask from where is the picture in your layout? ;3

    sorry for bad english, I’m from Poland. ;c

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