Summer 10 dare not disappoint : Shiki

every teenagers´s dream

Do they? Here´s the typical : this season is looking weak. But there must be something worth watching in the summer. First entry : Shiki.

We started with the story with country girl who wanted to leave her hometown badly and then some serious stalking on her part on a certain boy named Yuuki. It’s my personal experience in anime that people named Yuuki are always whinny or douchy characters so I´m already holding it against him.

what are you looking at?

Oh, the show? This was possibly the show that introduced the most characters (it escapes me if all were actually crucial or not) in a single go out of shows of this summer. This guy is called “A”. This old lady is called “B”. The girl is called “C”. I wasn’t going to be surprised if they would’ve even introduced the cow at that rate. On a separate news, we learned that they’re producing less milk. Good to know.

I´ve been driving around my hair you mean

Is this guy part dog or something? I want to kick the one in charge of the art on both knees wearing construction boots. I can’t stand them. It looks extra ridiculously unrealistic and I mean ridiculous even among the anime world.

The story strangely focused on her and her desire to escape the town, which ironically she did in the end. Just not the way she was anticipated. By the end of the episode there was that clear surprise with you-know-what happened. I figure that the first incidents must be related to the village and to the new neighbors. My biggest fear is that the story is going to be only centered in this village which I found dull to no end for the lack of interesting characters. The only characters we have now are the purple haired guy, the priest, the doctor, and the residents, none of which are interesting enough. We know that the blonde woman was apparently responsible for the death of Megumi so the story begin from there.

Holy. Those pointy chins could be used to sharp knives

I think I’ll try to watch Shiki in higher quality and judge because the 360p was plain terrible. Sometimes it doesn’t make much of difference, I think in Shiki I’ll have to get the highest definition if I can to enjoy it.

R.I.P random country girl we barely knew

SHIIIIIIKI was different from what I was expecting. I expected a serious looking show and got a mix of comedy and mystery. I think that I expected Shiki to have a much darker atmosphere that I’m starting to think it doesn’t possess one. I have my doubts about how “great” Shiki will turn out to be, but here I am to see what it offers. The first episode was too much of an introduction of what’s to come. I desperately expect the big things to occur on the next ep and see this show take form. Crappy character desings but potentially interesting show is what Shiki should be.

At any rate, it beats following a manga that is rarely updated, right?


3 thoughts on “Summer 10 dare not disappoint : Shiki

  1. *sigh* Considering the pace of the manga scans, and the pace of the anime, probably around episode 18 will have caught up with the manga scans.

    The thing is this: the manga went on its own and made changes on some parts from the original novel by Fuyumi Ono. One character actually became more prominent in the manga. And the manga has a REALLY SLOW pace. Which is why the delayed scans are killing the suspense or anything. The anime is sticking really closely to the manga, seeing that they covered in this episode pretty much the manga’s prologue.

    Shiki has no comedy at all, unless you count the character designs. The point of introducing many characters is in a way to keep in mind how many they are and how many are dying. In the manga, they would number each villager that was introduced or had a panel. Can’t remember if they did that in the anime. Also, I find it sad that Funimation didn’t translate the small tags on each day. The majority of them were “Today’s an unlucky day” and full of bad omens or ironically cheerful ones.

    Also, so far in the manga, Shiki has two main characters: Yuuki Natsuno and Ozaki Toshio, the doctor. As the story advances, Natsuno gets much better in terms of badassness and he is less mean and we learn that Ozaki has hidden depths. Still, the time when we get there will be like in 4 weeks or something, unless they pick up the pace. Apparently Shiki is getting 22 episodes, so we’ll have to see how they plan to use them.

    In the end, the number of viewers Shiki will get will depend on how long the anime picks up its pace and if it doesn’t bother the anime-only viewers. Probably, along with me there are lots of manga readers that simply want to know what happens next. It’s sad that there are no simulcast for manga.

    On another note, the patch for EP6 has been released!

  2. Yeah Shiki seemed to be something diferent for everybody. But it ended being this weird thing. But it is cool so watching it will be good

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