Summer 10 dare not disappoint : Occult Academy

this show is about my legs being crossed while you watch

Do they? Here´s the typical : this season is looking weak. But there must be something worth watching in the summer. Second entry:  Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin.

Come to think of it there aren’t many leads wearing one-piece dresses, huh? Occult Academy has something that the other AnC titles didn’t – nice legs. I mean, a strong and interesting lead. Kana wasn’t a terrible character but she was more of a key character rather than anything. Senkou Night Raid suffered from both characters and story wise lacking to be engrossing enough. OC has Maya and these strange events that happen at that school which are already more interesting than SNR ever was.

Can I get a “I dont´believe in that crap?”

I have to admit that OC is funnier than I figured it was going to be (I guess that these three dare not disappoint share this similar trait) For example, the part where the mechanic school bouncer was hitting the possessed classmate was hilarious for some reason. Also the ghosts flying around carried certain silliness about them which taking into the humorous part was considered to be amusing. OC was fun but roughly covered the occult part of the show without being too strong about it. That´s a good and bad thing because I don´t know how serious they´re about it.

which I don´t think they´re much. Rather than on the occult I’m more interested in seeing how they can´t possibly be more than humans tricks, however, I doubt that that’s what this show is about. Now that I checked the description it says Action, Comedy, Horror, School, Supernatural which does seem to the case.

Maya´s legs seem to agree

I don’t know about the quality of these mini stories but the mysteries they will handle should be interesting should this show be succesful. That’s where Maya and the sidekicks should come in. There´s definitely a Ghost Hunt feeling about in OC which it´s good to see too.

As already mentioned Occult Academy is my other pick of the sesaon and Anime no Chikara last chance to prove once and for all they can deliver for real. No objections. No excuses. A pure winner. Are we looking at one? That’s what this season will tell us. It should be interesting to see where it will takes us.


2 thoughts on “Summer 10 dare not disappoint : Occult Academy

  1. First episode seems promising. I wonder if it will hold the same level next week. I will look foward it

  2. Well, the 2nd episode also does not disappoint. This is turning up to be the surprise (at least for me) of the season.

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