Summer First Impressions: Amagami SS, Seitokai Yakuindomo, Shufuku no Campanella, Ookami-san, LoLH, Mitsudomoe

this is why we can´t have nice things

Being without internet blows but I still have to keep this place alive. It´s already been a month so things are supposed to get back to normal little by little almost like I´m actually here though I´m not.

Amagami SS Notice the emphasis on certain words. Jeez. And people wonder why people aren’t always nice to each other. You call that being depressed? I had nightmares more shocking than that. Ok, that’s not something to brag about.

The first arc is about this uninteresting guy falling for the cheerful but friendly school idol. Don’t these guys ever go for the regular girls or go to school to study? Stupid question I know. He is your typical lead who has been cloned out multiple times and talks too much to himself. She is the hot school idol  who in real life probably will marry a rich guy and go marry a dozen more in her next 20 years or whenever she starts looking her age. Actually, she is the friendly type who despite having tremendous popularity is very approachable. She’s nice and all love just a different nice in the type of context she’s using to refer to him. Under no regular circumstance he will ever get a shot. Well, we’re talking anime so his chances just increased tremendously. Story wise and how I actually felt about the show? I suppose I’m supposed to be interested in two main characters but I’m not. Maybe I am in the visual appeal of the show but aside from that not that much.

There’s a clear similarity to Hatsukoi Limited but Hatsukoi was vastly hilarious on the other hand, Amagami SS is too much romance sided which doesn’t grab my interest much less with the dull main character. It looks good but the story and situations are so clique that I doubt Amagami SS would rank high on my priority list.

Seitokai Yakuindomo I hearz dat girls from all girls school don’t behave very lady-like. This makes me sad, man.

Somehow we end up talking about genitals. Possibly not mine. Most likely about yours. I’m referring to the show in case you didn’t know. Girls are the real perverts. True fact. You know, how you start to talk about something then you end up talking about something else then another topic pops up and we start deviating. This is something like that.

This is like Kaichou-wa maid-sama had a romance with Seitokai no Ichizon and this was the result of that union. Where to begin than by saying this.. did Ryuumaru subs troll me? I don’t think that was the case.

This was information overload. We got this Seitokai, well, we called Seitokai no Ichizon just Seitokai, now how the hell do we call this show? Full name? Bah, people need to come up with more original names. Next season there’ll be another Student Council anime with a similar name. Anyway, all these shows are like American comedies where sometimes they say something weird and you’re supposed to laugh but you don’t. Then you hear the laughter and strangely feel bad and you go, “oh, so that was the joke!” That’s what these comedies are like. Hit or miss. Just that the recorded laughter isn’t there to help out.

I think the show started interesting then had a series of untimed jokes or maybe they weren’t that funny to begin with. The president was ok and so was the other two. The main character is like Kei’s brother only less perverted and not as passionate about getting a harem. The story moved (by that I mean skipped-skipped-skipped) without that many complications. The major problem was with strong desire to throw in these small segments in there followed by not-always-funny out of places remarks. I always have trouble with shows where it’s clear they’re trying too hard.

I think it’ll be fine to give it more tries. It’s already looking for visually pleasing than the other Seitokai. That’s gotta count for something, right?

Shufuku no Campanella

How blandness looks. Incest in Japan must be cool because they sure don’t use opportunities to prove us wrong.. And I mean it with as much respect as I have for Japan as the next anime fan, but let’s be honest, there are a lot of weird crap down there.  Shufuku no Campanella felt like the creators went let´s get it over with. No plan on following this whatsoever.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi!


That felt good. I think that J.C. Staff have their shows and VA on a rotating plate (all with romantic entries of course). There’s the  school romance. There’s Rie Kugigima. There’s romance . There’s Rie Kugigima. There’s..

You know how in an ordered list there’s a certain pattern and after a few hundreds the order changes shocking everyone? Ookami-san is something like that. Where´s Rie Kugigima.The story of Ookami-san is.. I’m going directly to the point.. not impressive, HOWEVER, a certain aspects of it were amusing enough, like the way the first episode ended for example. The guy having that disorder to make him freak out around people and him trying to win Ookamisan over. Even Ookami-san was likeable as a main character. I can´t say the same thing about the rest of the cast.

Kicking (rather punching) things off with a small mission is how this show starts and probably with some more is how it will develop. J.C. Staff already has its followers and I’m sure that a certain group of viewers will be already keeping tabs on Ookami-san. Possibly the next episode will show us more what how this show will go. There’s potential here, however, it will greatly depend on how interesting these errands are. Will keep some tabs on this one.

The Legend of the Legendary heroes – what a terrible name. At least the first episode wasn’t that bad. Simple average. I’m starting to think that Jun enjoys been a doormat on these shows because when he isn’t doing the voices of epic chess masters he is abused by the girls of the show.  Just an observation coming from a Jun fan.

One thing I’ve learned is that epic fantasy shows and I don’t get along very well. It really requires charismatic characters and a solid story to fully grab my interest for the long ride. Unfortunately, because these “epic stories” all go through a similar path we end up with predictable stories, which it’s not to say that LoLH will go that way but it probably will.

Judge for yourself.


Isn’t this just a pe.. no, It isn’t. Thank god, it actually isn’t. I´ll just say it. This show is watchable. Mistudomoe. Don’t be fooled by the name because that’s probably the only negative thing about the show.

Minamik ke old studio is still around. Whatever happened to them, I have no idea but good to see them still around. Here is a show that I was more than sure I was going to hate on. Not the haters gonna hate kind. Hell, I didn’t even mention it on the summer preview, which it’s bad enough because I even mentioned Shufuku no Campanella.

The story is about the three siblings basically dicking around. Vivid description of the first episode right there. You know, the usual getting a hamster as the class pet.. playing games.. and shoryuken the teacher’s crotch and possibly leaving him with no future descendants.

Just what we would expect of kids that age.

In my opinion, Mistudomoe is already topping Gainax’s Hanamaru kindergarten by not making the mistake (yeah I’m calling it that) of focusing in the close and fucking weird relationship between the teacher and its student which became more awkward and tiresome than funny. There’s the nurse here. There was the other teacher on the other show. There’s a bit to focus on the adults which I think that bit was what I liked about Hanamaru the most.  Mistudomoe could focus on and creating a something where other failed with Minami ke 1st Studio backing them up.

Mistudomoe starts slow and it gets better little by little. First it started with a few grins, then chuckles, then the omgs came along. The situations were funny and I think the show accomplished what it was attempting. Be amusing. Be outrageous and get away with it. I’d follow it weekly if I could and it may turn out to be the surprise of the season after all.


7 thoughts on “Summer First Impressions: Amagami SS, Seitokai Yakuindomo, Shufuku no Campanella, Ookami-san, LoLH, Mitsudomoe

  1. Did you happen to catch Highschool of the Dead?
    I’ve only read a few chapters of the manga but the anime followed the first chapter almost exactly, which is a big plus.
    Lots of talking and overanalizing blah blah typical for episode 1, but it looks like it will unfold nicely.

    • I watched HoTD yesterday.

      Yeah there was more talking than I was expecting for the first episode. Still HoTD was great minus the exaggerated fanservice.

      It´s already more interesting than the rest of the shows this season.

  2. @ hikaricore. I thibk more reviews will be posted soon . Cause there shows were the first ones to be released. I saw the chikyu… part of mitsudomoe and I think I didn’t recovered yet…

  3. I found Amagami not so bad, still I’m much more interested in watching how childhood friend with the funny hair fares. Friendly idol is nice and stuff, but in a way, I dislike how she’s flirting with our “main character” and then going all “Sorry, I like older guys”.

    As for Ookami-san, I was really happy Kugimiya wasn’t voicing Ookami, or I would have cried. Guy with phobia is actually really interesting because of his fear and his sniper-like abilities. Ookami isn’t that bad either, her voice doesn’t make me mad. I just hope they tone down the obvious narrator with some silly jokes (in episode 2 she was a bit better) and that the other 6 guys don’t get in the way. Some of them seem a bit… pathetic. Even more than the guy that cries like a girl when others look at him.

    I’ll be looking forward to your next review of the other shows of this season. I’ve already watched HSOTD and Shiki, and so far I’m liking both.

    On an unrelated note, the patch for EP6 will soon be released. I can’t wait for it!

    • Oh yeah, I should probably be done with EP5 blogging before the new patch comes out. It´ll look bad if I don´t. Heheh. On a similarly unrelated news, Tea Party is being updated.

      Wasn´t that a bit mean from her? I also thought she was only leading him on. ¨Hello. I´m the school idol and I took an interest in you but I don´t like you yet I act like I do.¨ Well.. that´s why we can´t have nice things.

      I´m supposed to watch Shiki in a few hours. I expect it to deliver. Well whenever it´s done downloading. Any time now.. any time.

  4. I have a lot of time and a lot of anime to watch this summer which I wrote about here. I’m looking forward to Seitokai, Mistudomoe, and HOTD the most, but Amagami SS also looks interesting.

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