Black Lagoon Roberta´s Blood Trail – R-R-R-R-OBERTA!!

Here it comes. No, here it is!! Black Lagoon is back. Yes! My full resurrection isn’t due yet but no time or God would prevent me from watching the 1st new ep of this show. It´s been what? a month since I haven´t touched this blog? Well it´s time to get things moving once again with the new season. Changes are due, of course, and I´ll have to post first impressions in groups of 3-4 shows per post with the expection of a few, like Roberta Blood´s trail which clearly deserves a post of its own to manage my time better. Anyway, same rules that I mentioned still applied until I´m back anyway. I´ll be like those stuck up bloggers that don´t reply to comments or whenever I please for a while more. God, that sounded very unintentionally condescending.

Half way through the episode I decided this entry was going to be named “Fabiola! Fabiola! Fabiola!” Then I remembered I don’t usually do pointless fanboying posts unless premeditated, that is, and I stopped myself half way.

I said halfway. And this came out.

Let it not bother you if I repeat Fabiola too many times. I’m just copying and pasting the name by now. No, really, even though this is a very Roberta dedicated OVA, Fabiola categorically stole the episode with a combination of a similar Roberta-massacre spectacle and a certain hard to describe maid reserveness and dignity that just fit the bill too well to go unmentioned.

The show started with flashbacks and more flashbacks concerning political and mafia problems then explaining how Roberta answered her meido call. I’m not going to lie and say that I caught all of that because I didn’t. All it matters is that someone messed with Roberta and her familia and she is out for blood.

Black Lagoon of being violently amusing like few. The moment shit start blowing up I spout unintelligent words upon seeing the epic bat-shit madness. This time was no different. Fabiola has the best entrance of the season.  All calm, dressed like Roberta and stupefying everyone then proceeding to clean house. Fabiola was like Sengoku Basara and put the guns on, double and triple jump around the walls, and spin kicking everyone while not breaking a sweat.

Protect against weather. Protect again earthquakes and other natural disasters. Does not cover damages involving guerrilla maids.

The owner of this place must have no insurance because no one would take him. I feel sorry for him for having the lousiest luck in this show. His bar is like a sand castle which it’s destined to get destroyed by the afternoon tides or it’s just trampled over by the kids who come to play in the morning. If you’re reading this barman-san, I’d recommend starting somewhere new where there aren’t gangs or mafia families on the neighborhood. Still, it’s just too hard not to crack up when the bar is brought down by such ridiculous heavy artillery and you see gangs battling maids. There was no Revy or Roberta action but the new addition perfectly accomplished her mission. Even Revy can´t keep her hands off Fabiola.

In amidst of all of this we also see the return of Chang… who.. I don’t remember what he did last season except having cool dark glasses. Seriously, how long has it been? 4 years? Damn. My mind is all fuzzy. I appreciative Revy and the others quickly gave me a recap on ‘previously on Black Lagoon’ a couple of scenes back.

I don’t think Black Lagoon is a show that can screw up no matter what the producers do. Uninteresting and dull are not words that go in the same sentence in Black Lagoon unless there is a negative there. Black Lagoon is one of those shows that cannot fail. No, probably more like it shouldn’t fail. They clearly have always had something good here. They should continue without problems. We got Fabiola, another great character to the show and a rightful future and provisional (right now) successor to maid soldier types. This new story will be mainly about Roberta and her stirring up shit and messing with the people no one wants to mess with (Mr. President!) , turning the world upside down.

As usual Black Lagoon is as solid as a bullet and as thick as blood. By now I don’t think I have to tell anyone why everyone should be watching Black Lagoon Roberta’s Blood Trail. This should be awesome and clear winner for the session. In case no other show turns out to be that good we can trust on Black Lagoon to deliver when it needs as they have demonstrated whatever they do they do right and I’m putting my full trust on it.

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  1. Not deleting you from my “Favorites” seems to have been a good idea. You’re back to stay?

  2. 3 сезон это вещь хочу посмотреть а знайте ребята итирено бы посмотреть как Реви и Роберта убивают нацистов времен второй мировой в духе фильма Беславные ублютки там наверно былабы фрицам по хуже в Сталинграде ,Курска.
    кравшили бы вермахт сс гестапо и далие любую фашискую мрась.

  3. Poor Robert’s best place Damn Yankees were better than Fritz

  4. I think that Roberts inside her mind accepts the survival of two men Rozorita and Roverta seems likely in the war Rozorita prevails and wets all undermin

  5. hey i agree this is hell of a show, but i need help on finding the other episodes to robertas blood trail, i just saw the first one and i’m eager to see wat will happen next.

  6. I saw a manga about Robert I just afigel she fights as a super soldier black perturbation in the war, it would be all poyubivala pancake

  7. Could Rei Hiroe(he’s the creator of Black Lagoon)explain us what exactly happened to Rock’s parents? Are they alive,or something horrible has happened to them?Their absence gives me the odd feeling that Kageyama might have orderd their murder,and that should look as “accident” just for a cover-up.Whatever happened we have to know,if the latter did will Rock find the truth?Will Revy stay on his side cementing and admitting her love for him?I want nice developments between Revy and Rock.
    Revy and Rock!I love them.
    Questions we ought to think,and Hiroe has to answer for:Were the Okajima’s told their son “was dead”?If so what was their reaction?Did they demand explanations about Rock’s “death”,and compensations as well?About how much far would the unscrupulous (and maybe trickster!)Kageyama go just to ensure the dirty deals and cover ups of Asahi industries?!Even ordering a murder that would seem as “accident”?! Hm,will the Iranians enter Roanapur?I don’t think Balalaika would be pleased to encounter Qassem Suleimani.He’s so Tough,so tricky!

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