I welcome you all to my very own game board – Episode 0 Trial of the golden witch

Keikakudoori is the only one who gets his own game. True fact

Let’s kinda put Umineko aside for the moment and properly give it a place. Umineko is a lot like real life, except for the plot mysteries, the gold, the goatmen, the jell-o, the giant cakes.. but that’s kind besides the point. I welcome all 07th Expansion fans to my very own Game board where I’ll continue to make sense of everything in this complex mystery have to offer.  This contains no spoilers btw.  Looking forward for more? Ever felt that not everything clicks right? or if you are anime only (play the game dammit lol) want to know more than they tell you and you’re ready to jump deeper in the mystery?

Tea Party is the place where we solve mysteries while drinking tea (tagline?) It will cover general topics of Umineko and also focus deeply in the mystery aspect of the story because there should be no mystery that cannot be solved with time after all. The new blog will also cover parts of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni games to some extent.

This does not means that JaP will stop making Umineko posts, it means that you can get your 07th Expansion/Umineko dose even though I might not mention it here. I’m going to suffer from traffic (starting from zero is tough!) so spread the word if you’re interested in the mystery aspects of these games and occasionally see what’s new there :D

EP0 which I have called Trial of the golden witch will deal with the mysteries in a faster fashion than JaP does and will attempt to solve every single mystery of this game. Projects such as blogging future Umineko EP will stay in Just as Planned btw. If there are any requests for topics for Umineko  no Naku Koro ni or certain aspects of the story or mystery that requires a better explanation of interpretation then that’s the place to make them. Also you can go to the feedback section there for everything else.

The first move of this mystery have already been made.

So without further adue. Here it is. Go check it out!.