The Big 5 Anime Opening of the Spring 10

#5 Senkou no Night Raid Opening – “Yakusoku”


This show isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, or coffee, whatever you may want to call it. Anyhow, I like this opening despite not being not having much impressive about it. One thing I’d like to mention is that I like the contrasting colors in the opening sequence, but the highest highlight is the signing along with the graphics. I think this OP fits nicely if they were going for nice and simple though based on the story I’d think it’s anything but that. The OP could without a doubt use some improvements like adding the rest of the characters to the OP theme and not just the main. Still it’s a very nice OP.

#4 Angel Beats! Opening – “My Soul, Your Beats!”

By: Lia

I’m sure everyone thought this was going to be #1 in the list, but it isn’t. AB starts with  Tenshi playing the piano and taking us away while we can see the world spinning around her. This is actually more symbolic than I originally thought when I pay attention to the OP. Also you can see that it’s Tenshi rather than Yuri whose role stands out even more in this story. There are also flashbacks of past battles and events mixed in there accompanying the song even at some point the sky is furiously moving in the background. The song is nice, not my favorite Lia has made though.

#3 Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei Opening  – “Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat”

By: Asian Kung-fu generation

Asian Kung-fu generation is the one singing this one and I’m pleased.  I wasn’t originally a fan of the song, this is more like a song that grows on you the more you listen to it. Slow and with rhythm. Tatami to the galaxy OP sequence reminds me of something else I can’t put my finger on it, argh, oh well, this is the type of OP that you feel is not exactly what you’d expect of the show. It’s fitting yet I can’t but think they could’ve gone with something else, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Having said that, I like the OP. It’s like they’re doing their own thing there, like, hey here is the OP theme and here is the show. It flows great, yet it isn’t completely amazing. No spoilers or hints what this is about whatsoever which it’s a great thing.

#2 Arakawa under the Bridge Opening – “Venus to Jesus”

By: Yakushimaru Etsuko

Fish! and lots of them! Arakawa makes its way to this list by creating a unique OP theme, then again leave it to Shaft to give us something to think about even in their songs There is a lot going on in this theme, so many different concepts hidden there like they’re telling a story from different angles and then some others. A story that isn’t like others and as odd as the show is. The singing has a hypnotic effect that won’t let me look away until the OP ends. I have mention that the pink overload hurts my eyes. Overall I think that because the OP is different from others you won’t forget it easily.

#1 Working!! Opening – “SOMEONE ELSE”

By: Asumi Kana

I must give it to working for hitting all the right marks for me. I have to agree that the singing isn’t like top tier but the song has this  “good feeling” to it that just wins me over. The trumpet and drums make it song like a small orchestra going on in the background accompanying the energetic and easy to watch OP. Also the song is even in my iPod so there. The second reason why it’s number one is because they dinamically introduce all characters of the show creating a sequence while the OP is playing. Working!! OP flows the best out of all OP themes for me keeping me entertained from start to finish. The song is one that I would like to listen to it over and over.

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4 thoughts on “The Big 5 Anime Opening of the Spring 10

  1. My list

    5 House of Five Leaves
    4 Rainbow
    3 Working!!
    2 Arakawa under the bridge
    1 Angel Beats!

  2. out of these five i have to say that

    Angel Beats! Opening – “My Soul, Your Beats!”

    is the best one haha , i guess cause i just really like the anime

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