Weekly Afterthoughts Deviation – The Onsen episode is a Lie

thousand eyes idol is the final boss of Brotherhood

Going from point A to point B, 8th week of my anime watch list. It isn’t a common  or a pretty sight  to see your immortal father being absorbed by a multi-eyed monster and it isn’t everyday that you have to save a whole country. The Elric Brothers’ resolution cannot be shaken easily even by this, even less Alphonse’s who is pretty much not moving at all.

Not going to happen

Working!! – Ah, Working!! I look forward to each episode with much expectation despite how far from perfect the show is. This time they go to the hot springs which ends ups being partially a drama episode thanks to Inami  and Takanashi’s magic hand saving the male population of being beaten up. Does this even count as a onsen episode? I think not, A-1 Pictures. I’m disappointed and feeling distrustful of Working!! previews after this.  You fail me working. I call it false advertisement.

What I got from this episode is that Satou is the most tragic character out of the bunch and the new part(full?) timer is the materialization of the daughter Satou and Todoroki will never have until hell freezes over, or until she gets over the rabu rabu phase for the manager  whichever comes first. Whenever confused about the relationships in Working Shin’s chart works wonders in this case.

Btw, Todoroki is third in JaP poll -> while Poplar is taking the lead and Parfait is second. How can this be? I fear the lurkers.

Senkou no Night Raid – No, these guys aren’t protesting against Anime no Chikara, or asking for faster Rainbow releases. These guys are part of  group that opposes the west and doesn’t want to be influenced by them. Pretty much the situation parents find themselves when they find out that their children spend their time watching these whatchacallit shows with large eyes and colorful hair.

I think all my SNR comments are going to start with “this is the type of show that – “ more times than I’d like them to so be prepared. Let’s not lose perspective, SNR is the type of show that I’d like to come to like but I can’t. SNR is the type of show that I think it could get more exciting but doesn’t completely. SNR  is the type of show that doesn’t get faster releases  for a reason. Actually, SNR is still hanging there on my watch-list despite any criticism I may give it. For everyone else unfamiliar with it, to summarize, SNR is a story where super spies go on super missions to ensure Japan’s future and go out there to change history when they aren’t chasing after cats or helping local Chinese restaurants in their spare time. Also they Twit telepathically.

I expect the next episode to be picked up for an unknown fansub group in a couple of weeks. Here is some info, the OP theme is so catchy that I hardly skip it.

Giant Killing – Truer words were never spoken in this week in GK. Alright, here it is.. I disliked this episode greatly. I could never get into it. First I started it on Sunday and just today I finished it. Kuro here and his bud have been depressed over Tatsumi not treating them with respect and for not caring about the team. Reality slaps him in the face when Kuro is told off by his pal that they’re way too told, outdated, and soon the young guns will leave them behind. I foresaw the other guy telling Kuro, in a slow and frank manner, Kuro, you suck, bro, but it never happened.

I used to like Tatsumi’s stunts but these past two weeks things have gotten tremendously out of hand. He is more of the dreamer and just reckless in his actions leading just pissing people off as we see above. How many times have they been defeated until now? A hundred?

This show still has the most awkward way of ending each episode. The screen just goes black when I least expect it. Then again that’s how they always get to me watch the next episode.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – I wouldn’t put it past those deceitful hermaphrodites. Ichiban gets more ridiculous by the second and the millisecond, and it does only partially have anything to do with purple menace here getting tentaclereaped by a giant squid. I think the creator thought how can I make this show be more outrageous than last week and still be entertaining? when he created it. I don’t really care, it had Fujiko in it, also I’m already up to ep 8 and it’s impossible to drop by now. Actually dropping Ichiban no Daimou hasn’t crossed my mind that many times. It must be the effects of that rice.

Last week it was Father Anderson a.k.a Mr. X and this week was about Keena’s rice addiction and a mana eating two-headed chicken which we might never know which one of the multicolored Yoshi it was, ending with Braver flying off like he was superman Japanese version. Pay no attention to these last lines in case they didn’t make that much sense. Wise decision of making it a 12 episodes show rather than a 24-26 one so it won’t end up being as sucky as Qwazer which popularity had disappeared.

Kaichou-wa maid sama – Another precious Kodak moment. I’m glad to see that the impression I got from the preview from last week was wrong and Misaki was not turning her back on her school. I have to say that Igarashi is the biggest bastard this show yet. Unlike, the first 3 stooges which eventually fell to Misaki’s maido’s powers, this guy wants to win her over pulling  whatever underhanded tricks he could think of. Worst thing is that he got away without a scratch besides a slight bruise to his ego. I think that what he did was punishable by law but he probably would’ve been set free in no time. Still, not cool how they don’t do anything to get back at him. Usui hitting the bastard on the face would’ve a nice addition to rain on his rich parade.

Angel Beats! – Sometimes it gets like that and someone is forced to say something  awkward to break the very thick ice around it. 5 episodes left you say? It cannot be! I still haven’t developed an unimaginable amount of fanaticism for this show yet and I probably never will at this rate unless I’m linking it to other characters.

Angel Beats! brings another successful episode that brings laughs where I initially thought the show wouldn’t get any, meaning everyone getting killed at the hands of Tenshi who most likely rebelled against the Organization and thus creating disturbances in time and space but of course, the show doesn’t tell you that. I pretty much do and don’t know what to expect from Yuri’s SOS group and where this show will go in the end. Although  Yui’s “we’re supposed to be a bunch of idiots” shed some greater light on that. Everyone is an idiot, everyone except Otonashi, of course.

Every time I tried to say something deep about Angel Beats! either someone already beats me to it (no pun intended) or the show goes out its way to disprove my point in the next episode. Frankly, I don’t know what rating I will give this show.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood –This looks like a good cover for a PS3 game. Greed instead of Envy has gotten major appreciation  in this new FMA even after getting killed. I knew that they wouldn’t let Hoheheim deal personally with his evil counterpart no matter how powerful he is and the Elric Brothers will have the final say in this, but that’s how we want our battles.

Someone had to eventually die in Brotherhood and they’re starting to drop like zombies in High school of the Dead will be in a couple of weeks in Brotherhood. The old man, Buccaneer, and even maybe Hawkeye (don’t die!) have taken a forced leave. Am I the only one who finds it ironic how the chimeras have lived for so long?  As usual everything is great in Brotherhood but I still miss the moments where the first one made my stomach turn when I least expect it. The end draws near.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Afterthoughts Deviation – The Onsen episode is a Lie

  1. This show still has the most awkward way of ending each episode.

    The show that always sticks in my mind for being the worst at that was 12 Kingdoms. I kept thinking the start of the ending song was a cut scene to something else and then getting confused when kareoke came up. Mind you, I spent most of my time watching 12 Kingdoms in some state of confusion.

    Trying to predict Angel Beats is a fun yet fruitless task. I’ve still got it down as a solid 8/10 in my rating scheme. Even if the plot is all over the place it’s far too entertaining to give any lower a score

    • That sounds extra confusing for a 45 eps show. I think that some shows need some type of cue or dramatic music indicating the end of an episode is near…


      Angel Beats! big finale will end with a regular guy playing a video game and turning the console on and off. [save] or [load]?
      It probably won’t, but that would be one heck of an ending.

      • That would be the single greatest troll of anime history…actually no, that still goes to Endless Eight, but still

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