Actually this show is called Yandere Beats!

Yuripe’s real form

Underneath that Haruhi look-alike appearance lies more than we can image, and then some. You may have fooled the rest Yuri but someone more knowledgeable in the field of yandere and yangire would only notice your true intentions.


the motive

I once wondered what unholy combination would be created if we were to combine Haruhi Suzumiya and yandere traits, as a result Yandere Beats! was created. Also we all just wanted to see more of controversial events involving Haruhi shooting at people and possibly pigeons.

Otonashi plays the insecure lead here not deciding to pick one girl or the other.  Make up your mind! You know what jerk? Screw you, Otonashi. You can never get all the chicks  in the show unless the show is under harem genre, which Angel Beats! clearly isn’t. Actually there are ways to many guys in this show if you ask me. KEY is now plain confusing me.

Because Yuri already sensed his teenage insecurity and she decided that it was time to put her own master plan into motion.

Of course Yuri would paid no attention to it even if she was in actually. She already devised a plan that would deal with Tenshi issue one way or the other. Actually her train of thought is what it’s what most interesting disturbing.

“How could he be still be thinking about that, Tenshi!? I, Yuri, I even went as far as dressing up as Haruhi  and acting tsundere for him!”

Suffice to say, if successfully cosplaying as Haruhi would not get his attention then pretty much nothing would.



After getting her hands on Tenshi’s notebook Yuri excutes her plan to have her reprogramed by hacking into her computer which probably had Nanami Madobe installed.

7-Tan got into Yuri’s way so she killed her. Yuri just wasn’t fan of the bouncing. Also most likely in the process she murdered Watari seconds later.

Words like these are best spoken with a smile. Yuri nails it like a carpenter with 20 years of experience and like Heroman’s punches to anyone inferior to him, meaning just about everyone in the show including Stan Lee’s coffee.

Poor Tenshi never had a chance

Not only that, but Yuri also pays another tribute to the greatest yangire to have ever lived – Rena Ryuugu.

See what I mean.

Just as planned, Yurippe. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.


8 thoughts on “Actually this show is called Yandere Beats!

  1. Yuri, Rena and Yuno would make the ultimate alliance and win World War 3, and everything beyond.

    • If we can get her off the boat, Kotonaha (School Days!) would make a good member too.

      • Add any of those to Angel Beats! and whatever enemy would’ve been destroyed a long time ago. Yuripe is clearly not recruiting the right people.

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