Jumping the Gun Chartfag Summer Session

Summer 2010 V1 Chart

June/July/August. Here it is once again. Reliable Chartfag delivers the anime list for the summer season. As it is common is time to jump the gun and make assumptions, picks,  and predictions about how shows of the season will turn out. Taiga here is facing off against her future self for example. That’s already a twist, or not. Tiger vs Wolf, which one would win in a battle of FC characters? Well, we aren’t discussing that, but we are discussing the shows of the season.


High school of the dead – STARS! Kick ass show, at least kicking some rotting zombies’ butt. Based on the trailer I’m sure that this show is going to be about slapping, pointy boobs, and lastly zombies,  Ok, it’s going to be mostly about good old zombie beatdowns. I can’t argue that a huge collection of Resident Evil, The day before tomorrow, Dawn of the Dead, Left 4 dead, and just about every zombie movie I’ve seen came to mind when I saw Highschool of the Dead. Actually, I previously gave the manga a quick shot last year, but I just couldn’t manage to get through many chapters. Everything was so dreadfully clustered that it was a task to read it despite knowing how potentially good it could’ve gotten. By the positive comments about the manga I can suspect that HoD is going to be great. A combination of ecchi and high levels of violence works great for me, unless they go and fukkin censor it.

Note: Madhouse has its long and crazy hands on it. I have faith that MadHouse will not screw it up.


Ocult Academy – “An occult horror & school comedy” Based on the pic about I think it’s about a dominant girl and an academy as the title suggests. Based on the trailer this show is about spooky stories, mysteries and prophesies such as the ones from Nostradamus and I assume they’ll try to make sense of everything. I wish I could say more about the show but there isn’t that much info for me to pick up on. The show looks promising and potentially captivating if the stories they cover are as good as the show claims.  Plus, I just love seeing intelligent people racking their brains figuring out mysteries, though in this case I’m positive the only ones doing the thinking will be the main character.

Also, I still have some expectations from AnC project and what they wish to accomplish bringing “new” shows to us. I hope that studio A-1 doesn’t disappoint this time.

Note: The people behind it are the same from Sora no Woto and Senkou no Night Raid (Anime no Chikara)


Shiki – “This series is about village with a population of about 1300 people, and during one fiercely hot summer, many mysterious incidents happened one after another… “

*cough* I’m seeing plenty of “it’s another Higurashi” yet propaganda already. See? Sometimes it is a really bad move to give such short synopsis to a show for this reason. We’re linking everything to previous shows that may possibly not even be related at all. Shiki may not be like Higurashi at all, actually I hope it isn’t since I’d like to see something different. Also I’ll say this right now, I can’t get over the characters designs and crazy hairstyles. They scream of shounen yet the show isn’t.

On a separate note, Shiki has already been decided to be part of the Noitamina time slot that others successful shows such as Eden of the East, Tokyo Magnitude, The Tatami Galaxy shared. Also another thing to keep note of, Daume Studio is behind it. They aren’t that well known but I was pleased with the 1st Minami-ke season which they handled better than the next Studios did. There’s also Ichigo Mashimaro but I’m not familiar with how they handled that one.

*Note : The creator of Shiki is Fuyumi Ono most known for her word on 12 Kingdoms and Ghost Hunt. If Shiki is anything how GH handled its ghost stories then I think we have a potentially good show for the season.


Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi – Ok, I’m going to have trouble remembering this one like I did remembering the Periodic Table of elements. Btw, I still haven’t memorized it.

I have to give it to J.C Staff for blatantly using the same character appeal (and design) over and over without loosing its followers. They must be definitely be doing something right. Not that impressed with the trailer. I was actually more interested when the idea that this was a wannabe Toradora was still on the plate. Now, I’m slightly less interested than I originally was.  What I did like about the trailer is how the main character tsunderetiscally fill us in on the rest of the info. It makes me think that I should’ve made an Aniblogtourney post in a similar fashion where I clearly should’ve gone for tsundere appeal if I wasn’t already. Eh, I guess I’m a natural.

Surprisingly, the one voicing Ookami-san isn’t queen of tsundere voice acting Rie Kugimiya, instead the one actually voicing Ookami is another seiyu who is not Kugimiya. I R confused.

*Note : A comedy and romance title. And of course, J.C Staff is behind it. J.C is pretty good at handling that combination for those interested in it.

Strike Witches 2 – All you have to know is that SW is about teh lolis and  teh pantsu and somehow making sense why they don’t wear pants. Ok, it goes beyond that, but only a couple of meters. Yes, they also have guns and they aren’t afraid to use them against aliens.

After how the 1st season ended there was some obvious signs that the story would “go on ” (as typical of Gonzo shows), but the show didn’t engage me as much to make me say “must watch”. In other words, I’m not totally crazy about the 2nd season even though I’ll probably watch it. SW has its own appeal, definitely not great material but it probably won’t bore you either if you aren’t totally against fanservice.

*Note : Because Gonzo has one foot pretty much in the tomb and a couple of meters below that, Studio AIC will be handling the 2n season of SW. I won’t deny that I’m interesting in seeing how THAT would turn out.

Asobi ni Ikuyo! – *warning* This pic is probably from the manga and not the anime.
Alien girl, geeky guy and her suddenly making her to way into his life, then his bed. Never mind the order, It might not be about that.

I thought I was going to dismiss this as another DearS type of show then I looked at the description and it says comedy, romance, sci-fi ONLY. The story sounds relatively serious and with some signs of not being a shallow show I thought it was. The people behind it are Studio ACIPLUS+ which are only known for their work on the not very popular GA: Geijutsuka. For the very same reasons I could be completely wrong here because it’s not possible to get a very good picture on what direction this show is going to go. Giving it a chance won’t hurt.

*Note : Horo wolf  ears anyone?

Seitokai Yakuindomo – “Takatoshi is a new student in the recently gender-integrated high school. He’s asked to join the student council as the vice president. Thus begins his days as the only normal boy among 3 female student council officers…”

H, H, HAREM ENDING! Is that the best picture they could get? Well, nothing new to see here guys. Everyone and their grandmother and grandfather have linked this show to  Seitokai no Ichizon and I’m not going to last one to do it even though I’m sure it isn’t the first or best example of Student Council show. Having said that, it doesn’t sound boring at all. Comedy, romance, slice of life combination sounds tempting. I think I’ll properly judge this show based on the how interesting and appealing the main characters are.

*Note : Princess Lover! studio are behind this one. You choose if that’s a bad or a good thing.


Shukufuku no Campanella – These guys don’t feel like talking at all. A completely mute trailer out of all things. Jerks. And they got these  golden hit-points plates where their names too or something.

I almost stopped reading when I read adult game then again many successful shows even had some adult game roots and they turn out just fine and some extraordinary good.  OK, Now that that is out of the way… Ecchi and Fantasy? I don’t know I feel I’d be watching a harem only set in a fantasy world. Though I have admit the plot doesn’t sound that bad. If they manage to be as funny as Tower of Druaga then I might end up picking it up, if not I don’t think this show appeals to me.

*note: Studio AIC is busy this season!


Sekirei Pure Engagement – We end V1 Chart with Sekirei S2, a popular comedy, ecchi , fighting manga which I, for once, can testify how good it actually is compared to the anime. Before anyone bashes Sekirei you should know the manga is actually fun to read. It’s just the anime that I found terribly uninteresting compared to the original, then again  that’s how it usually works. Since I already read everything the anime covered I think I’ll pick up the 2nd season of the anime. Here, hopefully, the story gets better and the people behind it fixed whatever they did wrong on the first one.

*Note : eh, what note? If you watch the first one you’ll probably watch this one.

Personal picks?


19 thoughts on “Jumping the Gun Chartfag Summer Session

  1. What a JC Staff tsundere romcom without Kugimiya?! To that I say hallelujah! Even better, the Taiga lookalike is voiced by Hayate’s Hinagiku, which for me, makes it worth watching for that alone.

    • It was going to happen sooner or later, we are approaching 2012 after all. This might be one of the first signs.The next should be Wendy Lee and Crispin Freeman not getting first roles.

      Somehow the great Hinagiku adoration from you and other fans makes me eager to watch the show even more. *adds to list*

      • Here’s another Hinagiku fan. One of the best female characters ever, if not the best one ^_^

  2. I lol’d at the opening pic. Those fanartists sure were quick bringing that out

    Oh right, what I’m looking forward to. Honestly, nothing really. Shiki looks cool, headshots and pantyshots might be worth it if I can learn how to shut my brain off between now and then and Toradora ripoff is JC Staff doing what they do best so that’s worth a shot as well.

    • I was debating between boobs of the dead and zombi no Ecchi, either of them sound valid if you ask me.

      I’ll probably stay tuned to J.C. Staff tsundere adoration in the summer season too.

    err I mean High school of the Dead, The manga was awesome with death and tits everywhere…

  4. I’ll be watching/giving it a try: Highscool of the Dead, Shi Ki, Kuroshitsuji 2 (I really hope it’s better than the first season :P), Anagami SS, Ookamisan to etc, Shukufuku no Campanella, Sekirei 2.

    I’m open for recommendations obviously, so I’ll be checking your and other anime blog’s impressions on the shows.

    By the way, I had the same problem as you with HoD. I’ve read to Chapter 10, but can’t seem to get past it. And yet I’m quite eager to see its anime adaptation :P

    • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one with the problem. I felt bad for not giving the manga a chance because of it but.. man, it is all over the place. Thank you Madhouse for making an adaptation! That way I can finally appreciate and learn why it’s BoD is so popular.

  5. This season is not doing it for me. I’m kinda interested in High School of the Dead, but mainly because some of the shots from the manga looked interesting. Over the top. The others just look stale.

  6. As first option I chose Shiki Yeah that mysterious murders in a little town sound too much like higurashi but that concept existed before that SN you know,also not all good things for higurashi are that town village murder things, you know. Higurashi is great but this one might be good too in its own style.

    As possible option I chose occult academy. It might be interesting.

    Other show do not show very interesting really. zombies,moe and oppai are not my style. In times like this I can confirm that anime in japan use to be more boy-related that girl-related. sigh

    • Probably won’t be much like Higurashi, it’s just that people completely linking it to gets very tiring. We know what happened last time.

      I liked Ghost Hunt so I’m expecting Shiki to be a good show too. Now, if I can get over that weird character designs.

  7. Unlike everyone else it seems, I actually have read the HotD manga to the most current chapter. I must say I enjoyed quite a lot and it would be one of my favorite manga if it weren’t for one thing… fan service. I haven’t ever been a fan of fan service(drep) but it really gets to me when it isn’t necessary or is over done. Both of which it is in HotD. Other than that its basically Left for Dead meets Japanese teenagers. Win in my book. Sure glad madhouse is animated it though. Can’t think of anyone else I would want animating this.

    • In other words, the trailer is a vivid representation of what we are in for. Great and not so great is what I’m thinking right now.

      HotD is going to be filled with plenty of ecchi and plenty of violence. Not a bad combination at all but the fanservice part may take away any of the seriousness out of the show. On the bright side, it’s good to know that the manga version is solid as they claim, of course, definitely not flawless.

  8. I feel alone, being the only one who reads the Shiki manga. But it’s not like Higurashi and I’m attributing the ridiculously/hilarious hairstyles and character designs to Fujisaki Ryuu, since he is the one who did the drawings for the manga. (Though I admit I like the kid main character’s (Yuuki Natsuno) style.

    With such short, ridiculous synopsis, people are bound to make such comparisons as the manga is quite unpopular too. I’ve been reading it faithfully since it was scanlated and there have been LOTS of problems, to the point where there can be a whole 5 month-gap bewteen release and release. Right now, the most “recent” chapter was available on January, so yeah… That’s why I’m looking forward to the anime. This whole gap is not helping. The story is a bit slow-paced and with a lot of time between releases, there have been times where I forgot what happened and had to read the previous chapter. And the suspense kills me.

    So yeah, it’s quite different from Higurashi. There are murders, yes, but the direction and style are different. I could elaborate a bit on this, but I’m afraid I could spoil something.

    I guess I’ll be checking out High School of the Dead too, since I’m a Madhouse fan. Thankfully, I’m almost out of school, so I might be able to watch more shows this time.

    • No wonder so few people know about it. I don’t like waiting that long for manga releases either. ‘forgot what happened and had to read the previous chapter” — it has happened to me too many times before, that’s why I’m hesitant to pick up ongoing manga. I probably wouldn’t pick up Shiki manga for the same reason.

      Yes, another one who is going to pick up HotD. Don’t forget to pick up your Winchester before you go zombine hunting.

      • The worst part is that the manga in Japan has around 28 chapter as for May (it’s released monthly) and here we’re stuck at chapter 17. So I really suggest sticking with the anime and avoid depressing situations like mine.

        Not to be mean with the groups that are scanlating them, but last time I heard, they were half-way done translating chapter 18 in January, so I’m wondering what happened.

  9. On the other hand, Shiki being not animated by Deen gives me hope. Also Seitokai Yakuindomo inspires some interest from my part. Too bad about about Sengoku no Basara 2 which I probably won’t be watching. There were some great VA involved on that one.

    Black Lagoon OVAs GET.

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