Weekly Afterthoughts Deviation – We got us a hero! (and additional Angels)

Zigzagging from one point to another to yet another. 6th-7th of tank destroying, genderblending, manphobia, fishfest week

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Seriously, HOW SHARP IS THAT BLADE? I have to give it up to Falman for not bowing down and begging for forgiveness right on the spot like that guy from the Mummy with multiple crucifixes and symbols of just about every religion. Any lesser man would’ve pissed his pants by then. If he already did then you can disregard that comment. Ever seen a tank being scared of a single man? Well I have now! Wrath is even more badass in Brotherhood that he can cut incoming missiles in half and blocking bullets like he is playing pin pong with a kid. All this final showdown has been going for weeks now and it’s finally reaching the best parts with Fuhrer Bradley taken down everyone in his path and battling Greed and company. I sometimes forget he is in the homunculus side and just cheer for the old man. Why are one eye patched characters so awesome?

either you do or you don’t

Well said Imani. I’m sure that there aren’t any misunderstandings about what you just said. I’m sure her message are as easy to pick up as the first episode of Tatami to the Galaxy. One of the most intelligent things Takanashi has done is bought that hand stretcher  whatdoyoucallit device for 19.99$ (tax and handling not included). Good to say, the money he earned goes to the right places. Imani.. Imani actually looked nice in casual clothes and not in the restaurant environment, not to mention her lack of raping violent rage wasn’t present. Not only that but apparently her mom has the personality of a KEY mom and looks as young as any other anime mom. Awesome. Where exactly did Imani pick up the fear for men, when she boarded the Miracle train? On the other hand, Tanakashi’ sisters give us a good idea why he became such as minicon. The guy has been so bossed around than I’m not surprised if at one time he possessed a spiked collar.

Satou vs a perverted pimp version of father Anderson

Row row row. What was THAT? This episode must’ve been a gag episode or something. Totally CRAZY animated with very hard black lines. Frankly this ep made me like Demon in the back row more, but for all the wrong reasons. Mind you, still like it. Satou must’ve been going to the gym because his body completely went from a normal looking guy to Arnold Schwarzenegger  in a matter of seconds. If I would  were to post additional pics of the episode you’d think I’m watching some crappy hentai or maybe Kanokon or Ladies vs Butlers. Pick your poison. At least one of them had an interesting story, just very awful specials. Getting back Ichiban, naked girl with a collar, the guy in the pimp suit moving like he was on crack, and a  gigantic thing discharging white juices spurring everywhere. They even made the pathetic side kick into super hero (hey look it’s Cassha!) giving him an actual role in the story, Totally random goodness, Korone included.

Yeah, this episode was awesome.

Tatsumi has a way with words

Chips & fish, man. Chips & fish. What’s the deal with Monsier and chips and fish? I don’t know. One thing I know though, it is terribly weird seeing subtitles in a subtitle video. It’s like the Xzibit meme, I heard you like subtitles and people speaking in foregin languages so we put subtitles in your shows so you can read while you read. Almost like watching Sengou Night Raid, of course without the super powers and the history lessons, which btw, do they take long to sub that show? I’ve been at episode 4 like forever.

Tatsumi is so confident that he’ll turn the situation around that he says it clearly in the soccer conference that they have a shot It’s actually the other teams that have to watch out of them and not the other way around since he got nothing else to lose. What he doesn’t know is that the other teams will become wary and put up their guards on. You can’t never know. Same for sharks and polar bears.

They haven’t touched the ball at all in this episode. I know that we can’t have them playing exciting game s each episode but I sure miss them when they aren’t on the field.  I’m always left thinking, “when it is the next big game?”. And they always end the episodes at the worst time possible! Never mind, that’s just the perfect way to get you to watch the next episode.

Yeah, I’m watching the next episode.

meaning Anchan OWNED

Anchan!! Rainbow has a way of showing moments that get under my skin with the total douchery of the prisoners and the lolicon doctors. The only nice characters are that nurse and the new guard who isn’t a bastard. Grrr, Rainbow isn’t full of beautiful colors and more like gray and grim showing how low people can be. The story is stil holding up well and the bonds between Anchan and his friends have grown strong and stronger. Anchan is a true bro. He puts up with so much crap for his friends THEN he beats up the very people that picked on his friends. If that’s not being a total bro then I don’t know what is.

Kaichou-wa maid sama

Wrong show? I thought this was about the class president is a maid and not genderblending.  Thanks, you have now ruined the image I have of Misaki. I hope you’re happy. The things that happen in that cafe, sometimes I don’t wish to know unless it is like those times like when Misaki was wearing glasses or SS day. Meanwhile, Usui went from hitting on (and kissing) Misaki to making out with guys. W, wha.. Like time I checked this wasn’t gravitation.  I initially thought he just enjoyed being a bastard then I thought he just liked the class president now he’s just being creepy. I get that he “likes” Misaki but the reasons why he’s so obsessed with her and his actions are way more than any other normal person would have, too exaggerated even if this is an anime. What exactly is up with him?

Oh yeah, switching schools because they offered her better at the other place. I am dissapoint Misaki.

you know what they say, the crazier the merrier

Or did I get it wrong again. No problem at all, Yurippe I’m sure Tenshi would easily fall in the category or not ordinary humans to join your club. I am not questioning how Haruhi managed to get less members than Yuri did as I don’t see any way in which Yurippe is superior to Haruhi. Also Haruhi haters gotta enjoy seeing Yurippe get beat up in the regular basics.

Call me chirst. Well, call me skeptic. What is happening to this show? First androgynous guy tries to kill (save) everyone then he goes to the good guys’ side and even fanboying over the main character.  Tenshi went from being the ev.. well she was never that much of a villain to becoming  and going fishing. Doesn’t it feel weird that I call her by how her name sounds rather than just the plain english equivalent? Basically, since Yuki 2 isn’t a threat to them anymore she is accepted into Yuri’s group and even catching the huge fish that never made it to the Katagatari 4th movie. That’s nice and all but what exactly are they supposed to do to play the good guys role again? Where is the rebellion them? Why, yes. A new Tenshi is appears.

Oh yes, one day I hope I’ll be able to understand the greatness of clothespins.


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  1. I’m guessing Usui kissed a guy becuase Misaki was acting strange and diffrent and he didn’t like that. She was obviously acting strange from the kiss so he kissed the guy so he would make her think it wasn’t a big deal

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