Top favorite Voice Actors: Takehito Koyasu

Takehito Koyasu

List in not any order. God, he looks angry in this pic, but it adds up to his personality. He looks like I’d think he’d look like – serious and a bit mean who looks like he is not telling us everything he knows. Koyasu possesses both an extremely serious and  friendly/laid back “goofy” voice  who one couldn’t believe until you’ve heard some of his other work. The man IS good.

What’s so special about him? – His unique voice. And I’m not saying that because he is one of my favorite voice actors or anything like that.  I’m saying it because I do not think I could ever get him confused with any other voice actor in the industry. I mean, could you? His voice is so distinctive that his charismatic way of speaking is really one in a million. Even when he constantly changes his voice I’m still able to recognize him no matter what shows he is on.

First encounter – as “ Balladbird Lee“. The first time I deeply took notice of him was in Gungrave when he played one of the top men in the mafia family controlling the city. Lee opened the doors to what I could expect from Koyasu, it was a great start to get better acquainted with this voice actor as it shares similar traits of other character he plays. Also he added extra bonuses to why I liked Gungrave that much.

Type of Roles

Luck-san from Baccano!

Cool and collected – Koyasu has also this intelligent and wise guy voice that is enviable. Extremely collected and who knows exactly what he’s doing. Very confident voice go perfectly for characters that have plenty of experience in the business. And I mean mafia business in this case for characters such as Balladbird Lee and Luck Gandor. After seeing his work on both Gungrave and Baccanno I have completely linked mafia titles to him. He just fits there with his cockiness that radiates from him.

Luke Valentine from Hellsing

Insane and sadistic – He wonderfully plays sadistic or narcissistic characters too. Despite being so collected he can easily break into a voice of really deranged characters who thirst for blood or just enjoy causing unbelievable pain to others. Koyasu’s voice can change into one of a madman with very ease that is shocking which always gets me.

Even when the characters is normal or considered to be good, it is a great signal that if a character starts off as “nice” and he is voiced by Koyasu in series shows he ends up as a maniac at the end of the series.

He just makes a perfect insane guy.

As far as games go you can see a similar example of it as as Zatou-1 the leader of an assassin guild in Guilty Gear who also ends up going insane. It’s worth mentioning that on top of sadistic and deranged, his roles can be considered both of evil and “tragic” as the end result is out of his control.

Rezo from Slayers

Person of power – The role I most familiarize Koyasu with is the one of “Lord”. A person in power, a general (great magician in this case) who can be both powerful and extremely confident of his abilities. Roles such as Il Pallazzo only reinforced the idea that I had of him of being a great Lord even if an useless one. This role is one of someone who is so out of reach and untouchable.

oh, Excalibur from Soul eater

“Gag” characters – the funny guy or the one who everyone makes fun of or the other way around. I wouldn’t think of Koyasu as being the funny type (look at his pic!) but he can play both hilarious and obnoxious characters. From gag characters such as Hanagata, a bat censoring scenes in ecchi shows, supporting characters in Bleach, to characters that I wouldn’t even think he would even play. Even Neuro has a “goofy” side to him as well, which of course, he uses to hide his sadistic and much evil side from others.

Koyasu as “Sister

I swear even in women clothes he looks intimidating. Koyasu doesn’t usually play main characters and he is better known for playing supporting ones. But whatever character he works as he can easily become the highlight of any show.

He rightfully earns his spot on my favorite anime voice actors for having a  tremendously versatility to change his voice and for being able to play so many different and even complete polar opposites characters.  Koyasu is one that his work has never once let me down. When I know he is in a show I know I have something to look forward to, even if I’m not totally crazy over the show

He is, without a doubt, one of those that if you can name it he can play it.


5 thoughts on “Top favorite Voice Actors: Takehito Koyasu

  1. I love Takehito Koyasu, he’s such a talented voice actor. And his snarking tone in some of his roles ALWAYS makes me laugh. He was one of the few things I liked about the Tales of the Abyss anime adaptation.

    And he has a good reason for being one of the most prolific VA’s in Japan.

    Now, I’m curious to see which are your favorite voice actors.

    • Koyasu has done A LOT of work over the years. I find myself asking what character he’ll play next anime season. Heck, I sometimes pick up shows because he’s in it.

      His cynical tone is indeed legendary. He could be either mocking or just being friendly to us and we can’t know for sure! But he also does hilarious and outrageous roles, totally different to what he usually plays as giving him a fresh start each season.

      and yeah, he is totally outrageous as sister in Arakawa. Another reason to fans to pick it up.

  2. Oh this guy is the one who did quinza in Hanasakeru Seishonen.

    It seems he did too Akasaka in higurashi daybreak but no in the anime, mm bad luck

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