Spring 10 Commentary – Picks of the season (polar bears not exactly included)

Commentary on 90% percent of the ongoing shows. Not included the time I befriended a Canadian goose

When I think of spring and it gets too hot I think of polar bears and how good they’ve got it and I question when did they exactly strike that partnership with Coca-Cola like any other. Before the season digest let’s go over a few fun facts. Fun fact #1: I’m more likely to stumble upon fanart containing girls than guys whenever I search tag containing PC. Fun fact #2: You don’t touch a football with your hands. Fun fact #3: Polar bears don’t actually drink Coca-Cola. There’s always Fanta.



Giant Killing – watched 5/26

Pick of the season: It’s been forever since I watched one of these shows.  Actually make that forever more than ten years.

Despite the enormous amount of sports anime hating out there, myself included to a much much lesser degree, I picked up GK with as much hope as I have for new shows each season. The idea of putting weak, disorganized with hidden potential characters pointing out to be the underdog team of the show against more skilled teams and hope for them to steal a victory is like following instructions behind the box. It always works if done right, you fail if you don’t. Big character such as Tatsumi brings charisma to the show while players such as Tsubaki and Murakoshi are likeable in the sense that they represent good player who wish to become stronger and only for themselves but for the team and aim for the giant killing. Ignoring the rough character designs as I mentioned before Studio DEEN doesn’t seem to have messed this one up, or have they? I can attribute my lack of dissatisfaction for not checking out the original material. Manga readers should know better.

There’s not much terribly much to GK unless you’ve never tuned in a football game even by accident or having spent a couple of minutes to go over the rules. Just fun to watch and cheer for a team. When all it’s said and done I’m glad the producers are showing in bringing something that it is still “rare” to the genre. That being said, I’m enjoying Giant killing.

Angel Beats! – watched 5/13

Yurippe isn’t interested in ordinary humans, oh wait, I guess she is.

There are many ways to call this show ranging from Angel beating and Angel bullying. The show, as fate would’ve had it, was not picked up by KyoAni. Be that a good or a bad thing, so far it’s going toward a so-so they should’ve gone ahead and done it instead type of deal. I’m not holding it against P-A Works but its animation leaves much to be desired. Angel Beats carries the KEY mark that characterizes its games even though AB is a bit different from the usual drama stories they’re known for. Actually, it’s still pretty distracting.

They’ve been pulling more gags than I expected them to. For example, Blue haired guy here drilled the heavens of the classroom roof more times he wanted in his whole life. Funny? Yeah. Necessary? Angel Beats! is a strange mix of comedy and drama that I’m unsure where to put the show exactly when I put greater thought on it. Not my pick of the season but the show is certainly interesting. It’s just that I’m finding myself more interested in things I didn’t expect to.

RAINBOW – watched 4/?

Thankfully not that colorful.

Close to being pick of the season. The cruel and crude world on the times after WW2 in Japan that only a few like the author know. You’d realize that Rainbow isn’t as colorful as the name implies when the story is set on a jail and the story revolves around the story of a group of guys sent to it to spend their days there. There are more abuse and unfairness than we are led on in a place no one would wish to be. Rainbow success in bringing those eerie feelings that comes with such titles. One of the most promising and serious shows of the season and it’s not surprisingly that Madhouse is behind it. I’m sticking to Rainbow and frankly, there’s little chances I’d think of  considering dropping the show since it’s promising. There’ s much to say about the show. For a much better made review Chaostanget says it better.

The president is a maid – watched 5/?

Pick of the season : Moe moe omelet.

I’m wonder if I should really say pick of the season? I’m cautious whenever I happen to unexpectedly pick up shoujo shows because in the general sense they aren’t for me, unless I start losing Y chromosomes. The class president is a maid has stayed to my side for not overwhelming me with the big shoujo no-no’s which are: big unnecessary drama, horde of bishounens, jokes I can’t possibly get, colorful flowers and fluffy backgrounds. Not that quite, scratch the last part and we aren’t so bad. See? Kaichou-wa no maid-san is a-ok.

Misaki isn’t a bad character at all. Good looking, assertive, hardworking with the only slight problem of being extra bossy. Subtract and add the fact that she works as a maid in a maid cafe because she’s poorer than the average person in the recession. All in all, she’s pretty cool. On the other hand, Usui is the cool bishounen guy of the story who is depicted to what is defined as  “perfect” by shoujo standards. In reality, Usui is a questionable guy who is good nature but with sadistic tendencies to tease class president cosplayer. Good twist to the story to break away from the usual stuff I found the shoujo genre to situate itself.  The truth is that I don’t feel negative about this show. The premise is simple and the eps circle around new stuff and new characters – trap included.  Process with caution. I may be looking at a shoujo I may see the end of. Crossing fingers it takes its time until it GETS REAL before I’m done with the show.

Mayoi Neko overrun – watched 4/12

By Neko be ridden. TSUN!

There’s the border between tsundere and too tsundere. The tsundere girl on the show just falls on the latter like a rock to a lake. MNO is most definitely the show I had least interest in, and in more than one way it still is. Decided one day to pick it up like a stray cat, like those you see around your neighborhood – the tabby types. Since then it’s been going downhill with a couple of ups and thrice as much downs. The show is exactly what I would expect of the genre with very few surprises and animation that leaves as much to be desired as the entertainment part. This cat has been staying with me for too long. Having watched four episodes I think Mayoi over abused its stay and start scratching my shoes. It’s time to say goodbye.

Tatami to the galaxy – watched 2/11

Pick of the season: Clearly, my speed reading classes weren’t enough.

If people would talk like that in Japan I’d never learn any Japanese even with all the help in the world. Translators must have it tough. Tatami to the galaxy is one of those show that makes more sense the more I look at it, even too much sense for comfort. The first episode almost forced me to put this on permanent hold due to my inability to process what I was reading at the speed of a pc with Windows 7. No, not Vista.  No one likes Vista. Fortunately for me the second episode was more forgiving than the first one. Sadly, I’m not a data processing machine.

I’m very glad the director only thought the 10,000 words per minute was something only reserved for the first episode because the show is just getting started to dig deep into my brain. I’d highly recommend Tatami to the galaxy if you’re much eager to get mindscrewed and don’t mind weird animation. After the second episode my expectations have gone way up  – to the galaxy.  You know, I expect it to get even better.

The King Demon in the back row – watched 5/12

I had some expectations for Demon ecchi King and I’m as sure they’ve been betrayed or they’ve been lost somewhere as I am that there are no more than 18 people on Rokkenjima island.

The thematic of Demon King isn’t anything to brag about. I’d put it against Demon King words like “weak premise” and “shallow” but those terms hardly can apply much to the genre. That’s like me expecting polar bears to really drink Coca Cola. People say they’re cute with their sodas on their paws but I say, think of the seals. And I’m most definitely not referring to leopard seals.

What I like most about the show is first of all that the main character is neither wimpy nor useless. The comedy is solid enough while others go liquid on us. The action has also been getting better with Satou’s dark side popping up every now and then. Sadly in great part they are subdued by the heroines who I’m not sure who is the main here. So far it’s good enough for you average show with a couple of added twists.  After seeing the main character go DBZ on a dragon the sky is the limit. Demon King will still be on my watching list even if I have my doubts about it.

Senkou no Night Raid – watched 2/13

Tenka Seiha‘s  the Chinese X-men remark had me more interested in the show than the show ever did.

Super agents with super powers  in a turbulent time with missions they can ONLY accomplish. As exciting as it sounds, Night Raid wasn’t as much as it claimed when I first picked it up and more like nap time. As expected I gave it a hard time on my first impressions of the show because it wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say I found the show as interesting as the shopping channel.

But don’t let that discourage you. After several fair rebuttals, the other day I watched the 2nd ep of the show and what do you think? It got better. Not making it top-tier winner of the season but there was great progress. I’m only on ep2 but I liked what I watched. I’m not that sure it will get even better but there’s a slight ray of hope that it will. If in fact did then I’d like to hear some serious feedback on it since it appears that only the biggest turn off in the series was the first episode. A-1 you may not have failed after all.

B Gata H Kei – watched 3/12

If it weren’t for those pesky F-cup childhood friends, huh.

I should feel bad that Yukari Tamura is voicing her because her voice is killing me. Also known as the slut show to some circles. To clarify, the term isn’t so far from reality in we look at it from different perspectives.  The unfunny and the funny ones. The serious and the why so serious. Yamada is a crazy girl with a crazier dream. To get recruited by Hugh Hefner and to live Ricky Martin Livin’ la vida loca for life. Yamada is an uncontrollable force with a sole desire and a sole dream which most likely turn into a romance ending.  B Gata H Kei is a funny show that makes fun of everything it can with a main character whose it’s not afraid to act stupid, crazy or to get laid. Emphasis on the last part.



House of Five Leaves – watched 3/12

Samurai wimp puts up a fight by not giving one. And wins.

The calm atmosphere helps the seemly slow pace the show has. As repetitive as it sounds we can’t talk about the show without those words.  I’d wait longer to give my second opinion on the show but I think that’d make little difference. Despite my initial and quick displeasure to find that H5L wasn’t the type of show I thought it was, I found something interesting about it. House of five leaves is unexpectedly something that isn’t overly unwanted. Old Edo period and samurais, Bushido code, and more importantly for this show, lack of it. The story is of an introverted main character, a samurai, or so he’s called that, who struggles between his ethic code and to survive in a world that seems like it’s out to get him.

H5L will still be on my watch list, but it’s very easy to see that it won’t t appeal to a greater audience who rather look for more faster pace shows, which House of Five leaves is far from. As for me, I’m watching this show. Btw, the show is terribly underblogged.

Working!! – watched 5/?

Pick of the season : Some one some_one someone some one else.

I keep humming the song and the effect isn’t wearing off. Working!! (double exclamation mark. Very crucial, guys) had a fair advantage at the start of the new season and it grabbed more than one’s attention and so did Poplar. Me, I’m more of a Todoroki fan but that’s greatly besides the point of this entry. Working!! relies and it will keep on its large number of weirdos working under the same roof. Place. A family restaurant. Goal. Serve the customers to the best of their abilities. Or lack of them. Working!! is much enjoyable and extremely easy to watch that it’s one of the shows I look forward to each week. Imo this is the type of show that Studio A-1  handles best – the more straightforward slice of life comedy ones. Now if they only would remove Inami from the show..

Arakawa under the bridge – watched 5/13

Pick of the season: Everybody is fukkin’ crazy!

By far the easiest choice of the season. I’d like to know reasons for me not to like Arakawa under the bridge rather than why watch it. It’s random, ridiculous, and unexpected. Added SHAFT to the equation and Under the Bridge is a clear winner at first sight unless you’ve been subjected to watch Shaft shows for the last 10 years. A quirky character is made to become the boyfriend of a girl living under the bridge to pay his “debt” to her. In the process he becomes romantically attached to her and spends his days where he wouldn’t think so otherwise – under the bridge. Strangely, the show is more romance oriented that I’d image only presented in an easier and more amusing way to depict the relationship between people from opposite places and upbringings. I’m pleased with the set up of the show that introduces another member of the family in each episode. Will it ever get repetitive? I doubt it. It’s not like Under the bridge is going to have multiple sequels like others.  Even the OP is out there, like out of space. What’s not to like about this show? Now, I’m done here until I’m done with finals or I’m able to defy time and space, whatever comes first. So what are other picks of the season?




15 thoughts on “Spring 10 Commentary – Picks of the season (polar bears not exactly included)

  1. I agree that Sengou no Night Raid has gotten better since the first episode. Not exactly my pick of the season but not terrible either. The super powers make the fight scenes more exciting than I originally imagined.

    Tatami to the galaxy is full of surprises. As of now, I feel confident that I can handle the dialogue therefore the show has become enjoyable when Madhouse made it easier on the eyes. Haven’t watched Ichiban Daimou or Mayoi

    • I’ll be keeping tabs on Genkou no Night Raid. I don’t know for how long but it couldn’t hurt.

      Tatami has managed to stir my interest toward it with an aggressive approach called originality. Although I can’t shake the feeling a watching a Shaft show.

  2. Sadly, I’ve only watched RAINBOW out of the shows in this list, but that’s because I’m dangerously approaching the time of the semester where teachers are suddenly realising that there’s only one month left and they aren’t halfway done. Ugh.
    Still, so far, I’m loving RAINBOW. I might not be able to say if it’s the best thing this season, but comparing it with other shows I’ve seen this year, it’s really something to be watched. I’m glad Madhouse is doing this. They are really good at doing this kind of shows. Of course, there’s not enough love for RAINBOW, as it’s not a show for everyone.

    Maybe I should start watching Arakawa under the Bridge now that I have a little bit of time…

    • Similar situation around here only that it’s happening earlier. It’s getting busier and busier.

      The season isn’t so bad. I’m actually watching more shows than I usually do or should and there’s a very low drop rate around here. Rainbow has been good but I’m still waiting it for it to aim for great. I should watch the latest ep.

      I’d recommend Working!! It’s great If you like slice of life/comedy or that type of shows. Arakawa is interesting but Shaft shows are usually a hit or miss. Whatever you choose, they all have weirdos, the only difference is that some of them live under a bridge and the other ones work at a restaurant. Also the latter one feature parfaits.

      Good luck with your studies.

      • It’s also starting here. We’ve already been given our first “last” project.

        It’s so sad that I’ve only watched Rainbow and the first episode of Arakawa. Arakawa is not bad, but I don’t find myself going crazy over it. I’ll give it a chance and then decide if I keep watching it.

        Working!! seems fine and it’s not something that will make me question everything, I guess. So it’s perfect, as I really need something that it’s light-hearted and helps me relax.

        Thank you, though it’s 40% of studies and exams and 60% of “Let’s pray the teacher is happy today and doesn’t come up with something ridiculous again”. I really hate when my grade depends not only on how well I do, but on the teacher’s moods. >_>

    • You should give B Gata H Kei a try. There’s nothing like a good comedy to feel better during exams, if you do find it good.

      Also, how come FMA and Durarara!!! aren’t in the list? You should watch them if you aren’t. And dammit, I hate not being able to edit comments. That’s how I end with 3 comments instead of 1 >_>

      • I got behind on both FMA and Durarara thanks to school. It was a miracle that I managed to finish Ookamikakushi (mainly so that I would be able to comment here), because teachers suddenly decided to have their exams on the same week. That, plus my already busy schedule of lab reports and lab protocols didn’t help me at the end of the season.

        I think I’ll be just watching 2 or 3 series this month, and when I’m finally over with school at June, I’ll be marathoning this season and catch up with everything. I guess I’ll give Working!! and B Gata H Kei a chance. I need something that doesn’t make me think a lot and just helps me relax. Ironic, since all the things I tend to watch while being busy are serious stuff that needs to be thought >_>

        • I have tons of shows that I have marathon as well, not from the season but from past ones. My log of shows that I *must* watch to be up to date with anime never seem to end. Don’t get me started with manga.

          Ah, I didn’t know you were that busy back then D: I usually don’t say this type of thing since it is unlike me but.. thanks for commenting! Hopefully, I made the show more enjoyable as it possible could be.

          It sucks when they leave that much work but it can’t be helped. Luckily, mine don’t that give that much work (for now) but it always gets busy when the semester is over like it is now. Lab reports? D: I’m terribly bad at those, the periodic table of elements wasn’t my best friend per se. For what I’ve read, you want to be a scientific investigator, right? That’s great. You get all possible evidences found at the scenes and I’ll put the case together and prosecute catch the culprits. There is no case that can’t be solved. Hey, it sounds like that would make an awesome game :D

          Deviantart should really allow non-user to comment.. damn policies.

  3. Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei was done by the same director of Kaiba, and the weird animation in Kaiba just carried over I suppose, from what I have read of Yojouhan so far. I have yet to even watch one episode despite it being the most anticipated show for me this season, due to the lack of good subs. If you liked it, watch Kaiba. No speed-processor needed in that one.

    Mayoi Neko is directed by a different director each episode. Not sure why you do not like it, the funniest episode so far has got to be episode 4. And Rainbow is good indeed, but not many seem to go in-depth to the feelings that the show tries to bring out.

    • Having a different director per episode in general is rare. I’m unsure how well it will work out. Well Mayoi has the back luck of me picking up too many shows this spring. Also Ichiban sort of took its spot for the season.

      Kaiba is most promising. At least after Tatami to the galaxy I should have no problems with the animation which put me off more than once /fail.

  4. Angel Beats is pretty good in my opinion. It’s both good drama and comedy, and it maintains a good balance just like FMA maintains a good balance between action and comedy. It’s getting better and better, and episode 5 was its best so far IMO because of the whole focus on Tenshi, which I’ve been thinking that isn’t bad since the start of the series. I’m also glad that the main character isn’t an idiot and can actually think by himself.

    Rainbow has also gotten a lot better. While I can’t sympathize with every character (couldn’t feel bad for Baremoto when he was crying after all he did), I was really sad in the Joe episode when his sister tells him that and he is then hit again when he gets back to jail.

    Kaichou wa Maid-sama! is a fun anime to watch. It’s far from the best, and I originally felt of dropping it when I saw the first episode, but luckily the second episode got better, and while the show is too predictable and full of cliches, it’s still fun to watch as its comedy is entertaining.

    B Gata H Kei is the best comedy of the season IMO. The main character’s goal is already hilarious, and the way it treats everything is very fun. While there are clear stereotypes characters and cliche moments, the show makes it all worth it. I mean, look at the second episode of the last episode. You probably haven’t seen it yet, but the first season was on the “romantic side” meh and then it got better and better.

    Arakawa Under the Bridge…I dropped it because I can’t stand SHAFT’s animations if the plot isn’t that good and I simply didn’t like it.

    • Forgot to say about Senkou no Night Raid. It’s kinda meh, but it still has potential. Episode 4 was a letdown though. Can’t believe that with 13 episodes, they’re focusing so much in character development. It felt like filler to me.

  5. Durarara and FMA! aren’t from the spring 10 so that’s why they aren’t here. I’m terribly a bit behind DRR! but I’m up to date with Brotherhood. FMA is cool as always. What Baremoto did was too much to be forgiven that easily but Anchan has a heart of gold.

    On SNR. I noticed that. An episode about taking photos and a cat? It felt very filler to me. With only 12 eps you can’t making fillers while there is much for the series to cover.

    I don’t know I just like Kaichou despite the cliches. I rather see that the show ends with 12-13 eps than +24. I’m not that great with long series. Actually the chances of me dropping a show increases with the number of episodes. Angel Beats! is entertaining but too different from what I imagined. I wouldn’t consider dropping it though.

  6. I had to do this because I couldn’t reply further. Sorry for this.
    And you don’t have to thank me, I really enjoyed your entries about Ookamikakushi. They made me enjoy the show a lot more and I was really impressed by how you solved everything so easily before the massive exposition of everything came later.

    Oh yes, that would make an awesome game indeed! I love the Ace Attorney series, but they really should improve the scientific/investigation part. >_>
    And yeah, deviantArt has some ridiculous policies. They should allow non-member comments. It’s sometimes annoying that you have to join the site only to comment.

  7. i’m following house of five leaves, tatami galaxy and rainbow. the first two because i find them interesting and different from the usual anime fare, the third because it’s got the train crash fascination factor – “how much more screwed up can this (universe) be?”

    good blog, thanks. i’m subscribing.

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