Code Geass Lelouch’s Birthday – One year after the big finale this still epic

Happy birthday, black demon king

From the latest special Kiseki no Birthday Picture Drama. After one full year and a bit more we’re back to the world of Code Geass. This is an important episode which takes place exactly one year after the end of R2 in which Lelouch comes back to our screens even if briefly.The episode is a special Drama that unlike the other ones it contributes to the finale of the show if taken seriously. The story is fairly simple, a mecha like  general from the Chinese federation comes to Ashford academy and wrecks havoc. Lelouch and his friends in the student council are all caught up in this. Surprisingly even C.C and Rolo are in the group. Hmm. Everyone goes “leave it to Lelouch” as he is known for being such a great tactician. As strange as it seems Orange-kun is the narrator of the story. How awesome is that?

Kururu kick!

Lelouch and C.C. goes together and Suzaku and Karen go as a group to take out the general’s underlings. Suzaku spins like old times and beats whoever gets in his way. And more importantly, we learn that the same of his spinning kick thanks to a conversation he has with Karen. It’s called the “KURURU-KICK” as one might guess. Yes, it has a name! Unfortunately,  both of them are caught and Lelouch goes to rescue them along with his friends.

The general has gotten his hands in a powerful artifact that absorbs people’s souls as soon as one acknowledges that his or her name when it’s being called out or something very similar. Death note reference? Surprisingly, even the pizza eating C.C. falls for the trick and her soul gets sucked in the jar along with Nunally. What can they do to him when Geass doesn’t seem to work on them?

Yes, your maJEsty

Can’t miss the engrish moment. Lelouch then comes up with a super plan and transforms into Zero to do so, he then orders Rolo cast his own geass and order his people to change into Zero customs and yell “Yes, your majesty!” at the same time so it totally messes up the magical soul sucking jar which can only hold up to 1000 souls. Suffice to say, the jar explodes and the general is defeated. Suzaku then spins kick him on last time.  Everyone gets their souls back and we can see an image of Lelouch and all his friends celebrating before the defeated general.

– Now it’s cue for the sad part of the story –

Actually the first wacky part of the story was only meant to serve as a reminder of the adventures Lelouch used to have. Lelouch remembers the words the general said to him reminding him he no longer has the powers he used to have. But Lelouch himself knows he doesn’t need them anymore because he is around his friends. The demon king along with Rolo, Shirley, and C.C start fading … Everyone realizes or remembers something they all knew.

Lelouch is no longer with them…

Nunally asks Karen what day it is today and she answer it’s Dec 5. Today is the day of his birthday and that’s why a miracle happened bringing him to them one last time.

Final thoughts: PD link – This is still untranslated so far but there’s a summary of the episode at this Livejournal blog (much obliged) The dialogues are extremely easy to pick up thanks to it too.

The first part of the story was a silly story unrelated to the main story but the second one totally worth sticking around. Finally, they made a special in which they all properly say good-bye to Lelouch and vice versa. It was refreshing to see everyone once again and see them how much they’ve grown and moved on. Lelouch specially who acted rather mature.

What I liked at the end of the episode is that Lelouch says a proper goodbye to all of them. That part was very emotional. Karen still can’t forget about Lelouch (she’s still loyal to him! Too bad, Tristan, ha!) but she is more relived to have been able to see him again. Characters such as Nina show their more human side too, even she seems to have moved on from her own hatred. Nunally and Rolo seem to get along too.  Suzaku at least for today forgives Lelouch for his birthday. In the background we can see Tristan and Cornelia and even Kaguya, Schneizel and Kanon at the royal palace. The world is still there and they have gotten peace thanks to Lelouch’s sacrifice.

I’m completely glad that I watched this special even if RAW and the jerky stand-still VN images because the last minutes were completely worth it. For Code Geass fans this is great closure for the series that R2 never managed to get around, even with future projects of the franchise.

At least for just a day, it’s true that Lelouch comes back to the world of Code Geass and saves the day like he always used to.

Happy belated birthday, Lelouch.