The nicest character in Working!!

This guy

well, that’s because Kyouko is a very interesting person

I wonder why is that..

Also who is the most normal character in Working!! Do I feel bad for him. The last episode was plain stab stab stake through this guy’s chest due to Todoroki practically harassing him.  As if wasn’t clear that the reason he hangs out with her is because he enjoys her company she spends it talking about the manager of all things.  Souta may get hit a lot but this guy is the only that has it worse. He can’t run away. He works at the chicken!

I still can’t figure out her constant blushing. Is it because of the place? her character or  is it because of Kyouku-san? That’s the least of Satou’s worries.

pretty much my reaction

That’s probably what I’d do too if I ever were in his shoes. Satou can’t even explain why he’s that upset making  everything worse. He’s getting out stressed out working at that restaurant I tell you. A confession was supposed to happen or something  at that moment but instead she asks Satou if he likes the manager? and then threaten the guy that likes her to strike him down with her kanata?

Todoroki’s confused state just adds to the awkwardness of the situation these two find themselves in. The guy only gives Todoroki a Heroman stare down of doom with only one eye before walking away. He really is a nice guy for being that considerate. I am not sure how worse this could’ve gotten except Todoroki revealing that there’s even more to her adoration for Kyouko than we even know.  That’s as bad as being forced to have your meals saltless for a year. But the torture wasn’t over.

Satou’s feelings before

Oh snap. How did that feel? At that point everyone should know of Satou’s ultra secret, that is expect Todoroki  herself who still has no clue whatsoever why he’s that nice to her. I’m starting to think that he may have become plain indifferent in order to avoid being affected by Todoroki’s devotion to the manager and her parfait serving silliness that happens every day. Souma’s lack of subtlety just made everything worse for him. Satou is a really nice guy.

and after

Whac-A-Souma makes everything better. The guy totally deserves it. Wait, is that frying pan still hot? And..

Inami did something to like her for


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  1. If we learned something is that there are no lesbians, all they need is on good f…

  2. Ah, ya know, it’s weird seeing Miharu blush while talking to Souta. Though also entertaining to see her beat the crap out of Souma before he could even try to blackmail her.

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