So I finished watching this 4Kids Yu-gi-oh show

「That’s right. I watched this show.. in AMERICAN」

Not so long ago. You’re probably asking that super old show that aired ages ago about children cards games and Japanese people who turn out to be connected to Egyptians? Damn right you are. And I liked it. I began watching YGO years ago and only made it half way because they were talking too damn long to air them all and I just lost interest. So what is this show about people with pointy hair, flashy clothes, and addicted to playing cards? Pretty much that, with some twists and evil guys that want to steal shiny treasures from the main character so they can rule the world. [Insert evil laugh here]

Super special awesome things:

The game – I used to have no flipping idea how the game worked before. Not because of how difficult the game (it’s not really) is but because the anime version is so f’ed up. They play whatever they got on their hands whenever they please. It’s no wonder how few know how to actually play it unless they’ve read the rules. Magic spell cards, summons without rituals, trap cards that are NOT SET. More than once I saw them play Monster Reborn out of turn! Long story short. The complicated stunts and chains they pull are only possible in the anime version, which of course does whatever they want with the rules. They were that first that were  there in the first place anyway. The PC games are awesome btw. You can quote me on that, but it takes too long to get those cards.

Marik on drugs

Bad guys – Marik and Yami Bakura. Marik is the tanned guy who lived under underground with his family so for long that he developed an evil personality and it was only contained by his ponytail brother/servant/friend. BTW, disregard how little that actually makes sense. Evil Marik was definitely one of the reasons why I decided to come back and finish this, just to see how his plans would work out.  Marik was so evil that he even had an even more evil side to him. It’s like the author thought, how do I make him even more badass? Make him develop an even evilier alter ego. Yami Marik makes the previous Marik seemed like a crybaby. If borrowing a girl’s body so he wouldn’t disappear wasn’t bad enough. No, that isn’t as awkward as it sound. Evil Marik gets rid of people like bad guys should and he’s not afraid to use cheap tricks to get him victory. Not to mention he possesses a sick deck. Without him and I doubt the show would’ve been half as enjoyable. No matter how I look at it, his crazy hairdo was on par with Yugi’s, if not crazier.

Bakura. He doesn’t britishly care

He made his appearance in the first episodes of the show when yugi and company go to Duelist Kingdom tournament where they face fabulous Maximillion Pegasus. The presence of a promising evil guy in the show was the reason I kept watching YGO years ago. Also the fact that I didn’t have much to watch back then, but that’s beside the point. Ultimately, evil Bakura is defeated and sent to his “death” then comes back many times throughout the series. He is defeated but he never seems to actually go away. The looming presence that there’s some greater evil  behind the scenes and we’ll never know when it will come back is always there. The phrase that “and I’ll put my plan into motion after 500 eps” rings so true. Bakura doesn’t make his real comeback until the very last season of the show, proving to be the last boss of the show. Unexpected twist happened there. No, he actually isn’t British. That’s just 4kidz.

Rivalry – The best example is Seto Kaiba here. And I thought I was a skeptic person. Kaiba takes the cake for being a non-believer. I think it goes way beyond the point of not believing, accepting, and denial altogether. Kaiba never believed in this magic/Egyptian hocus pocus crap, instead he thought it was all a trick or the duel disks must be MALFUNCTIONING. Mind you, no one ever explained how HOLOGRAMS can cause PAIN at all in this show. I never got tired of that line.

Kaiba stood for the opposite of what Yugi and his friend were about. He was a loner and richer than anyone else in the show who wasn’t a bad guy. How much of an asshole he was balanced the cheesiness that ensued the show more than once. Hell, a lot of great duels happen but it had its moments when I felt like stop watching. Kaiba was there to put a stop to make them things right. Or just screw them up even more. He has money!

Bandit Keith – He is… in AMERICA. ‘nough said.

Things that weren’t so awesome. Just because they weren’t:

or because I just think so.

punching for 4kidz is as bad as killing

The beginning – The first eps weren’t great. They kinda sucked. Ok, they did. The first season was all over the place, the animation was horrible. This is one of those shows where you have to stick to it till it gets good, or just better.

4kidz – and its censoring and toning down whatever they didn’t see fit. People getting physical hardly happens in the dub. But I have little room to talk here because I continued to watch the dubbed version regardless how weak it was compared to the original. Dubbed version was easy to follow not to mention because they cut plenty of parts the eps were actually shorter. If it wasn’t for it I don’t’ know if I could’ve watched that many eps that fast.

Noah arc – damn right I skipped it. It screamed filler arc even without anyone telling me. Big5? virtual world? lolwut?

Weevil/Rex – those guys deserved what was coming to them. More than once they could’ve gotten people or themselves killed here. Sadly, they didn’t. It’s clear this was a shounen show when they were forgiven no matter how much crap they pulled. Best ep is when Yami Yugi beats the crap of one of them in a duel using his monsters and whip him good.

Friendship speeches – there were lots of them. LOTS. These are core of what this show is about but they drag out for so long. At least the dubs make it sound even worse. It got corny more than once, but Kaiba was usually there to mock them and tell them to shut the hell up. Point remains. Friendship is important. Broken records aren’t.

Voice acting – Not all of them if you haven’t ever heard of the Japanese voices. Joey’s voice was horrible. Who the hell chose him to do that voice? The rest of them was bearable and some were actually decent. The call outs and conversations needed a lot of work.

You fool!

See what I mean

The future of YGO series:

The actual game is actually cool. I like it but I’d never play it live, like with people. Wouldn’t that be weird? All in all, enjoyable show but you have to stick to it. The last arc was the best thing of the show even if it was turning into a trainwreck and with much unexpected twists. I checked out a long time ago briefly GX and it sucked. Hard. I never went back. On the other hand, 5D’s looks better for what I’ve seen.

You’ll get it.

8 thoughts on “So I finished watching this 4Kids Yu-gi-oh show

  1. wow a Yuugi ou review. I think This would be the last thing that I would see here. I also watched it long long time ago. If you want to blame something more to the dubbed version, The original name of this anime is the one that I used here.

    • The dubbed version made some scenes unusually funny :P Same goes for 5D’s. I think that was good in a very strange way but a lot of value (and the story) was lost.

  2. Congrats on finishing Yu-Gi-Oh! I watched it all the way through on Kids’ WB, since it started airing in 2001 until 2006, I believe. The dub had its charm, and its flaws, but we have it to thank for the awesome Abridged Series XD

    I never had any interest in watching the spin-off series after Duel Monsters. But I still enjoy a casual card game now and then.

    • Thanks! I think adding it to my MAL list added a 4.0 to my total time (days) too.

      Yeah, the dub wasn’t great but it had its own good stuff. It was very easy to watch so I covered lots of episodes each day which normally I couldn’t. 5D’s is sort of copying a bit of the original story with some darker aspects but I wouldn’t say great. I think the original series is still the best.

  3. I watched all of Yu Gi Oh when I was a kid. One of my first and favorite PS1 games was YGO: Forbidden Memories. And ever since I watched the show, I wanna visit Egypt when I grow up xD.

    But the true star of this show is the Abridged Series. “SCREW RULES, I HAVE MONEY” “SCREW RULES, I HAVE GREEN HAIR” and so many more…

  4. Congratulations on finishing YGO! I never finished it because they took too long to air them here and they barely announced that they had new episodes and the channel just stopped caring. And I stopped caring as well. I might finish it… someday. Still, I have fond memories of the show and watching some bits gets me nostalgic.

    The original is the best, but 5Ds is okay. I mean, they managed to work with the ridiculous concept of playing card games on motorbikes. That’s gotta count something, especially if it’s working better than GX.

  5. i still prefer yugioh gx over 5d’s. but of course nothing beats the original kaiba is a crybaby.

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