Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – 03 – *gasp* *gasp* violence!

「everyone just loves rice」

Brief: Sai roughs up punks then Hattori has her revenge on him. Rice solves everything, somehow leading to unexpected yuri moments. But that’s just how life is.

Commentary: violence and identity issues. What exactly happened in this episode? There’s blood and people actually getting hurt in this ecchi show? The story continues from last episode after Fujiko gave Sai a futuristic syringe with pink pills for both he and Hattori to get along.  If it wasn’t clear enough that those pills were no good,  Sai goes ahead and figures that it’s ok to solve his problems this way. Much followed by fail attempts of deactivating his personal kudere stalker/appointed to him like last time. One of  his attempts being interrupted by red-haired stripping  invisible woman who then tries to bribe him with chips ahoy to let her keep her rice cooker on his room. They sure have strict rules over at the girls’ apartment. 

Sai is easily accepted as one of the enforcement group currently led by a I-no hat wearer girl since it’s convenient to have him in that position. When he goes to meet Hatori, Sai is ambushed then retaliates and beats and breaks the bones of delinquents that were foolish enough to attack him like it’s nothing. Where did the honest, seemly peaceful guy went? Apparently that personality is gone when you piss him off too much but frankly, the way how he went back to normal as soon as Hattori stepped in ruined the moment.  It’s funny how Sai is so good towards oversized pups but plain merciless to these punks.  He must be Sagara Sosuke in disguise. What can I say? Pups are cute. Yankees aren’t.

As it turns out the school lets students carry out their own witch hunts too, even if it’s against a member from  the student enforcement. The angry mob is as mad as one can get, only missing a RPG rocket launcher and a sense of common sense. Do they really want to kill the guy? They looked serious enough. It’s 300 against one spartan. You couldn’t possibly win, unless you’re Lelouch.  Saved by scatterbrain girl who then turns the situation around by making the students react to a faulty accusation that Hattori is doing all of this because of a lover quarter between her and Sai. The masses are  appeased by the power of delicious rice infused by Fujiko’s mind slave potion. Everyone loves rice.

Afterthoughts: Kinda of a shock to see Sai how his “darker” side in this episode. I’ve always figured he’d acted according to each situation but he has more guts than I gave him credit for (same goes for Soga who isn’t as dumb as she wants people to think) This should prove Sai is far from spineless on the top of being massively powerful. Also Fujiko is only one of the many adversaries Sai will be facing. Hint for the next opponent at the end of the episode.

Better watch out for baddies who like to hang out on top of trees.


5 thoughts on “Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – 03 – *gasp* *gasp* violence!

  1. Yeah, this show is kinda surprising.. I didn’t expect them to pull this much ecchi or this much violence, and every episode that goes by it makes more and more sense for Sai to have girls lusting after him.. even if it’s because they’re all totally insane. I guess we were due for a harem that wasn’t totally inexplicable, huh?

  2. I’m not really into this show, but I checked this episode because I heard there was a raping scene lol >:D

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