First Impressions: House of Five Leaves – Samurai wimp

men and pink don’t either but to each his own, man. To each his own..

Inb4 generic some “what I expect, what I watched, what I got” Samurai champloo/Ristorante Paradiso future references. First of all, I liked the first episode. Of course, I also liked how they ridicule themselves in this show with such remarks. You’re a downer. Get a real job for a change, samurai-san. House of Leaves takes you back to the Edo period when the people had retro hairdos and anyone could slash whoever didn’t agree with them. No one back then had extravagant hair colors like in today’s anime characters either. They all look plain. It’s real people, supposedly from earth. They just happened to lack any pupils and don’t like to stand up straight for some reason. Mind you, I hardly believe it myself. Sure, they are different from you and me, see? But we don’t punch them in the face even if they’d come out and say that they aren’t from earth. IMO, Heroman just likes being a big jerk.

Don’t give me that look


We’re welcomed by some soothing song but lazy OP with very few scenes. After being done with the first episode I can see how the OP fits the show well before that I questioned why it was even there in the first place. The ED theme is, like, out there.


What is there to say about this guy? Not a hell lot. If the saying “if I had a penny for every time.. I smile”, would apply to him then Akitsu would be one poor man among the poor. He’d probably be so poor that hobos would bring him presents on Christmas eve. This guy is a sluggish, wimpy looking (he’s actually quite skilled) and introverted samurai, to boot he is the main character.  Contrary to what I’d normally think based on the description I just gave I’d think I’d dislike the guy. I actually don’t. He is perfect for the atmosphere of the show.

Animation/character design:

Whoa, there. What’s this? The frog faces, huge black eyes, the iguana mouths, the wide faces. Interesting combination. I didn’t mind it that much to be frank. In House of Leave’s defense I don’t usually make my final judgments based purely on animation. But I have to say that is going to get weird staring at their faces for 11 eps, even more when they hardly lift a finger. I’m sure more than one viewer has already been turned off by the character designs.


House of Five Leaves strangely takes us or a surprisingly relaxing (to some unwanted) trip promising tales of what Restarurante paraisso the life of a rounin samurai would be in the Edo period. Taking things extremely  easy and going one step at a time, possibly not tripping over their own white socks sandal wearing feet in the process. House of Five Leaves seems to be about that and you either like it or you don’t. Blood and action? I think they forgot to put it in the script and I get the feeling there’s going to be few. I’m not sure how much I’m interested in  this but I have to say that it was the first episode was well executed regardless how different the show turned out to be from what I  initially expected. At this point, everyone should know whether they will stick to it or downright drop it. Question is, which one are you?

Interest: Mildly medium

– Trippy ED was trippy –
Shoot all sides of the cube to defeat Andross. Peppy Hare is always shot down for some reason. Falco.. you bastard, I’m not helping you next time.


4 thoughts on “First Impressions: House of Five Leaves – Samurai wimp

  1. b-but… I think edo + gloomy faces make sense…. and men + pink go together xD Hahahahah!

    “At this point, everyone should know whether they will stick to it or downright drop it. Question is, which one are you?”
    –> so sticking to it~

    • There’s that part when Akitsu referred to the guy in pink as someone in the organized crime? That was odd. Somehow he connected the color pink to the mafia. Here I thought the color for mischievousness was purple.

  2. The first pic of this entry reminds me of Mushishi. That was such a great anime…

  3. Not what I expected either. I think I’ll be watching this show for a bit.

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